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Dolphin Express Inc.

473 Mundet Place
Hillside New Jersey , 07205
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Patty is super helpful and responsive, her and her team made the entire process stress free!
Thank you!

Excellent service

Excellent service! Patty helped me from the first minute. She was with a lot of patience and answered every question happily and with a smile.

Superb service!

I reached out to Patty to get some more understanding about my shipping. I had so many questions and she was patient and kind, she answered everything I needed to know with such kindness that I had to leave a feedback.

Shipment was delivered today

Hi all,
Hope you are all safe and well,
We Wanted to let you know that we received our shipment this morning as arranged and planned by the Israel dolphin Express office !
It was a wonderful experience and
“Alex” the delivery guy called 30 min prior to arrival as planned and he was superb and very organized !
We thank you so much for a wonderful experience and will recommend your quality services!
Have a great week !

Superb experience!

It was my first time shipping with Dolphin Express and I actually have been missing out. This shipping company did much better than the previous shipping company I worked with, they were very organized and my package actually arrived on time. They secure everything nice and tight so nothing is flying around while it is in transit. Pricing is also very fair, overall great company to work with for future shipping!

Thank You !!!

I have been shipping with Dolphin Express for as long as I can remember. I have never had an issue with them, since my family is in Israel this is a very convenient company to ship them all I need to. All the stuff I have ever shipped always have arrived with no damages. I highly recommend this company for any international shipping.

Great Service

After being referred to by a friend I decided to go into Dolphin Express to get a quote on transporting my car to Israel. Their prices are very fair, they made me feel very secure about my car being sent and took care of everything for me. I had no issues with this company nor with my car making it to its new destination.

Great shipping experience

I sent a lift to Israel ???????? in december, 2018. They helped me navigate the bureaucratic process, and then helped me decide what to ship. The lift was picked up and shipped as promised. It arrived and was delivered in Israel in perfect condition and on time. I highly recommend that anyone who is shipping overseas use this company.

Eli and the dolphin express team were remarkably efficient

Eli and the dolphin express team were remarkably efficient, transparent, and professional throughout our entire relocation process. The end to end service was exactly what we were looking for and we were thrilled to receive all of our items intact and accounted for 5000 miles across the world. Thank you!!

We recently moved from New Jersey to Israel and used Dolphin Express to ship our stuff

We recently moved from New Jersey to Israel and used Dolphin Express to ship our stuff. They were efficient, honest, and easy to work with. We were very happy with them and would highly recommend them!

Very professional. Arrived on time

Very professional. Arrived on time, worked quickly and efficiently. Almost no breakage (one item). Very important- ask for Mira. She’s THE best.

I have used Dolphin Express for THREE shipments to Israel

I have used Dolphin Express for THREE shipments to Israel. Each time, it was quick, easy and very affordable. They were super organized, quick clearance through customs and delivery was AMAZING. Everyone was absolutely wonderful and we would use them again without a thought!!

Very patient supportive through the whole process of shipping overseas

Very patient supportive through the whole process of shipping overseas--from the estimate to the delivery. All went according to plan, no damage, great service.

I used this company for shipping this year

I used this company for shipping this year.All staff was very helpful to answer to all my questions Very very professional company. I am definitely will recommend them and use again!!!!! All my boxes arrived exactly on time as was scheduled in great condition. Dolphin Express great job!!

Great service and great price!

Great service and great price! The packing team was super professional and careful. The shipping time was as short as possible and the movers at the end destination were also professional. I highly recommend Dolphin Express for relocation services.

Got it to our apt by the date we wanted!

They were quick and they held to their quoted date of shipment arrival and processing.


Hello Eli,

This is a long overdue letter. First of all, Chag kasher v'samayach. Hope you are enjoying your Pesach. Here in Israel it is beautiful. We are very happy to be here with our beautiful family.

I apologize for not writing sooner to thank you for all your help in making our Aliyah the success that it was. We received our belongings in a timely fashion and with the exception of one broken glass and my computer monitor broken, everything was perfect. Your people packed beautifully.

The one item that I was very worried about (my silver candelabra) came without a dent. Thank you for taking such good care of our belongings.

The people in Israel were extremely helpful and the delivery men were great. I've been recommending you to everyone I know who is making Aliyah.

Please expect to receive phone calls from our family and friends. Wishing you much success and a wonderful year. Shalom!

Mira Attia did an exceptional job

Mira Attia did an exceptional job in arranging our shipment; we couldn't be more pleased with the prompt and professional service she provided!

dolphin evaluation

Moving to Israel with American stuff could have been a very difficult process. Apart from all the paper work securing a Visa, the actual physical part of the move could not have been any better. The people at Dolphin, especially Mira and the two guys that picked up my stuff, exactly on time were superb. Legitimate concerns were immediately addressed and handled in the most efficient, professional and thoughtful way possible. The physical part of the move had ZERO issues thanks to Dolphin Express and all the people there. My integration into Israeli society should be as smooth.

Mira Atia

Mira was amazing!. I literally felt that she is taking care of me as I'm her family member. She responded even when she was out of the office or not in the business hours and I think the company should be proud to have such a dedicate worker like Mira!!!

Taken well care of!

Hi Mira, You and your team did a great job helping us move to Israel. The movers wrapped everything so carefully that it was all taken really good care of on the trip to New Jersey from Massachusetts and then on the ship to Israel. In Israel, they unpacked and put the furniture together with real professionalism. It was very appreciated not having to worry about that on top of everything else with such a big more. Thank you! Debbie and Moshe

A thank you note

Hi Eli,

I've been meaning to write you and time has gotten away from me with making Aliyah etc.... Your movers did an excellent job. Everything was delivered on time and in perfect Condition.

I thank you and everyone in your office and in the Israel office for taking such good care of my move.

I will be happy to recommend you to anyone who asks.

Best regards,


I got my boxes and it all was great

Hi Sharon,

Toda Raba. I got my boxes and it all was great.

Thank for all the help.


Thank you!

Dear Eli and Sharon, 

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this letter - I have simply been overwhelmed with everything that had to be done to move out of our house (of 31 years!), and prepare successfully for our Aliyah on Feb 22nd.As I told you on the phone the day after Faruk and his crew came to pack our lift, you are ALL WONDERFUL, and it has been an absolute PLEASURE dealing with Dolphin Express, ever since we spoke with you, Sharon, at the Nefesh b'Nefesh Seminar in Manhattan, last Spring.  We went home that day with a good feeling about your firm, which was supported by Naomi and Yehuda Chananya, who had had a very happy experience shipping with you.When you came to our house, Eli, you were patient, informative and friendly, and we felt we struck up a personal relationship with you.  (Did it help that I was from S. Africa, and we served you cookies?)  Until this day, we still feel that same personal kesher, and feel we are "with friends" as our belongings make their way to Israel.

When Faruk and the other 2 gentleman spent the day with us, we had the same feeling!  They were patient, informative, VERY polite and helpful, and we felt that they really cared about doing the best job they possibly good, and keeping us happy and satisfied, at the same time.  Even though they worked very quickly and efficiently, they never made us feel rushed.  We would certainly give them an A+, and would like them to know that we did so!! 

Finally, we really appreciate the valuable "extras" you were able to provide us - namely, the one month free storage at your facility in New Jersey (and the ability to send additional items to you there), and the 21 days storage time (which we hope we won't need - but who knows?!?) at the port in Haifa.  We only hope that, not only will our belongings arrive safely to our new home in Jerusalem (which we have yet to procure), but also that the staff on the Israeli side of the ocean will be as wonderful as the staff on the American side!Thank you again for everything!!

Good move, b'H. Thank you!

I just wanted to let you all know that we were satisfied with our shipping experience with Dolphin Express.

There were no unpleasant surprises, t’G, and all the steps occurred as were initially described.

The moving crews, both from the USA and here in Israel were efficient and courteous.

Thank you

Thank You

Good Morning Eli,Now that we’re somewhat settled, I want to take this opportunity to once again thank you and all of the Dolphin Expressstaff in making our move from New Jersey (NJ) to Florida (FL) a pleasant one.As my wife Debbie and I discussed, Dolphin Express continues to provide its customers with professional service from beginning to end whichwe first experienced in 1998 when you first moved us.You more than managed our expectation levels, and for that we are thankful – as moving can be a stressful process.You kept us apprised each step of the way, and that communication helped us deal with all aspects of the moves (Storage, Brooklyn, and Florida).Your moving staff, both in NJ and FL were exceptional in their handling of our furniture and very courteous in their dealings with us which is always a pleasure for a customer.We strongly believe, through our experiences, that Dolphin Express definitely separates themselves from their competition; and we will recommend you every opportunity we get both for international or domestic shipments.Best Regards,Fred

Scheduled Pickup of Packed Boxes

Dear Sharon and Leonie,I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your kindness and professional service, you made my move back to Israel a great and easy experience. I received all the boxes last Thursday in a perfect shape.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I wish you all the best!Sincerely,Algom

Thank you note


אני באמצע תגלית אך ההורים שלי קיבלו את הארגזים. אני חיבת לציין שהעבודה איתכם הייתה מדהימה!! הפכתם את הכל לכל כך פשוט ונוח.

המון המון תודה עם מלוא הערכה!!

תמשיכו כך!

Thank you for all of your help

Hi Eli,Thank you for all of your help with our shipment from August. We received it erev simchat torah/shemini atzeret and were very satisfied with the service on both ends :)All the best,

רציתי להודות לכם על שירות מדהים

,שלום לכם.רציתי להודות לכם על שירות מדהים שהתחיל בארצות הברית והסתיים כאן בישראל.הכל הגיע בשלום, הטיפול בארצות הברית היה מצויין וכך גם הארגון והסיוע בארץ.אשמח להמליץ עליכם בעתיד.שוב תודה רבה על הכל,בברכה 

Thank you!

Now that all our stuff have arrived I can thank you all Eli, Sharon and Ortal (and the rest of Dolphin and Lidor's team) for the great experience we had with you guys.Eli thank you for convincing me to choose you I feel like i made the right decision! :)I already recommended you to my friends and I will continue doing so!Best regards,

Everything arrived in it's original condition

Hi Sharon,I hope all is well.We have received our shipment last Monday.Everything arrived in it's original condition.We would like to point out that your service has been outstanding from the begining, staring in NYC ,till the end, here in Israel.No doubt we made the right diecsion choosing Dolphinexpress, and would recommend with no hesitation to family and friends.Thank you again for everything

Thank you for all your help

Motty,Thank you for all your help. You were knowledgable re questions of what and how we should bringfrom the States and you delivered as promised. The process with your staff at dolphin express wasseamless. Most importantly you made the whole import of car and goods personal,almost painless and pleasant.We will indeed recommend you highly.Thank you, 

A grateful thank you note from Doris D.

Hello Eli,As I mentioned yesterday, we were very happy with Dolphin Express/Lidor from the beginning to the end.Everyone with whom we had contact was great, and we would recommend your company highly to anyone who needs this service. You may use us as a reference anytime.Thank you for all of your help.

I just wanna Thank you for everything you helped me with

Shalom Eli.:I just wanna Thank you for everything you helped me with .We got everything in a good thanks a lot again from me and my family.all the best..I will definitely recommend you and your company if someone asking or inquiring about relocating.Have A.Happy New Year!!!

I could not be more impressed by the professional and friendly service provided

Dear Sharon,Thank you for the link! I enjoyed meeting you also and only hope to be able to work with your company again and share it with others. I submitted the testimonial:I could not be more impressed by the professional and friendly service provided. You worked with me to develop a custom quote for my unique requirements and budget (partial shipment), arrived early to pack everything to accomodate my schedule constraints, and everything was delivered without a hitch. You made the most stressful part of my move effortless. Thank you being so wonderful to work with!But it is not listed in your testimonial page. Does it have to be confirmed by a moderator? Again, thank you for the example of what every move should be!Sincerely,Mark F.Hineynu

the team of Frank who did the packing yesterday were extremely polite, efficient and all around agreeable to work with

Dear Sharon, We do not like to click links, but we would like you to know, that the team of Frank who did the packing yesterday were extremely polite, efficient and all around agreeable to work with. Kind regards

Dolphin Express is by far the best shipping company a family moving overseas can ask for

Dolphin Express is by far the best shipping company a family moving overseas can ask for. We shipped our entire home content from Israel to New York and sure enough our home wasn't ready on time. Luckily, the Dolphin Express team in NY and Israel was responsive and understanding .Their customer service couldn't have been better and trust me - that is crucial. Not only that, their movers were professional, the shipment was prompt and the delivery was stress free. Thank you so much for all your help and truly superior service!

Just wanted to say thank you for the great service

Hi Sharon, Just wanted to say thank you for the great service. Do you do moves from Westchester to Rockland? Our friends will be moving at the end of summer. Thank you

The goods were in a good condition and were delivered on time

I received my consignment of goods from New Jersey to Hyderabad ,India today. The goods were in a good condition and were delivered on time. The passport was also returned safely. Thank you for the good job. Best Regards

Your guys not just showed expertise in moving but also in interior design

Hi Sharon, thank you for such a superb service. Your guys not just showed expertise in moving but also in interior design. Will definitely recommend your company to others. Well done!!

Being very professional in their entire business they never hesitated to go extra mile to fulfill our requirements with respect to our shipment

Dolphin Express provided exceptional service end to end in moving our goods to India. Being a first timer I was very worried initially but the way they handled the entire process starting from professional packing to the delivery at the destination was phenomenal. Most importantly they gave a very competitive price which cannot be bet by anyone in the market, a helpful hand to trust and surely they hear you as a customer. Being very professional in their entire business they never hesitated to go extra mile to fulfill our requirements with respect to our shipment. Our shipment reached safely without any trouble. It was really a great experience doing business with them and I would definitely recommend Dolphin to my friends. Thanks Jason and Crew!

The staff at Dolphin was very helpful and friendly at every step, truly a good experience

Dear Amir,

I am happy to share my feedback with you.

Simply put, the many notebooks that your company has already collected full of letters of thanks and accolades is well deserved. When we decided to make Aliyah, we we more than a little overwhelmed at the idea of figuring out who to use to move our belongings. We went to a few Nefesh B'Nefesh fairs and spoke to some of the people (from other companies it turns out) about the process, and actually called Dolphin more as a secondary estimate to get an idea for comparison to your competitors. Instead, we got a visit from Motty who was in the US at the time and made came after the estimator from the other company.

As I am sure you know Motty, you can imagine that the difference between him and the first estimate was night and day in terms of personality. Motty was very friendly, explained the process, chatted - mamash sahbak! We appreciated it far more than the surly, 'I'm doing you a favor by saying hi to you' attitude we got from the other company. All that was nice, but when I saw in your books of recommendations a glowing review by a friend of mine, I decided that this was a sign from above.

Motty quoted us a price, and it was fair. I don't know if it's the lowest price, but I certainly thought that for what we were taking and the services promised, it was very reasonable. Motty promised us that Dolphin would take care of things Door-to-Door, including all customs paperwork here in Israel and that all we had to do was unpack (and get approval at the local customs authority office). Your pick up crews in New York as well as your delivery crews in Israel were first rate, quick, efficient, friendly, helpful and above all professional. The service was indeed door-to-door as promised without any games or surprises and it made our lives and transition that much easier, for which we are very grateful.

The staff at Dolphin was very helpful and friendly at every step, truly a good experience. I would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend or anyone needing you're services.

Thanks again!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and the excellent service

Dear Sharon and Moti and the crew at Dolphin Express,I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and the excellent service I got when I used Dolphin to relocated from the NY area to Israel. The price was excellent, and ended up being exactly as quoted, a refreshing novelty in the moving industry!Importantly, your staff were professional, courteous and prompt, they helped us pack, and unpack at the destination. All of our belongings arrived in good shape, and exactly at the time that they were promised!I am glad I chose Dolphin, and as you know, I did again, for other shipping needs that I had subsequently. Again, I was extremely satisfied with the service from end to end, and the overall experience.Please relay this to your staff. Well done!

They have an office in the NYC area and one in Israel

I'm using Dolphin Express/Lidor now. 973-253-3800 or 04-639-5088 in Israel. They have an office in the NYC area and one in Israel. They simplified the paperwork for me, were super polite on the phone, and the guy who picked up my stuff was professional and re-packaged and secured my stuff as needed quickly and for free. They have regular shipments between the U.S. and Israel, so my stuff is due to arrive in only 3-4 weeks by boat (as opposed to 6-8 wks with other companies). Their rates were very competitive, and I'm getting door-door service for the same I would pay with other companies warehouse-to-door. Also, it's one company the entire way, so your stuff doesn't change hands. You can ask for Sharon or Ana. Good luck to all olim!

I can say that your service in both countries is great!

Dear Motty,Thank you so much for your help with my lift to Passaic.Your service both with Dolphin in New York, and Lidor here in Israel was excellent. Since I have sent a lift from New York to Israel, and also one from Israel to New Jersey, I can say that your service in both countries is great! Everything ran smoothly and according to the agreement. It's a pleasure to deal with the same shipping company in both countries.Thanks again for the great service.All the best,

Everything they said turned out exactly as they said it would

February 1st, 2010 I concur. I brought ten boxes to Dolphin Express in NJ. Today I had them delivered to my apartment in Nahariya. The cost of them delivered was less than the cost of my renting a small SUV and picking them up at their warehouse in Zichron Yaakov. Erez in NJ, Roni in Zichron and the two gentlemen who brought the boxes into my apartment all conducted themselves in a friendly manner. Everything they said turned out exactly as they said it would. all in an outstanding company. Highest recommendation. David Mozes Bala Cynwyd, PA --- Nahariya, Israel

shipment delivered in perfect order...all done Dolphin style...efficient,professional, helpful and courteous

shipment delivered in perfect order...all done Dolphin style...efficient,professional, helpful and courteousthanks a lot

thank you guys for every thing and the wounder full job all of you have done

Hi MichellYou guys definitely did every thing in your power for smooth sailing it's me how is inpatient. Thank you for the paper work now every thing is complete from your side.thank you guys for every thing and the wounder full job all of you have donesend my regards to every one there.

We are so pleased with your excellent service that we recommended you to our employer

Shalom Dear Sharon and Vered,We are so pleased with your excellent service that we recommended you to our employer to use you for international moves between America and Israel.We were so surprised that our dishes were wrapped so well, not a single one was broken. We had more broken things in our move from California to Boston.The only small matter is that a few pieces of our wooden furniture were chipped, but it is small and we can glue/stain the pieces so it won't be noticeable. Our two mattresses were also dirty along the sides because the plastic tore, so I highly recommend a double layer of plastic over the mattresses or perhaps a thicker grade, and perhaps a bit more wrapping on the edges of the wooden desk, table, etc. But overall, for such a lengthy move, we are still very pleased.May we please ask you to just check around your warehouse and if you find a piece of wood, sanded and stained a teak color, about 10 inches by 2 inches, if you would please let us know. The cover for one of the office chair bases spokes is missing. We don't expect you to find it, but we thought we would ask anyway.Thanks so much again for a great price and diligent, professional service.Shabbat Shalom,

I appreciate all the time you and your staff spent answering our many questions about the move and securing a date for the move so quickly

Dear Sharon,Just a quick note to thank you for making all the arrangements for my in-laws to move their belongings to Israel.I appreciate all the time you and your staff spent answering our many questions about the move and securing a date for the move so quickly. The crew from White Glove were fantastic! Very friendy, polite and moved very quickly.Thanks again for all your help. Please let me know if there is any documentation still missing. Do you need a copy of the insurance declaration form.

thanks again for all the patience you have for me

Hi Motty,I would like to thank you and the crew at Dolpnexpress Sharon,Anna,Michell and my dear friend Eli Ben-ami. you are all super group of guy's.thanks again for all the patience you have for meP.S looking forward to work with you in the near future.

Thank you so much for the excellent service, fast and safe shipping!

Dear Eli, Thank you so much for the excellent service, fast and safe shipping! I will certainly recommend your service and I hope to do business with you again! Best,

I just wanted to thank you VERY much for the quick service

Dear Eli, I just wanted to thank you VERY much for the quick service. George just called to say he's on the way with the doors. I really appreciate all that you did to try to get the doors our and to get them delivered today. It is difficult dealing with Israeli customs, but your team did an excellent job. Todah Rabbah,

a potentially stressful day was very straightforward

Eli,I just wanted to write a note of thanks. Faroukh and Raviv arrived on time, were courteous and pleasant to deal with, carried out the work quickly and efficiently and, even when we had a slight delay in accessing the elevator, were understanding and patient.I was delighted with the service – a potentially stressful day was very straightforward.Regards,

I'm so happy I chose your company to help me with my move back to Israel!

Dear Eli and Erez,My name is Yael Goder, and I used your company's services in order to bring my luggage from NY back to Israel.I've been meaning to write you several weeks ago, when I received my belongings, to express my gratitude to you, but unfortunately my procrastination got the better of me, and I'm only getting to it now. I'm so happy I chose your company to help me with my move back to Israel!It's been a very pleasant experience- from the first phone call (23:00 on a thursday night- sorry again for that...)the night before I left NY, through the assistance on your location, the personal interest you took in my situation (thank you, Eli, for the many phone calls),your company's great costumer service- when I needed to verify the estimated schedule- that instill in me such confidence, and finally- the safe arrival of my suitcase and boxes, which seemed to be handled with great care.So thank you, again, for making what could have been a very hectic and nerve raking ordeal, a peaceful and relaxing one.I wish you all the best!Shabat Shalom,

Thank you for great service and taking care of the official parts of clearing customs, etc.

Thank you for great service and taking care of the official parts of clearing customs, etc. I look forward to receiving my shipment soon.

Everything arrived in perfect condition

Thank you for your wonderful service. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Continued success in your business.

הפכת אותי ללקוח נאמן וממליץ בכל פה של דולפין אקספרס

לאלי שלוםלאחר המון שאלות ובילבולי מוח מצידי, הצלחנו לבצע אתמול יום שלישי ה- 5 לפברואר 2008 את העברת תכולת דירתנו במנהטן.תמיד יש לנו ביקורת על שירות, אנשים וסתם בכלל, הפעם גם אני רוצה להעביר ביקורתהופתעתי מהגישה , היחס הסבלנות שבה הולכת אותי לאורך כל הדרך עד לביצוע ההעברה ,לא חסכת ממני שום הסברופירוט כדי שכל ההליך, שבו התחלנו בבדיקת ההאפשרות לשינוע תכולה לישראל ומיד לאחר יום שינוי להעברה למקום אחרכאן במנהטן, כל דבר הוסבר, לובן, בנחת ,באורך רוח תוך מתן פיתרון.לכל שינוי שהיה לנו כמעט מידי יוםצוות ההעברה סאלח ודני היו במילה אחת "מדהימים", הזריזות הרצינות המיומנות והרצון לעשות את מלאכתם הכי טובשאפשר היו דבר שלא רואים כל יום.פשוט כיף לראות צוות שכזה בעבודהאלי המון המון תודה על ההעזרה .ועבודה נפלאההפכת אותי ללקוח נאמן וממליץ בכל פה של דולפין אקספרסשא ברכהמסור את תודתי לסאלח ודני

We were very pleased with all aspects of the transshipment

Owners and/or Managers,Dolphin Express, Inc.Dear Sir / MadamRe: #6938This is to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all the people in the Dolphin Express Co. who were involved in the transshipment of our elongings from our former home in New Haven, CT. to our current home in Petach Tikva, Israel. We have nothing but praise for the way each group in each of the steps of the process acted courteously, professionally and effectively.Obviously, we have not met all these people personally but those that we did interact with directly we would like to point out by name and recommend them to your attention.While in the States our first contact was with “Eli” in your “Sales Department.” Most likely, if not for his dedication, kindliness, and persistent follow up with concerned phone calls and emails, we might not have ended up as your client. Similarly, in your accounting department, there was “Ana” who very patiently rewired statements repeatedly because of our inaptness in handling a new computer.Once in Israel, our contact was “Samadar”, a lady with a friendly and a cheerful voice. She very effectively guided us on how to fill out the “port release documents,” and the documents required by the customs officials. She was very patient and encouraging. She followed up phone conversations with good humor and promptness.Not to be overlooked, your packing and loading crew that came to Connecticut as well as the delivering and unpacking team in Petach Tikva. They both did effective and professional work. We were very pleased with all aspects of the transshipment.Respectfully yours,

From the very beginning, you have provided a high level of service

Erez,I would like to thank you and your staff for helping us with our shipping needs to Israel. From the very beginning, you have provided a high level of service. Your patience and knowledge helped make this whole process smooth and stress-free. Your estimate of our space needs was extremelyaccurate.The workers who wrapped and boxed our fragile belongings and furniture and loaded the container were extremely capable and sensitive to our needs. They worked with us from the minute they got to us until the time the container was closed. They were clean, personable, and a pleasure to work with.We highly recommend Dolphin to others who have international shipping needs. Once again, thank you for you excellent service.Regards,

I'd like to thank you for the professional and courteous service both in the US and Israel

To the Dolphin Express and Lidor Logistics Teams,I'd like to thank you for the professional and courteous service both in the US and Israel.I would not hesitate to use your services in the future.Thanks,


Mr. Motty Mezuman

Dauphin Express

141 Lanza Ave., Bldg. 29N

Garfield, NJ  07026


Dear Motty:

I just wanted to express how very much we appreciated your efforts on our behalf with our move to Israel.

When it came time to select a company to ship our belongings from the US to Israel, I must say it was a daunting task. There were so many choices and we knew absolutely nothing about any particular organization.

Since I had been using to glean information about our move, it was there that I turned to see if anyone had any "horrible or great" experiences with shippers.

Almost immediately I received a response from a lady who had lived only a few miles from our location in central Pennsylvania. She was actually ebullient about her dealings with your company. She even asked me to give my regards to one of the employees if l spoke to anyone at your company.

With that I looked no further. I must tell you, we are so impressed with every single employee with which we came in contact! Ours was a small shipment as such things go. Still, your warmth, professionalism and personal concern were amazing. Your company- has heart!! Something we thought was out of style these days.

The shipment arrived in Israel far quicker than we expected. A telephone call came to bring us up to speed, and delivery was made exactly as promised. We did not have to deal with customs or tax people, it was done for us! Just open the door in America and again in Israel. Everything else was handled for us. AND NOT ONE SINGLE ITEM WAS BROKEN OR MISSING!

With more appreciation than simple words can convey,

Thank you so much for moving us from New Jersey to Yerushalayim

Dear Motty,

Thank you so much for moving us from New Jersey to Yerushalayim. Your staff was very friendly as well as very efficient. All in all, an experience we were dreading was made pleasant by your company. Our furniture and belongings arrived in a timely fashion, safe and sound. You certainly made this portion of our transition to Israel go smoothly and uneventfully. We surely will recommend you to anyone making Aliya.

Keep up the good work of bringing new olim to Israel. Happy Chanuka to you and your family.

Kol Tuv,

After speaking to a few we chose Dolphin for a number of reasons

Dear Morty,

It has been four months since our lift arrived here in Har Nof. And, I wanted to take this time to write you to thank you for your efforts. As you are aware, we came with Nefesh B'nefesh and they gave us a list of moving companies. After speaking to a few we chose Dolphin for a number of reasons. One of them was your personal attention and efforts to make sure that our possessions would arrive timely and intact. This is exactly what happened. From the time you and I first spoke on the phone when I was in Denver until now, you have helped us to be sure that moving our things to Israel was as easy as possible. It was easy and we are grateful.

Preparing to move a family overseas requires paying attention to many details. Your efforts in securing the moving company in Colorado and then again in Haifa to bring our things to us here in Jerusalem, made the particular detail of moving our things very easy. We feel Blessed to have met you and all the people working with you. The movers who came to our apartment on a very hot day in August were pleasant and did their work diligently, making sure not to harm our furniture and put things exactly where we wanted them to.

We have experienced many wonderful things in Israel during our short time here and not having to be concerned about our lift and all the details surrounding it, made those experiences all the better. So, Todah Rabah and thank you for your continuing concern and efforts to bring more people to Israel.  I look forward to meeting you soon.

If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Again, on behalf of my family and myself, thanks to you and Dolphin.  I wish you an enlightened and joyous Chanukah.

All the best,

We are finally settling in to our home in Jerusalem and every day I have a new reason to thank you

Motty Mezuman

PO Box 277

Kibbutz Maayan Zvi

DN HofHacannel, Israel 30805 Dear Motti:

Thank you! We are finally settling in to our home in Jerusalem and every day I have a new reason to thank you.  I am sorry  it has taken so long. The fact that I was skeptical  for ;i  very long time, makes the discovery that you and Lidor are not only an honest, reliable, professional and competent company  but people who keep their. word that much more  satisfying.

As you know we made Aliyah in July 2005. We shipped a 20 foot container.  We had called you several months earlier but had not called you back. One night you called and asked for a chance to give us a bid. We told you quite frankly that ours was not a large order and we had already signed a contract with another company and were planning to put it in the mail the next day. You asked to please come over, and we told you that we were not interested in saving money and that our primary interest was the security of our shipment.

Motti you were charming and we liked you instantly, and your bid was $1,000 less than the contract we had signed, but that's not what persuaded us.  It was when you said "I  have 27  people and their families dependent  upon  me for their jobs.   I have been  in this  business over 25 years and ifl  can't deliver for customers and get their confidence,  we will all  be unemployed."    We figured  that our shipment was at least as important  to you as it was to us.

And that is how it began.

Working with you was an absolute pleasure at a time of great chaos. Within days you had hand delivered  boxes,  packing supplies and even tape.   When  we ran out  you delivered  more the same day. You also told me that there was no additional charge if your people packed everything and we should have listened! We packed books in clothing boxes, clothes not on hangers (what a gift that was! Wardrobe boxes with all our clothes sorted by season hanging in special boxes instantly ready for our closet  in Israel) and they kept  pointing to items and asking us if they were going.  (More on  that later.)'

Every time we called (and there  must  have been dozens of calls) you answered  promptly.

We had your office number and even your cell numbers here and in Israel (remember when we called you on the family vacation  in Tiveria.)   What  was most helpful  to us was your willingness  to accommodate  our schedule.   We asked  for and got a schedule that  packed  our lift a week before we left and had it delivered to us (door to door!) two weeks after we arrived "home."

The day of the packing Lidor was incredible. They packed up everything in about four

hours (EXACTLY as you had estimated) and they were capable, considerate, courteous and very professional. They kept telling us we had extra room and to add more stuff. What was most impressive was that there were no "extras." The price you quoted us was the price we paid. I have heard several times that was not the case with other shippers.

The Shabbat after the lift was packed was a little forlorn. As I was setting the table Friday night I thought "well the table doesn't look so bad... with all our silverware still here" and then I gasped!  The silver was of course supposed to be on.the lift!  I called your cell Motzei Shabbat in a total panic. ALL of our silverware, chalavi, basarei, Pesach and (as it turns out another mistake!) our mother's, was still in the house and we knew the lift was going out Monday morning packed to the brim. (When it arrived there was a carpet on the roof and appliances on the fork lift of the truck.)

Your response was worth it all. "Come down tomorrow" you said. "But Motti" we said "there isn't a box in the house, the lift is totally packed and sealed and its supposed to rain." Well there was nothing you could do about the rain but you promised me you'd take care of the silverware which is how we ended up driving to Garfield (a very short drive from Teaneck!) in a thunderstorm with heirloom silver boxes.

When we got to your office you took the silver from us, asked ifwe had anything  else (we  got umbrellas from the car) and took it away. You then showed us how far over our space  we were and  ushered  us into your office and  asked  us to sign your book.

Motti, the moment after I handed over three generations of silver on trust without a receipt in a warehouse, was NOT the moment to ask us for a final recommendation. We wrote and signed something not really sure we'd ever see our silver again. That being said, three weeks later within a day of the earliest possible delivery date, our lift was unloaded in Jerusalem and our silver, every piece of it including Mom's stuff which was suppose to stay in Teaneck, was delivered. You had wrapped the silver and it was in perfect condition. (Actually you even wrapped our paintings which we took on the plane.)

One final thank you. As you know, we had a "dispute" over one of the appliances with the customs/tax people. There were several  frantic phone calls between the dealer, you and  us. If  we  had  not won the dispute  we were  prepared  to simply  ship the appliance  back  rather  than pay twice its cost in fees and tax.  When  we asked  you if we could ship it back  and  what the cost would be, you told us there would be no charge and that you would take care of it. We assumed that was the end of the matter. Despite this we never once had to deal with the government officials or make a trip to a  government  office.  You did  it all. When the lift arrived,  the appliance  was on it.

There are two points here: Number one; once you picked up the lift in the States we had no further paperwork other than the port fees. The price you quoted us was the price we paid and we had no further expenses or efforts. (We had planned a day to go to Haifa!) Number 2; the issue of the appliance was not your fight. You were totally unaware of it in fact. But you went to bat for us, you tried to accommodate us, and even_ your winning is not what we appreciate: it's the efforts you made above and beyond on our behalf.

Motty you were right: you treated us and our belongings like your own. Add two more people who totally depended upon you and who think the world of you. Your service was A­ l, but more important so is you! Thank you for everything.

I would like to thank you for the amazing service your company provided me

Dolphin Express Inc.

Dear Dina,

I would like to thank you for the amazing service your company provided me, shipping my entire life from New York to Israel. As an Olah Chadasha, it is very important for me to have all my things here with me in Israel, so that I can start a new life here with everything I need.

Your excellent service and helpfulness made this difficult task of shipping my whole life to Israel seem almost easy. Everything was done in a timely fashion and most importantly - all my goods arrived to Israel in the same condition as they were when I shipped them from New York. This was extremely important to me since my studio is made up of highly delicate, electronic equipment.

I want to give you my deepest and most sincere thanks and appreciation for the amazing work you and your company have done, to make this move to Israel easy and simple.

Thank You!