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One of My Most Trusted Partners

Amanda is one of my most trusted partners. She has in depth SEO expertise, is flexible and able to respond to changes in our business, and is always willing to provide guidance on a myriad of topics. We've worked together for 4+ years and I consider her to be an extension of my team.


Amanda was amazing. She not only responds quickly to your calls or emails, but she is helpful and will do everything in ability to make sure that you are satisfied with her services. Amanda is friendly and assertive. She is determined and will not give up until the job is done. Thank you Amanda for your help and your work ethics.

Invaluable Asset to Our Team

We've had the extreme pleasure of working with the AMAZING Amanda Valle who has been an invaluable asset to Team Free2Luv. Her technical and analytical SEO support has brought us to the forefront of searches and helped us gain valuable organic reach. She has also brought her super strong organizational/management skills to the table setting up an editorial process to keep our content creation on track as well as helping us secure top-notch talent to ensure our content is on point. Amanda is the whole package - smart, business and marketing savvy, an excellent communicator, and fabulous team player. Thank you, Amanda for lending your mad skills to our organization!

BEST Level of SEO Service

Amanda Valle is a rare SEO. For starters she stays on top of the industry changes (which is a feat by itself). Secondly, and maybe most importantly, she's constantly on top of quality control in all of her efforts. Her experience, plus quality assurance, plus attention to detail equals your gain. There is no level of service better in SEO than that.

BEST at SEO Marketing Services

I've worked with Amanda for a few years now and she is the best at what she does! She's helped many companies I've been with for SEO marketing services, creative content creation, PPC insight and continuous strategic direction. She answers any questions we have and provides thorough reports and analytics. She has a bubbly personality and I would highly recommend her.

Worth Every Penny

Having worked with Amanda on a variety of digital marketing projects, SEO Marketing being one of her core driving services and skillsets, I am very happy to recommend her business and her work. Due to her vast skill-set she's able to elevate and collaborate with any type of company to identify their quickest return on investment through organic marketing to start driving traffic, sign-ups, and sales. In-short, she's worth every penny, and besides all of it she is a very nice person to have around.

Successful Results - Goals Hit

Amanda is very knowledgable about all things digital marketing, especially SEO, it's quite amazing. SEO can be like an entirely different language but Amanda understands it and is able to easily communicate, break it all down and make sense of it for the key opinion leaders. She is able to create detailed plans and reporting. And I've never seen anything but successful results and targeted goals hit with her on board.

Exceptional Marketing Agency

SEO Marketing Services, Inc. owned and ran by Amanda Valle, is an exceptional marketing agency. Her team and herself are great people to work with, both on a professional and personal level, their understanding of SEO, and the agency's ability and eye for detail is second to none.

Amanda was at the centre of our SEO requirements and always made sure she listened to our needs, delivered on deadline and brief.

It was a pleasure to have worked with SEO Marketing Services Inc. and Amanda. Her passion is apparent throughout all she does, and the team she leads.

When it comes to SEO, SEO Marketing Services Inc. is as good as it gets.


Amanda is awesome. She walked thru in a clear and understandable way how to improve my website rankings and had actionable advice. She really knows what she is talking about.

Tailored Strategy

I've worked for years with Amanda on projects ranging from facilitating programs for major companies down to minor projects for individuals and small businesses. In all areas, she shows an ability to drill into specific needs and tailor strategy for the size and scope of the task at hand. I've valued her honesty and creativity in her work. No project too big, none too small. And always willing to think and work outside the box.

They Make Us Better

Amanda is a refreshing combination of personality and ability. In an industry where people like us (non-techy artist) can easily get lost in the woods, she was like the super cool, but ultra capable guide navigating the terrain of SEO for us. After working with her for two years, I feel such deep gratitude to her. She not only helped us get back to the first page after falling to the fourth, but was really supportive and super communicative during the process.

I think of the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime,” when I think of Amanda. She’s gave us so many tools to help maintain and promote our online presence.

I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking for help with SEO, blogging, and Marketing. She’s the best.

Passion and Enthusiasm

It was wonderful working with Amanda. As well, I appreciated her passion and enthusiasm for her work. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and her SEO skill-set, content writing and marketing skills were on point with our editorial requirements. Very grateful for our work together. 


I worked with Amanda on SEO projects. She has an incredible knack for developing a digital strategy out of an understanding of the core business problems a client is facing. She always earns people's trust by finding great solutions to problems and executing brilliantly. Definitely recommend working with KIS SEO Marketing Services!

Extensive SEO Background

Amanda Valle is the best in her field. If you need your website to have a higher online visibility, Amanda will make that happen. Due to her extensive background in SEO optimization, she knows how to effectively incorporate strong creative and technical elements that are required to improve a site’s rankings and internet presence. Moreover, Amanda is personable, detailed, and always customer-focused. Simply put, she is a true professional who understands the needs of her customers, and her specialization in digital marketing is unsurpassed. If you’re ready to have more web traffic and work with someone who loves what they do, call Amanda Valle Digital Consulting.

Seasoned SEO Veteran

Amanda is by far a seasoned veteran that knows how to produce results. I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Amanda over the years on several digital and SEO projects. Amanda has great ability to juggle multiple teams, clients and opportunities to drive company metrics and management to a high performance level.

I'd Recommend

Amanda is uniquely knowledgeable in the art of search. She has that rare ability to think at the 30,000 feet level and execute at the pixel level. She also works with a mindfulness of business objectives and budgets. I'd recommend her work.

Invaluable - Totally Recommend

Amanda Valle was invaluable in our website redesign. We had hundreds of old links and pages, nothing was overlooked and every detail was addressed. She was also very instrumental in our design process so that we built the search needs into our page designs. Since her work, our SEO ranking has steadily increased with very little effort. I would totally recommend her to anyone or any company looking for a strategic player who can really make a difference. Two thumbs up!

Professional, Friendly, & Reliable

Amanda is a professional, friendly, and reliable SEO and content expert whom I've worked with on a number of websites. She is thorough and thoughtful in her work and has proven successful in being able to move the needle for a number of ecommerce websites.

Honest, Trustworthy, Creative & Fun

I have worked with Amanda in various capacities over the last five years. She is honest, trustworthy, creative, and fun to work with. Amanda cares about her clients and their businesses and loves helping them succeed. If you are looking for someone to create a successful digital marketing strategy for your business look no further than Amanda Valle Digital Consulting.

Executes to Perfection

Having worked with many other supposedly “leading SEO agencies” before we got to Amanda, I can honestly say, her SEO and general marketing skills are on another level. She took our medical sites from average visibility to now placing number one for several industry specific keywords. She also solidified our domain authority in a highly competitive international market space, while helping us identify the trends and refocusing our efforts to other KPIs and content strategies we were overlooking. She understands the big picture and executes to perfection. I’ve learned a lot from Amanda and wouldn’t hesitate one bit to recommend her services to others.