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Sukhumvit Road,4
Bangkok Krung Thep Maha Nakhon , 10110

Perfect escort website in Thailand for white escort booking

I know these guys for long enough to say that; they are pro and their escorts [Russian, European or any one I booked] all been real and very loyal to me. god bless and keep up the good work.

I booked a European girl from

I loved the city of Bangkok for many reasons but yunno, the topmost reason is the selection of beautiful escort ladies it has. I had my fun at parties and in my room with this brunette call girl from Europe and I regret nothing about it. I even think she was supposed to cost me more. Thank you so much dear for everything.

My Third Time Booking A White Girl In This Agency!

This is my third time of booking this Russian escort girl in Bangkok “actually once in Pattaya also” and yea, on all counts, I have always been satisfied by her service. She knows her to work my body and her fingering skill is top notch. For once, I feel good being a lesbian. Thank you so much for understanding my body even more than myself.

Their Russian Escorts Are Stars!

I booked from this escort agency in Bangkok last year and this year in Pattaya multiple times. To be frank the girls I booked been not only hot, also had great personalities which is more important to me than look!

I love

Couldn't really find a better escort agency, not only in Thailand, but all other tourist countries I visited so far. is the best Russian call girl agency in Thailand in my opinion, I booked girls from them in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket is recommended by me and my friends

Last year travelled to Bangkok and called them for a travel mate or escort, She was a hot Russian escort and stayed 3 whole days with me in Bangkok. When its that easy to have GFE why do I need real GF! So this escort website deserve 10 star.

Missing escort service the most and 2021 Thailand holiday trip

Because of the Covid couldn't make my routine January trip to Bangkok this year 2021, I really miss Thailand and all the beautiful things to do there. The most thing I miss the most is the Russian escort service there and hopefully soon all backs to normal and be possible to travel there. I also recommend or

Highly recommended escort agency in Thailand.

could you ask for a better agent these guys are very professional in what they do, escort girls are out of words, so sweet and lovely Russian. I definitely recommend and as in my experience you will get the best of Russian escorts either in Bangkok or in Pattaya.

Nice one, I always book Russian escorts from them in Bangkok

Russian Escorts Service from in Bangkok is the best erotic massage service in Thailand with their high sex appeal, high sexual satisfaction, by high end Russian girls.

Reliable yet fun Russian and European escort service in Bangkok

I have been taking the service for years. Girls are Russian and European, They always are well-groomed, on time and more important hot escorts I get here. I highly recommend to anyone that wants a reliable yet fun escort service in Bangkok.

Best Russian escort company in Thailand that I know

This company and their escort services are brilliant, to be honest. every time that I ask for a Russian model, a very polite and down to earth, well I don't forget a hot girl arrives at my door. So pleased with them and will order again of course. and are my favorites so far!

5 star

Your escort girl is best ..but i will get a men for my wife wife like a massage with boy and we will enjoying threesome is the best as far as I know

These guys share actual Russian escort profiles once you contact them on WhatsApp, so no need to keep searching on their sites as they rarely update. BTW if asking me is the one I go again to, to get a Russian escort, my answer would be definitely as I tried their service in Bangkok which was very hot and in Pattaya which the girl was very lovely and friendly.

I tried Bangkok escorts and now moving to Pattaya! lets hope for a good Russian or European there too.

Let me start from the beginning since the Russian escort arrived at my hotel room! She met me in the lobby, wearing elegant perfume, a red T-shirt and jeans. looked absolutely stunning and didn't look like a callgirl or such. we walked to the room, as if I knew her for years, they called it girlfriend experience and truly it was the one! Now been in Bangkok and moving to Pattaya, hope I get the same type of Russian escort there too. or let's hope for a European for a change! I high ly recommend and

Please Bring That Russian Anna Back

Booked a girl from last year named Anna, wish she come back again, I was nearly in love with her!
This year I went for Lisa, very friendly and was beautiful Russian too. But still where is my Anna?

Escort Service in Thailand by Russian Girls and Here is My Review!

no argument, I really believe these guys from and are best at their work. They only have white "Russian", Hope they had Thai escorts too as its hard to find a good one online, only if lucky some good ones at clubs of Bangkok or Pattaya city!

2 western escort website I found best in Thailand

If I am asked to compare, my first choice for a Russian girl is, but for European girls, I tried, BTW I recommend both escort websites if anyone wants callgirl in Bangkok or Pattaya as I tried both. Keep up the good work guys!

Best Russian girl in both cities of Bangkok and Pattaya

The girl was perfect and no attitude, Rare to find such, booked few Russian escorts and all were nice to be frank.

Russian escort in Bangkok

I ordered few Russian call girls last year, again this year I booked. So no doubt they are reliable escort agency in Bangkok and their girls are loyal and polite.

Russian girls from these sites that I tried!

I tried from Rajah hotel to walking street, from club to clubs, sites to sites!
only found these 3 sites to be good at what they do and always reliable Russian escorts. 

Nice escort service

genuine and young Russian, it was meant to be escort but we become even close friend with her. Sure will come back to Pattaya and Bangkok to meet her again. highly recommended by me!

Only www.russian69 and

Only www.russian69 and in my opinion, if in search of good one! My Russian escort from them was lovely as lady and sweet as pie. Blonde as candy! lol

Escort service in Pattaya

in Pattaya they "" sent a Russian escort to my hotel. Made my holiday and thank you guys.

High end escort agency

First I called and they sent a very hot Russian girl in Pattaya, Then they recommended, and here I am, Best Russian again! Perfect guys.

Hot Russian Escort

Very polite and respectful agent is Booked best escort in Bangkok from them and will recommend to friends!

Sweet Russian escort in Bangkok

I traveled both cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, Never seen such sweet Russian. Well done, This agent "" is perfect!


Nice and friendly girl. To me they are the most reliable escort service provider in Thailand.

Welcome the New Year on the Thai soils in the cozy company of the Russian call girls from ,www, and

43. Welcome the New Year on the Thai soils in the cozy company of the Russian call girls from
Those who arrive in Thailand in the last week of December will agree that it is one of the most ideal places on earth to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. The classic buildings, the scenic beauty of the land, the highly delicious Thai foods, the white sandy beaches and the grand facilities provided there for water sports like surfing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling, the floating markets and the walking streets are the exclusive features of Thailand that attract thousands of visitors every year to this place to enjoy their holidays. Those who want to enjoy the New Year eve celebrations in Thailand will certainly expect a travel companion who can make the vacation in Thailand more meaningful, eventful, fun-filled, exciting and enjoyable. is the professional Russian Escorts Agency Thailand "Bangkok, Pattaya" that offers gorgeous, smart and sexy Russian girls as travel companions in Thailand. These Russian call girls are highly professional as well dynamic and for those who want to enjoy the New Year holidays in Thailand, the Russian Travel companions are the best options. The glamorous Russian companions for the New Year celebrations can be booked online through the website of This Escort Agency in BANGKOK & PATTAYA assures the customers the most beautiful and the hottest Russian girls as travel escorts in Bangkok as well as other places in Thailand. These professional escort girls are highly receptive, service-oriented and friendly. They are very fast in meeting all the needs of their customers. The Russian female escorts Thailand is available round-the-clock and they ensure that calls from customers are immediately responded through action.
Your fantasy becomes real
The Russian travel escorts, as well as the European and Russian escorts in Pattaya provided by make their customers feel more comfortable and happier in their company so that they will start to wholeheartedly enjoy their holidays in Thailand. These sexy and dynamic Russian girls are the ideal dating partners also for the visitors. The dating partnership of these glamorous and cute young girls makes the Bangkok vacation one of the most memorable experiences for the visitors. The days and nights that they spend in Thailand in the company of the hot and sexy Russian escorts provide the rare opportunity for the visitors to convert their fantasies as well as dreams into real experiences. The Russian hot girls provide all adult services to the customers when they are together in the hotel room and with their outstanding sex appeal, these professional call girls make the nights really pleasurable as well as enjoyable for the customers.
100% customer satisfaction
The nights in Thailand in the company of the glamorous Russian escorts are so exciting as well as fun-filled that most of the visitors decide to have more vacations in Thailand in the coming years. While the elephant safari in the Kanchanaburi jungle, water-rafting in Phuket, skydiving in Pattaya and windsurfing in Railay Beach are the most exciting as well as enjoyable outdoor activities for the visitors, inside the hotel room the hot and sweet Russian escorts make the nights the most enjoyable as well as pleasurable for them. The Russian escorts from are committed to keeping their customers 100% satisfied as well as happy right from Day One of their Thailand vacation till their departure.

Hot European girls I Booked in Bangkok

These attractive and sexy Russian call girls from or will offer you the most exciting erotic massage services, as they will feel both very relaxing and soothing. Bangkok European Escorts will give you the best sexual experience in the world with their high sex appeal and high sexual satisfaction. Customers have access to a wide range of erotic massage services in Thailand, including massages, massages, and massage girls.

5 start for sure!

The accompanying Russian persons/escorts are guaranteed to be enthusiastic and discreet when it comes to spending day and night with customers in Bangkok or Pattaya. The classic accompaniment for heterosexual singles and couples offers you the opportunity to translate the most fantastic of your wildest ideas into reality.

Best escort package that I got from them

Very lovely and sweet Russian girl. Highly recommended!

Best agent ever!

As always hot girls and honest agency. Thanks!

I am regular here

would always have the highest regard for the services that they offers. From my practical experience about
dealing with this Eastern European agency, they are highly customer-oriented and customize its services
as per the needs and likings of the clients. 

Hot and Friendly Eastern European Girl is absolutely perfect from all the aspects of service offering and for them; I have a 10-out-of-10 rating. The part that impressed me the most is their customer-centric approach and the zeal to produce the most delightful services.

Reliable and Best European Girls

1.  They
will always have my votes on their side!! I happily recall their premium
services that I availed during my last trip to Bangkok. It is hard to assume
another escort agency, operating with such professional approaches. Truly
impressive and mind blowing!!

Best escort agency that I know!

If you want to make the
trip to Bangkok all the more exciting, you can certainly hire the sexiest
escorts. Approach them and find the most
sizzling girls, in matter of no time. From my experience about dealing with
this agency, they are the masters in exploring the best escorts in Bangkok for
their clients.

Lovin it

Hey!!!!!!!! You guys did a
wonderful job and I am very happy with your services. I was looking for a
Russian escort and your agency sent me with the best Russian Call girls in
matter of no time.

I recommend

I am happy with service. she was genuine and nice. 

I had very good experience to be honest

I would have a strong recommendation for your
service as you guys won my heart with your impeccable services and solutions. I
would not hesitate to rate you guys as the pioneer among the Ukrainian escorts agencies
in the city.

Nice Russian Girl With Me Today!

Though I was a bit skeptical, approaching  escort agency for the first time, however, they eventually
won my confidence with their formidable services. The way they treat me, I definitely
felt valued. I am pretty sure that I am going to knock them. Once I visit Bangkok again.

Very Cute Russian Girls They Sent!

got to know about russian69 from one of my friend who is a regular client with this agency. After
availing the services of this agency once, I could understand what fetches him
to this provider, each time he plans to hire an escort. No wonder, I am going
to step into the shoes of my friend henceforth. 

Best Models

russian69 won my heart with its premium services that they offer at the modest rates. The escorts of this agency are highly classy and sophisticated and I would like to confer a Perfect-10 rating for this European escort service agency.

Hot European Escort I Got Here.

You guys extended me the
most fascinating services when I need it the most. I am pretty sure that I am
going to avail your services in my subsequent trips to Bangkok as well. Keep up
your excellent work and wish you the very best!!

Best Euro Lesbian I ever Booked Guys!

The European escort from was very punctual to appear at the appointment and I found the girl to be extremely professional, passionate and friendly. This agency truly impressed me with their service standards.

Best European escorts in Bangkok

I highly recommend their agency. first time I tried but its not gonna be the last time!

All the best!!

I fondly recall how you
made my trip to Bangkok last Christmas all the more enticing and enjoyable.
has the most fascinating profiles in its pool and am truly impressed with these
gorgeous and passionate girls.

I always ask for Anna and I recommend you do, she is wow!

Will come back April again ,is she still working?

Hot Girl Came and Stayed all Night!

I would have a strong recommendation
for your service as you guys won my heart with your impeccable services and
solutions. I would not hesitate to rate you guys as the pioneer among the European
escorts agencies in the city.

They are very honest and got hot girls of-course ;)

I am Getting One a Day and Not Gonna Stop Anytime Soon!

They are nice guys!

Here you can find the
hottest and sexiest eastern European girls to have some fun!

Highly Recommended!

You will find the unique and fascinating experience in your
budget with these beautiful and horny girls.

Cooperative and nice girl

I ask for a short girl, but they send me a tall one. yet she was young and hot. Will surely come back for more next trip!Thank you!

Great outcall ever!

Their girls are professional and able to satisfy you with
ultimate pleasure of romance.

She was hot!

Came 20 min late, all other things was perfect.

Hottest girls in Bangkok!

never need to worry about privacy and anonymity when you are hiring these
beautiful ladies. I am regular here! 

I am fan of their eastern European girls

They are known in Bangkok for reliability and trustworthiness
in services.

Recommended to couples!

They send a hot Russian for me and my wife. will order again!

Best lesbian escort ever!

I couldn't ask for more. very friendly and decent looking lady. 

Price is high!

I loved the service and girl of course. But the price is same as Dubai.

I recommend if you want hot girls!

can hire the escort services with the professionals of russian69 in Bangkok. 

Mine was travel companion

Been with the girl for 3 days now and I wish I could keep her longer. I think will marry her next journey! 

A 5-star rating for their delightful services gave me a sweet surprise, offering premium Russian escort services at the most
reasonable rates. They are very honest, and
they practice what they preach. I never found such a worthy escort agency before. 

Got the Hot Euro Escort!

You guys are really worthy
of trust and reliance. I remember the way you assisted me to find the best escorts
in Bangkok and am truly happy with the profiles of the girls. I am looking
forward to avail your services once, in my next trip to Bangkok

Real GFE

She is really thinking I am her BF:-*

Keep up the good work.

I would strongly recommend their services as it
matched my expectations and am really happy with the customer-centric service
approach of this agency. No doubt that they are the best European Escort agency
in Bangkok!!

Best Escort Agency Ever!

In my opinion, is the most reliable and trustworthy name
among the escort agencies in Bangkok. This agency offered me the best value in
return for my money. This agency has the top European escorts in its side.

I Appreciate Their Service and Highly Recommend Them!

I visit Bangkok regularly and always they provide me finest girls that are very friendly too!