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Box came ripped at the bottom

Ordered a rtx 3080 last week it just came today and the box was ripped but the card looked new so im only giving this three stars

Shipping took 7 days

I'm not happy that my laptop took a full week before it came especially after i read the other reviews on here that said the item came in 2-days.

Someone elses name was on my package

So when my Rtx 3080 arrived it had a different name on it idk if i accidenty put someone elses name but anyways i reached out and it turns out the wrong one got shipped to me so i returned it and now i'm waiting on mine to arrive.

RTX 3080

I ordered the RTX 3080 4-days ago and when it came
the box was ripped but thank god that the rtx was not

Ordered a laptop and rtx 3080

Man i was so scared of getting scammed by this site i didn't know if it was real or not so i just decided to try it out so i bought a rtx 3080 and the msi gaming laptop and to my surprise i was sent a tracking number the same day 4 days later my items arrived in different packaging and it looks like the box was worn out but other than that the items itself looked new.

Fast Shipping

Two days ago i ordered the the MSI Gaming GS75 laptop it was delivered through fedex, It came way quicker than i thought it would definitely giving this 5 stars.

Ordered a rtx 3080 for my son

After looking all over the place this website on twitter i admit i was pretty skeptical of using this website because i had never heard of it before, so i decided to order the rtx 3080 for my sons birthday, and it came 3 days later 1 day after his birthday i have to say i am pretty surprised and amazed at how fast it was shipped.

Item came quick

At first i was thinking this was a scam because i couldn't fine a
RTX 3090 in stock anywhere, the item came very quick only 2 days i will definitely be ordering more products soon.

Poor Packaging

IDK who packaged this rtx 3080 but i could've done a better job than whoever did this thank goodness nothing was damaged.

My rtx 3080 came in different packaging

I was expecting for the rtx 3080 to be shipped in the same box that comes when you buy it from a store or from nvidia wbsite but it came in a brown box but other than that it worked fine.

Very Impressed

I ordered 2 items the rtx 3080 and the RTX 3090 Five days ago, i was so nervous just thinking what if it doesn't even come to three days ago i received a tracking number and saw that it was going to be delivered in 2 days so after the two days were up i went outside and saw my package sitting on my doorstep i was so happy finally got what i was looking.

Ordered RTX 3090

My only complaint is that it looked like it was repackaged togethr i don't know if it was already used or not.

Monster Card

Beast of a card, good upgrade from my old GTX 1080 card FE, plays almost everything at 60 FPS at 1440p, paired with a i7 8700k

Fedex lost my package

Everything that i pictured went wrong actually went wrong, so anyways i ordered on of the laptops i was waiting on it to arrive for a week straight until i called fedex and they said they cannot locate my order and told me it was lost i'm so pissed off but i was able to get a full refund.

FEDEX damaged my package

I was so fed up when my package came and saw the box was crushed the FEDEX driver said my package was accidentally damaged en route i contacted the the rtxproducts website and was able to get a free card shipped to me after i returned the original one that was damaged.

Suspicious At First

I'm a pc gamer and Finding a any rtx 3080's in stock was harder than finding jesus i don't usually order from 3rd party sites but i was so desperate to buy one the shipping took 3 days for it to come.

Card is amazing

This card is amazing. 2080 ti price was $1,200.00. This card is 2x the power for $500 more then the original 2080 founders. Not an essential item. Quite amazing performance wise really mind blown

Laptop came this morning

Ordered the MSI gaming laptop just got it this morning it works well.

My rtx 3080 keeps freezing

Im so pissed off i spent almost $800 on this only for it to freeze after 30 minutes of playing minecraft if i could give this 0 starts i would.

Laptop came fast

After my other gaming laptop broke i purchased a new one from this site that i never even heard of i contacted the sellers twitter and told him that i wanted to buy it through paypal instead of entering my credit card so that i can atleast get my money back if the item doesn't come, so he agreed to it and i sent him the money through paypal and gave him my shipping address 2 days later my laptop came brand new in the original box for.

MSI Gaming GF63

This item was soldout on the original NVIDIA website, so i seen this website when i was searching for the mSI Gaming gf63 on google, I really didn't see any reviews for this product so i purchased it with extreme caution and messaged them and told them if this was a scam i will be contacting my bank to dispute the transaction. So i purchased it and 1 day after i got a shipping confirmation with a Tracking number from Fedex on thursday my laptop arrived just as described this is definitely getting 5 stars.


I was scared to order from this site at first not only have i never heard of it but the prices were a little bit higher to i was kinda suspicious but i ordered the rtx 3080 and 3 business days later it came for those looking to order i would say this is your best bet until nvidia gets their shit together.

Finally found a rtx 3080

Everysite that claimed to have the rtx 3080 were sold out i saw this site on twitter someone retweeted it anyways it came yestrday looked like it had been repackaged but everything was fine so no complains

Computer was Used

So i ordered a laptop and i thought it was brand new but it was already used before and had someone elses pictures on them