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Sakon Swimming Pool

Sakon Nakhon

630km to build my Pool

I heard some great things about this small company, and I persuade Bjarne to take the hole crew and travel over 600km to build my swimming pool. Oh boy am I'm happy for this. The pool is beautiful and the workmanship is perfect.My pool is 11x5 meter with a big awesome jacuzzi.

My Big Swimmingpool

We ordered our pool in January. Made a deal to have the pool finish for our next visit to Thailand in December. Sakon Swimming pool made our pool the last month before we arrived and we just added water and started to swim. This is a company you can really trust doing whatever they can to make a perfect job.  After the swimming pool was finish it been working perfectly and are easy to maintain.


Sakon Swimmingpool and there hard working crew build my Swimmingpool and Jacuzzi. The result is awesome and the service is great. Im very happy.

First Class

First class service and workmanship. I certainly made the right choice with Sakon Pools, nothing was too much trouble and no corners cut, you get what you pay for.

My Holliday Paradise :-)))))

I am the owner of the first swimming pool build by Sakon Swimmingpool back in 2014. My swimming pool still looks and behave as it was brand new. I experience first class service, and know now that it was all top quality material and equipment used in my swimming pool. I can strongly recommend Chintana, Bjarne and the rest of Sakon Swimmingpool.

12x3 meter swimmingpool in Sakon

Nothing beats swimming in one of these crystal clear, custom-built pools.

Best Pool builder in Thailand

I can honestly say this company is the best pool builder in Thailand. In 3 years I've had not one problem with the pool and the service and after sales have been excellent. The pool was on time, on budget and built to a high standard that I'd been quoted 40% more for. I would recommend Bjarne and his team to anybody wanting a high standard pool with the highest quality pumps and finish. 

A real trustworthy company.

Thank you for a beautiful swimming pool.The boys at Sakon Swimming Pool really goes the extra mile to make a good product. Well done whit my swimming pool and the terrace area around. Im have to say, im spesial pleased whit the training, and the after service from Chintana and Bjarne... I recommend you to anyone... you guys really rocks. 

Dream Come True

Thank you so much to Bjarne and Sakon SwimmingPool for building my pool. This has been my dream forever, and finally I was able to get it done. The work is excellent, great quality and service. I would also say that the prices are lower than what they deserve for this quality.I would recommend this builder to anyone and we have been using our pool every single day since it was finished a month ago.

Our Thailand Oasis

We have been enjoying our pool now for 10 months. Quality of construction , workmanship were 1st class. They worked very hard to deliver what we envisioned. Any requests were met with a desire to make us happy.

My swimming pool at last

Ive been waiting all my working life to have a house in the sun and a swimming pool, so i had a house built in Thailand so me and my family could live there. I looked around to find the best pool builder and picked Sakon Swimming Pools. we had a problem at the start because we couldn't get a lorry in to take away soil, so all the boys working for Sakon Swimming Pools used wheel barrows to move it all to the front of my property which i thought was amazing. Id recommend anyone thinking about having a swimming pool to get in touch Sakon Swimming Pools. You won't regret it. Thanks to Bjarne and Chintana Olsen.

Top Quality

The quality, in the work. The quality of my swimming pool and the equipment delivered by this small family company in Sakon Nakhon is absolutely the best.I swim every day and I love it.