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Plant Manager

The 4 days of LCA training was an engaging and enjoyable experience - even for those of us who do not normally spend entire days in an office or classroom environment.   Based on the training and my experience with a handful of actual applications, I'm confident this process will provide significantly more benefit and learning opportunities than we have achieved with conventional investigative techniques.   
I'm also impressed with the Failsafe app and would encourage it's use as a tool to sustain the integrity of the process.  

Performance Improvement Manager

LCA takes those involved on a journey and provides insight to learn, grow, and facilitate change. The LCA process positions everyone involved for future success. LCA is a very unique experience. This is a class you dont want to miss, not only educational but fun and engaging to attend!


I cannot imagine a more important training/topic for any organization, especially when taking into consideration the current climate in modern culture, between companies and their employees.
If you are working within the role of Investigations, HR, HSE, or any supervisor in your organization and you do not schedule a Failsafe training, you are without question, missing out on the greatest advancement in your company's ability to shift away from outdated and terribly ineffective "root cause."
I am so proud to say that our refinery manager Steve Sondergard possesses the visionary insight of bringing in the Latent Cause Analysis Master; Bob Nelms. Way to go Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company. You Rock.

Mine Manager

The LCA 4 day training course ranks in the top 5 of all the many different courses I have had attended in my 32 year career.  Bob has not only structured the outline & activities of the course for best possible learning/retention but his teaching style and real life experiences shared keep you fully attentive. His passion for improving business cultures by eliminating blame and having all individuals focus on own their behavior is contagious. He is inspiring due to the humility to use himself as an example. I would highly recommend this course!

Accountable manager/instructor

As an instructor involved in lecturing and training process my self in the aviation industry ,and after watching the Vlogs and reading other materials used by Failsafe recently ,I admit that I have used some methods and examples in my training sessions and it made a huge difference were most of the trainees were so happy with the methods and processes viewed when I have showed them some of the Vlogs related to the topics and subjects used especially in LCA  I appreciate every effort made by Robert and his team in delivering such training world wide and I do wish to have more cooperation in enhancing the training processes in all sectors where human kind can benefit and make better future for themselves and their countries where it will bve fruitful for all . thank you and hope to continue seeing more of fail safe lectures and waiting for better chances to conduct training with to benefit more .God bless.  

Electrical Planner

I recently attended the training and it really opened my eyes to the fact that any type of incident has more to the cause then the physical and human reason something happened. When you look into the Latent reasons behind these, you find the real reason why things happen. Then you can really understand and start changing a safer Culture. A course well worth attending in my opinion.

Manager of Safety and Health

This class was a very fun and interactive session. It truly demonstrates techniques that everyone can use to consider all the factors that contribute to events. If an organization follows the simple guideline of gathering evidence, documentation and interviewing witnesses, it can draw a clear picture of why and event occurs. The true power however is in the stakeholder meetings! It is amazing what we can learn when people come together and consider not only the evidence and actions, but question if they themselves were put in the same situation would act in the same manner!

This class is a must for anyone seeking to look at events in a "holistic" approach!!

Supervisor Supply Chain Inventory Operations

I learned alot from this class. It really helped me see things from a different point of view.

Testimonial #4

Every class I go to is different, but one thing remains the same, you can literally see people changing in front of your eyes while grasping the idea that blaming the idea needs to go, and that they are each individually a cause of their problems.