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Shobita Raghu

Bengaluru Karnataka , 560010


My sessions with Shobita were really good, it has helped me to find my passion. We stick to our jobs even though we don’t like , these sessions teach you to “do what you like “ , start with what makes you happy since everyday is a struggle. If you are not happy with your work switch to something else which makes you happy , initial steps are always difficult but it’s till we adapt to a new change. So that your way of thinking becomes big and you will find a solution. It teaches you about self importance and makes your life happy ????


I knew my goals in life. What I wanted was clear to me, but how to achieve it , wasn't. I just came across Shobita's blog once and thought of giving it a try! And I am glad I did it. She did make it simple and came out with a workable plan with me. Made me realize that consistency and taking small steps each day is more important to achieve your end results. Also it's very essential to appreciate ourselves for the efforts rather than just pondering over the negatives. Her approach was very supportive and encouraging . Thank you Shobitha for those wonderful sessions!