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Sheila Swinney

13720 Old St Augustine Rd 8-325
Jacksonville FL , 32258

Bracken Family Chiropractic

Sheila is truly a whiz in sales and marketing techniques. I have known Sheila for over 12 years and during this time, she has not only been a wonderful friend, but she has also successfully mentored me in the areas I have stated above. Her suggestions/ideas for my chiropractic practice have always been productive and efficient, and they have always yielded results. She has always been a fantastic motivator too with her winning smile and her positive outlook in any situation. Sheila would be an asset and a leader to any team and she has earned my highest recommendation.

President - Marine Construction

Sheila took my start-up company to $1.6 million in sales in less than 4 months!!! I’ve learned a lot about marketing and the sales process. Together we hammered out a marketing game plan to execute the launch. My budget was very tight in the beginning as I was just recovering from a business that flopped. I would describe Sheila as an outside of the box thinker that understands every aspect of the business world. She is a straight shooter that gets to the heart of the matter quickly which I found refreshing. She is so damn good at what she does I consult with her on all our sales and marketing and any other tweaks, system or modifications she recommends that makes my life easier to fast track my business. Five stars ***** THANK YOU, SHEILA!!!

Writer-Copywriter- Crowdfunding

Are you tired of tired of feeling like your product or service is not in high enough demand? Are you interested in following proven processes to maximize your revenue and simple start closing more deals? If that is you stop procrastinating and listen to Sheila.  She is an absolute master at converting sales and maximizing revenue for any business with her proven processes and social conversion skills. Since speaking with Shelia I have been given a clear and concise outline on how I can literally 10x my monthly income in the next 4-6 weeks. It truly is a blessing to work with a proven professional that has already done what you are seeking to accomplish.


UPDATE: Since working one on one with Sheila, I have secured a 7 figure deal. Forever grateful! 

Retail Sales Professional

Thank you for so much insight in such a brief interaction! Its rare I run into other people that are as contagiously positive, passionate and motivated as I am or more to be the best and make the best of everything life has to offer. A breath of fresh air! TALK TO YOU AGAIN SOON!!! -Justin

Business Owner-Credit Repair

Sheila, you have done so much for my family and me.


I think the best thing on the business side was our consultation. Letting me know to keep things simple and showing me how to get the phone to ring within an hour of our talk. You told me to stay focused on smaller projects that I can finish and ultimately become parts of the puzzle that will come together to accomplish the big picture...and now my phone is RINGING!


I still have lots of work to do, but with your consultation, you gave me the mindset with actionable steps to make it happen. All the talents you have to offer helped all my lead generation efforts my company needed.


As far as helping my family you have a heart of gold and are so generous that you deserve every bit of success you get. And anything you decide to do I see the confidence that there isn't any problem you can't solve. I appreciated everything you have done, and I don't know how to thank you enough.

Health & Wellness Coach

Sheila, you genuinely have no idea how much your belief helped pull me out of a long-running 'funk.' I had become very comfortable being uncomfortable and had lost my "why."


You are SO much more than a badass business person. You are a coach. You are a friend. A motivator and leader. I am so grateful for your love and support the past two months, Sheila.


I didn't think that as a 46 year old man that having someone SAY they see my gifts and that I am 'special' could affect me in such a positive way, to the degree that I chose to actually LIVE the life I've always wanted but had lost my way in the aftermath of divorce and identity crisis.


Whether you know it or not I will always feel indebted to you for meeting you and getting to call you my coach & mentor. 


Sheila is kind and driven. She pushed me in a non intrusive way to accomplish something I had put off because I had got discouraged and lost my motivation. I love her encouragement and transparency. We all need mentors in our life and Im thankful to have her as one of mine.

Professional Video Advertising & Editing

"Hey Sheila, Hope you had a good weekend. I just wanted to share this with you... I'm still pretty excited about it. But I quoted someone for a $15k project and he scheduled a meeting with me later today.But you helped me build my confidence to pitch that much so... Thank You!”

Pinterest Ninja - Business Coach & Author

Sheila is the reason I decided to turn my blog into a business. She convinced me to take my marketing skills and knowledge of Pinterest and put it in a course! I had wanted to do it for a while but I wasn't sure where to start.


After sitting down (more than once) and having many talks about it, I decided to take the leap. And now I am making a full time 6 figure income, all from the comfort of my home while taking care of my two kids!


Sheila knows the ins and outs of the business world and she was just what I need to get going! And keep going! I still confide in her to this day when I need a push in the right direction!

Insurance Sales Professional

Sheila is amazing. She has helped me gain more confidence, and help me to see that even as a mommy, who isn't where she wants to be yet with her business can take baby steps. She guided me during our phone consult about my target market. After chatting with me for only 20 minutes she gave me step by step guide how to create my client Avatar.She has also help me with my website and SEO so that I can be found. She looked over my Facebook page and offered suggestions as far as what type of pictures and content should be on it to attract my client Avatar.I love this woman and I am not just saying this. Even though I have been taking my good ole Time, she has not abandoned me.On top of that Sheila went out of her way to give me SUPPORT by promoting my video by sharing her story when she was in the insurance industry that I am in now, which in turn promoted me with over 2K views withn 24 hours! How she did that, I still have no clue!I don't see Sheila as only a coach, savvy BUSINESS woman but also a Friend.