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Sacred Harmony

54C Harleyford Road
London , SE11 5AY
United Kingdom


Ricky is an amazing healer. I am so grateful to have had Reiki treatments with him when I was going through a difficult time in my life, as they helped me immeasurably. The treatments are powerful, yet gentle and completely supportive, and reassuringly I continued to feel this support in between each treatment. The space he has created at Sacred Harmony is beautiful, welcoming and safe. I was impressed with the structure of the whole treatment sequence and being gently guided through each stage. Ricky is clearly dedicated and focused on helping his clients achieve their best.


I was sceptical with Reiki at first but with Ricky's guidance, support and kindness I was able to let go to moments of pure vulnerability. A true gem on this Earth. He is calm, respectful and will help you feel like you're giving yourself the love you deserve. Thank you.


While everybody is different and will

process things in their individual way,

I found my sessions very conditioning,

refreshing and grounding. Each session

was different and felt as a part of the

whole, very quick healing process;

subtle, yet extremely powerful in

effect. What was really great was that

my first words after each session were:

"This is EXACTLY what I

needed" even though I had no idea

of what I needed before it started.

Anyone who wants to get rid off some old

energies but has run out of ideas of how

to do it, find Ricky! He is an awesome

healer who will help you de-clutter the

whole system, create more space for new

stuff to come in and before you know it

you feel back to balance! 


Ricky's expertise and sensitivity

through the 4 treatments I had have

helped me through an illness which was

overwhelmingly debilitating. My

return to work and future management of

a healthier lifestyle feels less

daunting as a result of Ricky's


cleaning". I have gained

an awareness of some tools with which to

manage my wellbeing. Thanks to

Sacred Harmony! 


Receiving Reiki treatments at Sacred

Harmony with Ricky, was a privilege.

Having already experienced highest

quality Reiki treatments over the years

from a Grand Master colleague, I can

honestly say that Ricky delivered in an

equally profound and effective way. I

found a purity and power to Ricky's

work, which was most refreshing and

uplifting. I would happily recommend him

to anyone genuinely seeking healing. 


I have received reiki treatments at Sacred Harmony during both of my pregnancies. Ricky is a kind and patient practitioner who doesn’t rush, but takes the time to really listen to you and your body to restore and realign energy flows. I left my treatments feeling uplifted, relaxed and in synergy with my unborn babies. My female power was restored!


I had my first Reiki Treatment at Sacred Harmony following  the recommendation of a close family member. I observed first hand the changes achieved by this...


Having never experienced Reiki before, I

was slightly anxious before my first

treatment. However, Ricky put me at ease

straight away, and I felt comfortable in

this very welcoming environment. The

treatments themselves were each very

different but deeply relaxed me and have

helped me in numerous ways. I would

definitely return for treatments with

Sacred Harmony and I highly recommend

them to anyone. 


I have been a client at Sacred Harmony for over four years now, arriving in a state almost unrecognisable to me now. I had a complete lack of direction, my relationships were mostly toxic and I felt as though I was stuck in a loop cycle that was taking me nowhere. After my first treatment I immediately started to witness profound changes take place in my life, it was the start of a journey that would include upgrades to my career path and relationships along with my physical and emotional wellbeing. As a recipient of numerous treatments I have a great insight into what can be achieved in working with Ricky. We have worked through a multitude of issues from those on a spiritual to becoming a homeowner and what can be achieved only seems to be limited by imagination, I am now always excited to see what the next chapter of my life will bring. I approach challenges and adversity in my life with confidence and focus and owe a great deal of this to the work done at Sacred Harmony. No matter what the person is going through or the issue at hand I would recommend paying Ricky a visit.


I did not have any expectations when I first saw Ricky. In fact I had little hope that it would help with my anxiety and depression.
I couldn't have been more wrong. I was off my meds after 2 sessions and I felt like a new person. I have never looked back. 4 years on he still helping me when I feel modern life pulling me into anxiety. In my eyes he is a miracle worker and I could not recommend him more. Thank you Ricky.


I have now had 7 sessions with Ricky and each of them have been amazing, and life changing. The sessions are so relaxing and rejuvenating, yet I felt the changes in my life almost immediately. Synchronicities began to occur and I began to break cycles and habits that no longer served me. I would recommend Rickey to anyone and I will definitely have more sessions in the future.

Chevonne (London)


Ricky is the real deal. Everyone's experience of this work is different but I really did experience a huge shift after a few sessions and have been seeing the results almost every day. Highly recommended and will be visiting again.


Sacred Harmony treatments have been a wonderful blessing! Ricky has been very supportive and kind, providing warm hearted encouragement and guidance. The...