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Edmonton Shockwave Therapy Centre

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Edmonton AB , T6X 1M5
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Shockwave gave my body a boost and allowed my shoulder to heal faster than I was expecting!

Shockwave gave my body a boost and allowed my shoulder to heal faster than I was expecting! I also love how long the results last, so I can keep working worry free.

Shockwave treatment is the miracle I was looking for.

Shockwave treatment is the miracle I was looking for. I don't say that lightly. I couldn't sleep on my shoulder for over a year, the chronic pain kept me from boxing and made working at my desk agony. The Doctors gave me many pain killers cortisone shots and considered surgery, I tried IMS, acupuncture and everything I could find. I was at the end of the line with my shoulder having tried everything out there and spending an also painful amount of money on trying to improve mobility and reduce the pain. I called and booked a shockwave appointment with Gary. Gary was great and listened to my concerns. Having been to countless physical therapy places it wasn't my first bbq explaining my pain and the last thing I needed was 10 more exercises to do. Gary understood that totally and was optimistic about being able to help me. Shockwave was like magic after the first treatment I experienced incredible relief. After 3 treatments I can sleep on my left side, never mind I started boxing again. If you have chronic pain anywhere I would strongly suggest you try shockwave therapy, it's truly amazing and Remedial Wellness makes it affordable as well. Suffer no more, really!

1 appointment in and I already feel 10 times better.

I have had endless and increasing back pain/spasms for my entire adult life. I have sought out every kind of therapist and doctor I could find for it and no one had been able to figure out why a guy in his late 20's had so many issues. Walked into Remedial because of a glowing review I had heard and they had me figured out in 5 mins. 1 appointment in and I already feel 10 times better. Simply amazing level of skill! Thank you!

Shockwave Therapy - Frozen Shoulder

worked Great on my frozen shoulder - after 18 months of pain I can now move my arm pain free !

Shockwave Therapy - Knees and ankles

I suffer from pain and swelling in both knees and ankles, for a number of years I have been treated with meds that mask but don't cure and destroyed the lining of my GI tract. This past year I have not been able to take the meds or walk very much. I saw Uran for 4 treatments starting in Sept and ending Oct 8 2017; the first treatment my wife drove the car there and I drove home virtually pain free, subsequent visits improved my health in numerous additional ways, as well especially being able to walk without cane or crutches. It has been almost 6 weeks and I was instructed to return if necessary I do not at the present need any more treatments and the mobility is still improving. Thanks Uran

Shockwave Therapy - Piriformis problem

After years of suffering problems with my piriformis I saw Uran for Shockwave Therapy treatment. I used to experience pain for years every time I ran. I tried every other possible treatment out there and thought I would just have to learn to live with the pain. As a last resort I went to see Uran and am now happy to say that I can run completely pain free!

Shockwave Therapy - Painless and no down time

Uran was knowledgable and knew exactly what needed to be done. The appointment was quick and painless with no down time! I would (and have done) do shock wave for literally any pain or injury I have.

Shockwave Therapy - Happy Client

Uran is a very knowledgable, thorough and insightful therapist. He consistently takes dime to assess my condition, explain what the issue is and how he is going to treat it. I have never let feeling rushed through or without all of my questions being asked!

Shockwave Therapy - Absolutely NOBODY knew how to remedy my situation

Absolutely NOBODY knew how to remedy my situation, until I met Uran. He was very professional and knew exactly what treatment was needed and my situation was resolved in a matter of weeks. The shock-wave treatments were excellent, and resolved my problems quickly. I cannot recommend Uran and the shock-wave treatments enough!

Shockwave Therapy - Plantar Fasciitis

I have had shockwave for hip/knee pain and for plantar fasciitis. It helped me get back into running and I feel great. I still have some sore days but recovery is much much quicker.

Shockwave Therapy - MCL injury

Shockwave has consistently shortened my healing time from soccer injuries. In the past, Uran has been able to heal the start of both Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. Most recently, Uran was able to help speed healing time with my torn MCL, PCL and ACL knee ligaments and torn hamstring with great success. I highly recommend it for both new and chronic injuries (with scar tissue).

Shockwave Therapy - Neck Pain

I have seen Uran for a number of different issues and all I can say is he is amazing!! I have a neck issue that relates back to a car accident 26 years ago. He helped me immensely but when he felt he could do no more for my neck he arranged for me to see a Chiropractor and I have been continuing treatments there. Uran is very knowledgeable and his shock wave treatments work miracles. Other than my neck, all other issues he treated me for were resolved in most cases with only one treatment!

Shockwave Therapy - Foot Pain

Uran provided very professional service and this treatment resolved my foot problems and I can finally walk the golf course pain free!

Shockwave Therapy - Back Pain

I had cronic back pain due to pregnancy and after 3 secion of shockwave therapy i feel 100% better and never had pain since then. Uran is amazing and i highly recommend him to everyone.

Shock wave is very specifick treatment

Shock wave is very specifick treatment , straight to the point when is some problem . The best innovation for body treatment in this century !!!! Thanks for Uran he can share and help many people ! 

Nothing else has helped to any noticeable extent.

Very professional team of staff. Have had from good to great results on all treated areas. Nothing else has helped to any noticeable extent.

I am a very active older athlete and he keeps me going.

I value Mr. Berisha's ability to quickly diagnose the injury or strain and rely on his suggested treatments. I am a very active older athlete and he keeps me going.

Uran successfully treated my condition in the first treatment.

Uran successfully treated my condition in the first treatment. I continued seeing him for some maintenance treatments which have been approximately every 4 months.

Shockwave Therapy - Hip Pain

Several years ago I injured my hip and it got progressively worse as time went on. It got to the point where I was walking with a constant limp (and corresponding pain). While visiting in Edmonton, I was able to get into the clinic for two Shock Wave treatments. I can't believe the difference! For the first time in about 4 years, I was pain free and I no longer had a limp. It was actually kind of a weird sensation to walk normally again. I don't understand why this kind of therapy is not more widely known, but I'm a believer and will use it again if required.

Shockwave Therapy - Golfer's Elbow

The treatment improved my golfer's elbow noticeable within 2 days. Within 2 weeks I had no pain. Prior to this treatments I had Physiotherapy, acupuncture, cortizone injections over a 12 month period. Shockwave achieved in 2 weeks what other treatments did not in 12 months. Highly recommended.

Shockwave Therapy - Uran changed my life

Uran changed my life. This is a most sincere remark. When you are living with pain that after you have sources many Dr's and treatments (and expensive ones) for many months and you get no relief or even answers, its debilitating mentally as well. I am deeply grateful for not only the Shockwave Therapy Treatments that fixed what many cortisone shots could not - in only 6 weeks and 4 - 5 treatments ( at an affordable cost) but for Uran's support, encouragement, follow-up and professionalism. I will go Uran in the future for any injury and recommend him highly.

I've told other who experience pain to try it out too.

I was recommend to Uran from a mutual friend. This system made me feel capable again. Although I'm not quite ready to be exercising a 100% yet I atleast able to move. I've told other who experience pain to try it out too. 

Shockwave Therapy - Improved Quality of life

My quality of life has returned following 3 sessions of SWT. I am now able to walk all day without discomfort. I will now be able to walk the golf course. My dr. was doubtful I would be helped and wanted to do a cortisone shot. I am very glad I chose an alternative treatment.

ease of accessing treatment, appointment on time also make this the first stop.

Knowledge of body mechanisms will encourange me to return should I have another injury, ease of accessing treatment, appointment on time also make this the first stop. 

Shockwave Therapy - Sceptical to believer

I was sceptical of shockwave therapy, as I had only done traditional physiotherapist treatment up to this point. I am was shocked with the progress that I saw even after 1 treatment, and would recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from pain

Uran was awesome and I recommend him to everyone I know

Uran was awesome and I recommend him to everyone I know - very professional, knowledgeable and caring! 

Shockwave Therapy - more effective than physiotherapy

Shockwave therapy is an amazing treatment that is more effective than any other form of physiotherapy. I have chronic shoulder issues that I have tried to resolve utilizing other treatment methods. It is only Shockwave therapy that was the most effective. The results from treatments happen immediately with limited sessions required to achieve satisfaction.

I would not have believed what a difference the SWT made

I would not have believed what a difference the SWT made had I not experienced the results myself. I thank Uran for his expertise and knowledge he shares which brought me back to having a pain free quality of life again. I saw immediate improvement after only the first treatment!! I have recommended him and this type of treatment to my family and friends. 

not sure what to write at this moment.

not sure what to write at this moment. will have to think about it.

Shockwave Therapy - SI joint problems

I had SI joint problems and tried everything from physio, chiropractic. It was suggested from my yoga instructor to see Uran for shock wave. After 3 treatments my pain was totally gone, it was amazing

Fantastic staff

Fantastic staff, Uran was awesome - I have referred 3 others so far and they are all so happy to have been looked after

Shockwave Therapy - Chronic Lower Back Pain

I strongly believe in shock wave. I have had chronic back pain due to all the driving I do with my job. With regular massage and proper exercise - I am able to continue with all activities now.

Shockwave Therapy - IT Band

Pain in my knee stemming from my hip/IT band meant my attempts to run a 1:45 half-marathon were out of reach. It became so bad I couldn't run any longer than 40 minutes. After 5 years of trying physiotherapy, acupuncture, kinesiology tape, Active Release Therapy, and endless stretching, I was running out of options. A friend recommended Shockwave Therapy with Uran and I decided to try it (what did I have to lose?). After one treatment I was able to run longer pain-free than I had in months. After the full three treatments I am back to training for my half-marathons and feel stronger than ever. Uran knows what he is doing and has an impressive understanding of the human body. I highly recommend Shockwave to anyone who is experiencing an injury or pain.

Shockwave Therapy - Lower Back Pain

Excellent. Totally resolved after 3 treatments.

Shockwave Therapy - Shoulders and Legs

As a young teenager, I sustained a Class 2 AC shoulder separation injury on my left side. At the time, I believed that I bounced back quickly. In reality, I rushed my recovery, did not rehab the injury properly and returned to play far too soon. After years of sport, my body began to feel the impact of the injury from years before. At first, my range of motion slowly began to decrease over time. The onset of pain followed later. It never ached constantly; however, after bouts of intense activity or during weather change the pain was so intense that I could not even lift my arm to shoulder level. When I received shockwave therapy, it was a relatively pain-free 15 minute treatment. As soon as I left I noticed a difference in range of motion. I was able to get my treatment over a short lunch break and return to work immediately afterward. This has been a remarkable alternative to what would have been surgery for me. My painful acute flare-ups are less frequent and less intense - after only one treatment. I do plan to complete the 3 treatment protocol as I expect nothing but good results rehabilitating this old injury with Uran. He has an exceptional skill set in the field that cannot be taught and he knows exactly which areas to treat to produce the best possible result. I am a huge advocate for shockwave therapy - it truly is the treatment of the future! 

Shockwave Therapy - Lower Back Pain

"I've always had minor back issues, but they turned into intense back pain a few months ago. I booked in with Uran initially to get massage therapy but we convinced me to give Shockwave a try, and I am so glad that I did! With only a few treatments, I no longer feel any pain and also have full range of motion. I am so grateful to Uran for curing all of my ailments so quickly!" 

Shockwave Therapy - Ganglion Cyst

"As a registered Massage Therapist, my hands are my tools and also my most valuable asset so when I started having pain in my Left hand and a ganglion cyst developed I was worried and upset. After trying all sorts of therapy including massage, chiropractic and acupuncture, I finally tried Shockwave with Uran.Needless to say, I am happy with the results and the huge bump on my hand has disappeared! I will recommend this treatment without hesitation. Thank you Uran!"

Shockwave Therapy - Back and Shoulders

I had shockwave therapy with Uran twice with a few sections each time during 2012-2013. I found it was very helpful for releasing the tension on my back particularly on both sides of my shoulders as I was stiff on that area. Uran is an excellent, kind and caring therapist, who is enthusiastic about what he is doing and he also cares about his clients, I am grateful for his help and am happy with the results of his treatments.

Shockwave Therapy - Shoulders and Legs

I first met Uran when I was having problems with frozen shoulders – the pain was intense and my rangeof movement was limited. Immediately after the first Shock Wave Treatment I felt relief and myrange of movement was greatly improved.After the third treatment 90% of the pain is gone, and allof my range of movement has been restored. I was so impressed with the Shock Wave Treatment thatwhen I had a similar injury to my legs I again met with Uran and found relief almost immediately.I have recommended Uran to several of my friends without hesitation, the treatments are (almost) painless, and the results speak for themselves. On top of this, Uran is very professional, and explainsexactly what he is trying to accomplish at every point of the treatment. I have been for acupuncture as well as physiotherapy and neither of these could beat the effectivenessand the immediate results of the Shock Wave Therapy. And the fact that Uran takes clients on evenings and week-ends is an added bonus!

Shockwave Therapy - Knee

My doctor had advised that there really wasn't much that could be done for my knee - severe arthritis. I was referred ro Gary at Remedial, and the pain was mostly gone after 3 treatments. I did a 4 th treatment as I had a trip coming up. I had no pain after that one, and I was able to walk an average of 16,000 steps on my trip. The effectiveness of this treatment is quite unbelievable. I decided not to have the prescribed cortisone shot - had this treatment instead. Shockwave therapy also cured my plantar fasciitis two times over the last 15 years. I am so glad I was referred to this group - I have my mobility back and am pain free. It is expensive but is worth the price.

Shockwave Therapy - Chronic Headache and Neck Pain

I 'm suffering from headache and neck and shoulder pain for more then two years. I have tried many treatments like physio, acupuncture and massage but non of them really worked. Shock wave therapy was mine last hope. After a few sessions of shock wave therapy, I have noticed a significant improvement of my condition. I was so happy about it. I'm positive that eventually I will get back to normal life by continuing the treatment and following Uran's advices about proper exercises and life style.

Shockwave Therapy - Back Pain

Thank you so much for fixing me! I am feeling so much better.I was so desperate to find a solution for my pain, especially after trying Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture etc…and nothing was working! I did not believe on Shockwave Therapy at first, but now I do! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything to me, you are amazing!Thank you for all the relief you have given me during the treatments.

You deserve a gold star!

Shockwave Therapy - Shoulder

I would like to begin to explain my first experience with Uran Berisha, Shockwave Therapist as it was full of skepticism and doubt.It seems like forever that I have believed with conviction that our bodies are programmed and designed to want to heal themselves. For a myriad of reasons the control our bodies need is lost. I also believe with conviction that all is not lost; we just need a way to give control back to our bodies. Upon meeting Uran for the first time, I quickly realized his professional compassion and that his shockwave therapy would guide my body back towards control to heal itself. Uran's knowledge of shockwave therapy and its tools were quite obvious and very easy to understand and my skepticism and doubts were quickly put to rest. I explained to Uran an accident that I had about 9 years ago. I fell off a step ladder and landed on my elbow, and the result was that my doctor operated on my shoulder. So to make a long story short, I have been suffering with chronic pain shooting up my bicep, all the way to the front of my shoulder, ever since the operation. My doctor explained that there were no guarantees with the shoulder operation so I just assumed it was something I was going to have to put up with. Upon my explanation to Uran, he asked if anyone had ever looked at my elbow and my response was no. Uran proceeded with his shockwave treatment to my elbow, forearm, bicep and then to my shoulder. In 3 visits, my chronic pain did not appear to be going away and he assured me that I should stop treatment and give my body time to take back control. That was in December 2013. I had one more visit after the 3 and now it is March 2014 and Uran was totally right on! My elbow and shoulder chronic pain is just about gone now. So thanks to Uran, approximately 6 months has passed after being in chronic pain for 9 years; his diagnosis and shockwave treatment has given back control to my body and my quality of life has improved ten fold. I am a professional Fitness and Nutrition Lifestyle Coach; my wife and I run a successful business helping people to give back control to their bodies, through nutrition and guided fitness programs. I recommend all my existing clients and new clients coming on, that if they have any issues with pain, to pay Uran a visit. Discover what I have discovered in that his main purpose, the journey he has chosen is to give your body back control to heal itself.

Shockwave Therapy - Shoulders

"Being very active in contact sports as a younger man and having a physical career throughout, I sustained injuries every now and then. I recently came to realize that these injuries had been cumulative. Significant loss in range of motion occurred in my shoulders and I began experiencing pain at work and at night. I tried many therapies, all having a positive effect but only for a short duration. Uran introduced me to Shockwave Therapy and I followed his treatment protocol - 3 sessions, 1x/week and then a follow-up visit after 4-6 weeks. Shockwave therapy results have been nothing short of AMAZING! I am now pain-free - NO DRUGS! I have full range of motion - NO SURGERY! And the effects have been LONG LASTING. I recommend Uran and Shockwave Therapy and have done so for my family and friends. Those who have undergone this therapy have had positive results.

Shockwave Therapy - don't wait, all you have to lose is the pain!"

Shockwave Therapy - Knees

It is now six months since I had my first shockwave treatment. It was in utter disbelief that I got off the table after the first treatment and stood WITH NO PAIN!! In all, I had six treatments, three focusing mainly on my lower back and three more focussing on my knees. Chronic back pain, a major part of my life since 1982, is significantly reduced. I stand and walk, equally balanced on both feet. Eighteen months ago, I had a full knee replacement on my left knee with the right knee scheduled for surgery a few months later. As time went by, I decided I would pursue an alternative treatment to the surgery for the right knee. Now, the pain in both knees has appreciably declined and the mobility my left knee has increased. Several times daily, I stop what I am doing and revel in the fact of the reduced pain.Life is much more enjoyable! Thank you, Uran, for allowing me to participate in my daily physical activities with much more ease. As an aside, I increased my walking routine in California back to the time and distance it was before I had the knee replacement surgery. Several of the other "regular" walkers commented on how much improvement they saw even as compared to before the surgery. Considering I will turn 70 in a few days, I appreciated the comments! If any client ever has any questions or anyone want just to talk with someone who has been there, if you would contact me with their contact information, I will be in touch or I could meet them at The Derrick.