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Amazonia Foods International


Con esta salsa simplemente me es posible resolver casi todo ...o todo!... en la cocina, en mi mesa, en mi hogar. Lo sutil de su textura y el balance atinado de su sabor -siempre- resulta en una combinación superior. Es muy versátil, amigable... Y con sabores únicos que siempre quedan bien.
Qué buen logro.
Felicitaciones a los creadores

Great products!

I came across these Amazonia products looking for a different salad dressing and was attracted by their presentation design and flavour offer. My intuition proved me right! Delicious!! Five In all aspects, exotic flavours, texture, presentation!

Without any doubt the best dressing I have ever try

and you can not imagine how your grilled chicken taste if you marinate it with this sauce

For me, Amazonia is home.

For me, Amazonia is home. Those flavors have the ability to make me travel through a world of memories and, overall, they are the perfect solution for everything!  Any salad becomes a gourmet dish when you add that touch of an Amazonia Passion fruit sauce, you can feel the freshness of the fruit and the exact sweet point that makes you want more and more. Also, any meet with a good touch of their pineapple bliss makes my family go crazy so, they are happier since I discovered Amazonia, and I would not choose any other sauce to accompany me in the kitchen!

Very Creamy and natural dressing!

I really love this dressing! it is from real tropical fruit and without oily feeling. The creamy texture is great. I totally recommend this product!

Great Flavor! Perfect for grilling

I used Amazonia Pineapple sauce as marinade for meat and after grilling the flavor was amazing! would used it again, will try with chicken