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Seymour Solar

85 W Main Street
Escalante Utah , 84726

Great Filters & Service

Really helpful, even at the last minute. And their rugged filters yield very pleasing color. I'm a fan! Thanks guys.

Excellent product, brilliant results

I found the Helios Solar to be a high quality build and well designed filter. It’s genuine ISO certified to protect your eyes and expensive camera lens and sensor from the damaging visible, UV and IR wavelengths. The ND5 glass is high quality and should last a lot longer than an inexpensive mylar film alternative, which is susceptible to tears and holes that render them useless. After using the Helios filter during the Aug. 21, 2017 solar eclipse, I was amazed at the clarity and detail that my DSLR and 600mm f/4L prime lens were able to capture with the aid of the filter. Sun spots and granulation are distinctly visible (see attached photo). Well done, Seymour Solar!

Excellant Products & Service

The staff at Seymour Solar gave great advise and service when I was ordering my solar filters. Used these filters during the eclipse and they worked perfectly! I now have several vivid photographs of this great experience of witnessing a total eclipse.

2017 Solar Eclipse

My Seymour Solar filter fit my Canon 100-400mm lens perfectly, and performed exactly as advertised. Thank you Seymour Solar!

Great product

Ordered this item with two weeks until eclipse. It arrived promptly and work flawlessly.

Testimonial #41

Eclipse 2017

During the Eclipse I had the occasion to use both film and glass filters. The glass seemed to be sharper and was definitely less dense.

Really great filter and great customer service.

Purchased a solar filter for my 4.5" scope and the site had a helpful guide to make sure I ordered the right size. I received updates on the package mailing and the filter itself is exactly what I was looking for. Very competitive price too.

Use of Seymour Solar filter on 8/21/17, Epic Total Solar Eclipse

The use of a Seymour Solar filter on our 8" Celestron Telescope operated flawlessly. Many adults and many, many children got the first contact through last contact views for their first time in their lives. They may never forget this image! This event was observed on a rise located very near Shoshoni, Wyoming. Thanks for a fine quality, economic product.

Total Eclipse in Tennessee

I purchased 2 sets of filters to my astronomical binoculars and 1 for my digital camera. I also bought 10 pairs of solar filter glasses for easier viewing for the grandkids. I am not an expert photographer and had very little knowledge of the proper camera settings needed. But without the filters all would have been lost. As it turned out, we had excellent viewing conditions and the filters did their job. Without the filters, we wouldn't have the memories saved of that day. The inexpensive solar filter glasses were a hit with the kids (and the adults, too). It was my first total solar eclipse (I'm 69 yrs old). It was an emotional and almost religious experience. We drove 18 hours from NJ to Tenn. Rochester NY is only about 6 hours away, so God willing, I'm looking forward to using them again in Rochester NY in 2024.

Eclipse Rescue

About a week before the eclipse, I remembered the solar filter for my camera, had been stolen from storage. I went online to see if I could find one. I looked everywhere, and all the suppliers were sold out, or back ordered. Seymour Solar, like everyone else, was sold out of the size I needed. Then I noticed something that I hadn't seen anywhere else, a used equipment page. So I checked it out. They had two used solar filters, and they were both the size I was looking for. I jumped on the opportunity, and it was only fifty dollars, for a real glass filter. That was half the price that I expected to spend. The question was now, "will it get here in time?" It arrived five days later, three days before the eclipse. The filter was in great shape, with only a couple of pin holes in the coating, that were easily remedied. Thanks guys, you had just what I needed when I needed it. You rescued the eclipse observation for a half dozen of us. Thanks again!

Testimonial #33

These products work, arrived promptly. Great bang for your buck! Helped me to record this great shot

Seymour solar filters at the eclipse

Before the August eclipse I purchased a filter for my spotting scope and a pair for my binoculars. Both of them worked perfectly for the eclipse, providing detailed views of all phases before and after totality. We could watch as several sunspots disappeared behind the moon, and watch the last sliver of the sun disappear into totality. We viewed the eclipse near Glendo, Wyoming, and shared scope views with at least fifteen other people through the event.

Exactly what I needed

Very pleased with the Seymour Solar filter I used for the 2017 eclipse. I wasn't sure of the correct size needed since I was using a Canon 300 L 2.8 lens. but customer service helped me find the perfect fit and the Helios Glass Solar Filter work perfectly! I've even used it since the eclipse having fun photographing sunspots and flares!

58MM Photo Filter for Eclipse

I used my 58mm Seymour Solar photo filter on my 70-300mm Nikkor zoom lens with my D3200 to photograph the total Eclipse of the Sun from Leslie MO. It worked fine and I got several great shots of my first total Eclipse of the Sun. (I reserve the right to all my photos, please credit accordingly).

Great filter

Got the 86mm glass solar filter to use with a 150mm-500mm lens for the eclipse. Worked like a champ! Quite happy with the purchase.

Solar Filter

I purchased the filter 1 week before the Eclipse on Aug 21, it was a last minute trip to the totality money I have spent in a while! Thanks Seymour, it made the experience that much better!!

Seymour Solar Film

This solar film was fantastic! It provides a beautiful view of the Sun with binoculars and telescopes.

Perfect for the 8/21/17 Eclipse

The 62 mm solar filter placed on my video camera performed flawlessly during the spectacular 8/21/17 eclipse.

Great filters

Bought a pair for the binocs and one for the refractor - best investment for daytime (and eclipse) viewing ever!

Wonderful product

The filter worked perfectly and I got some great shots of the eclipse - just wish I would have had a telephoto lens!

Solar filter

excellent filter, no problems using it. Got great eclips ephotos

A perfect filter!

I purchased the Threaded Camera Helios Solar Film Filter 72mm. T72. IT was amazing! I have never done anything like this before and am so excited at the quality of the images. In 7 years, our area has another nearly total eclipse. My Helios Solar Film Filter from Seymour Solar will be right there with me!

Was Perfect for the 2017 Eclipse

We purchased the solar filter for our Leica birding scope and Nikon lens. It fits both perfectly and the quality of color during partial eclipse was impressive. I am very pleased and would recommend this lens to anyone.

Excellent Products, Super service

I bought a package of eclipse glasses and a sheet of solar film to make a camera filter. I got these items in plenty of time to use for the Great American Solar Eclipse. Because of the confusion on the NASA website, early on, Seymour Solar items were not mentioned as being approved. Seymour's website always stated that their products met the ISO spec, and tghey even sent me a copy of the testing when I requested it. My family and I felt very safe using the glasses and I was able to get some stellar photos of the eclipse!!! Thanks Seymour Solar.

Great product

We used their solar filters over our camera lens for the eclipse. Easy to remove for taking pics during the totality and snug and secure when on. Very good purchase.

Darker Than Other Brands

The glass screw-on camera lens solar filter worked okay during August 2017 solar eclipse. It is about twice as dark as other brands, requiring a slower shutter or higher ISO for correct exposure.


This solar filter fit perfectly & worked beautifully for the solar eclipse 2017. Very happy with this filter & would definitely buy it again. Took the filter off for totality (2 minutes+) but captured amazing before/after totality with the filter on.

Helios is a Very High Quality Solar Filter!

Seymour Solar came through for me with a Helios solar filter for my Celestron Nextar 6SE about 30 days prior to the 2017 U.S. eclipse. I am impressed by the quality of this all glass filter. Images through the Helios filter are very sharp, detailed and a nice color without any adjustments.The quality of construction and packaging was top-notch as well. I own and use Thousand Oaks solar filters too, and the Helios easily matches the quality of these filters. I want to say that the Helios filter seems to offer a little better contrast than the 90mm Thousand Oaks filter I use on my smaller scope and camera lens. A TERRIFIC solar filter!

Testimonial #15

I bought 2 sheets of mylar, cut them in half and mounted them in a cardboard frame. The kids really liked them and there was less danger of them mistakenly viewing the sun directly. Worked very well. We enjoyed the 99.6% in our backyard, There were 12 of us.

Solar Eclipse 2017

The 95MM solar filter for my 150-600mm lens on my Nikon D800 worked flawlessly, yielding an array of sharp, crisp images. The proof is in the pudding! Thank you for all you did to deliver!

August 21st 2017 Solar Eclipse

Bought 40 pair of the glasses for all of the family and grand kids and everyone enjoyed the solar eclipse. The glasses worked perfectly for everyone scattered through out the US

Excellent products!

I had Seymour filters on both my binoculars and telescope for the total Eclipse. Wonderful products that yielded aberration free imaging of the pre and post totality. I also have become fond of observing the sun for spots with the filters now that I have the technology.

Great Solar Filters

I bought the glass filter, 95mm to use on my Sigma Contemporary 150-600 lens. It is a very high quality product that I am very pleased with. Thank you Seymour Solar for a great product. I highly recommend Seymour Solar to anyone.

fantastic product

Bought "used" solar filter for my Meade LX90. If this was a used solar filter i would love to see what the new product is like. Fantastic, great product, super fast delivery and outstanding service.

Great Solar Filter - high five!!!!

Awesome - product. Love Solar Astronomy - sun looks magnificent through the Helios Glass filter by Seymour Solar. The orange color adds the beauty to the Sol. 10" glass filter fits perfectly my 10' (254mm) Sky-watcher Dobsonian

Love those Helios Glass Binocular Solar Filters

Bought a set of the Helios Glass Binocular Solar Filters and 10 glasses for an Astronomy Merit Badge to be held during the Solar eclipse. The binoculars work great with the filters. Great color, not too much red, or over powering. Full field of view. Can't wait for the camera filter!

Helios film is darker than expected

Although the film is advertised as ND 5, mfr data sheet shows their requirement is between 4.5 and 6.2. Personal testing showed an ND of 6.2. At this density, photography at ISO1600 would require an exposure of one second.

Very Nice

Nice natural color of the sun. Can easily see surface detail such as sun spots and facula. I got the 2.75" filters for my 56mm binos.

3 excelent solar filter

Excelents products, I bought 1for my Celestron 11", but iI decided to buy another for  Celestron 80 mm refractor and my Celestron finderscope  50mm (necessary tool to center Sun in a field of view of the finder) , excelente and safe tool for solar watching and photography,

Great Solar Filter

Dear sirs, I bought throught amazon Helios Solar Glass Filter 12.5" (317mm). Fits Optical Tube Diameter 12 1/8" (308mm) to 12 3/8" (314mm). SF1250, fit it's perfect to my CGEM Celestron 11", excelente product

Great Products

These products work very well with my existing equipment, and arrived promptly. Great bang for your buck!