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MCTA Shooting Range and School

Flat Top Road
Picayune , 39466

Carbone classes

I just finished my second class (Basic Carbine, Basic Gunfighter)at MCTA with Trea as my instructor. I can’t say enough good things about him and the classes. I learned quite a bit from him. He was well versed in all things carbine and a lot of fun to be around. He made sure I understood every aspect he was covering and followed up after the classes to see if I had any questions. Highly recommended classes!

I want to thank you for phenomenal AK class

I have attended classes with Dan Brokos, Frank Proctor, VATA group, Don Edwards, Kyle Defoor, Mike Green, and so on and so forth. Also, Im competing in The Tactical Games. Bottom-line, I have pretty good prospective what is out there in civilian shooting instruction world. Joe's class was equally great and in many aspects exceeded quality of mentioned classes. Curriculum, knowledge, methodology and attention to details was amazing. I'm looking forward to attend other classes with Joe and MCTA.

Basic Gunfighter

I had a great day learning in the Basic Gunfighter class. Our instructor, Trea, was personable and very well versed in the subject matter. He’s also a really cool guy to talk with.

Custom shooting in and around vehicles

Mike is an enthusiastic instructor who customized a day of training for me to focus on responding to being ambushed while on patrol in a police car. The shooting drills we did could one day save my life and really opened my eyes to some dynamic tactics. I can't wait to train at MCTA again. Thanks!

Tactical Teachers Training

Spent the day with Mike, Frank, John, and Chris in the Tactical Teacher Training. Amazing!!! Best thing I've done as far as teacher training! Great atmosphere and great guys! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

MCTA is grade A!

Finally made my way here. Found my new home. MCTA is the best. Everyone is incredibly friendly and it’s even my two young daughters love MCTA and the staff. Won’t go anywhere else now. 10+ Stars!

Basic Gunfighter

I took the Basic Gunfighter course with Frank as my instructor and experienced a marked increase in my weapons handling proficiency. Frank is friendly, knowledgeable, and effective as an instructor. I will return to take the Gunfighter 101 and Gunfighter Advanced courses. I would recommend this series to anyone interested in taking their skills to the next level.

Great Facility

MCTA is professionally ran and has extremely knowledgeable instructors. They will take your shooting to the next level.

Best Range & School in the Coast

Best rifle range ever! You don’t have to transport your gear long distances. 100,200 and member only 300yard rifle ranges with gongs. Multiple pistol and close quarter training areas as well. Not to mention qualified staff and educators for all your needs or interests. Friendly environment!

Went to Warrior Weekend 2018 and learned a lot.

Went to the 2018 Warrior Weekend and learned a lot. Mike and his staff were great, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn and wants to have a better chance of survival. I had to leave early due to a 9 hour drive home but will be making time to come down for more events. Thanks again Mike and keep up the good work. P.S. Uncle Bill's story time is still giving me nightmares. 

MCTA provides the best of the best instruction!

I've been a Law Enforcement Officer for 18 years at the local and state level and served on tactical teams for 16 of those years. I have trained with and been trained by instructors from all over the world. MCTA provides the best of the best instruction! The techniques and tactics that I've been exposed to by Instructor Mike Honkala have proven to be far ahead of what I have seen anywhere else. Mike is a great instructorwho ensures a very safe training environment, zero wasted time, and keeps things fun and interesting, no matter how long the course is. Folks in Mississippi are very fortunate that such a great facility and great Instructor are right here within driving distance. I look forward to many more classes with Mike and the great folks who come to train at MCTA!


I train with mike 4x per year, and learn something of great value every training session.  As an NRA Instructor, I gain valuable skills I can translate to my students.  Highly recommended.

Team Leader

"This is the third time that we have trained with Mike and the MCTA crew. They never disappoint. Our team has grown over time and as we add new members, they are seamlessly integrated into our training. Mike is able to take the extra time with them while still pushing us as a team to excellence.I recommend the MCTA crew and facility without reservation and hope we can train with them for years to come.  Bob - Team leader"

MCTA Instructor Mike Honkala will teach you a million lifesaving lessons

If you have a million rounds of ammo to expend, MCTA Instructor Mike Honkala will teach you a million lifesaving lessons. The motto "Shooting Evolved" is just that; taking the best of yesterday and combining todays highspeed low drag practices, making you the best, and finding the warrior within. You may find better instruction, personally I don’t know where.

Best range in the area

Best range in the area, I've been going here for over a year. For basic rifle and pistol shooting the range is great, everyone I have encountered on theses ranges were respectful and safe. My daughter is becoming a good shooter from being at this range. We haven't taken one of their courses but Tom and Mike both are very nice and helpful guys at the range.

MCTA allowed me to train as hard as I want

I first met this range when a friend told me that it was well worth the drive. I'm not a stagnant deer hunter nor am I a competion shooter. However, the layout, depth, and control allowed me to train as hard as I wanted to without fear of endangering others or myself. Now, everytime I visit Louisiana or Mississippi I stop by the range for a little more advanced work that I cannot or don't feel safe doing at other ranges.

Great personalized training

"Thanks so much for the great personalized training our security team received this past weekend. Every team member came away impressed with the new tactics we learned and the new skills we practiced. Our principal, after attending one of our sessions, had his eyes opened and was calling me early this morning excited about the changes that he was personally pursuing. These are changes that we have been recommending, but were unable to get enacted. In short, you and your staff did a great job with our training and in my opinion went above and beyond to get the job done. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend you and your staff to anyone who does what we do in the world of security and personal protection. Please feel free to use this endorsement as you see fit.........Bob, Team Leader"

The classes at MCTA are AWESOME!!

“Three years ago when I first came, we started with the basic safety and function of the weapon. We went step by step covering everything. We went from tactical reloading to emergency reloading. As the classes progressed we learned the proper stance and grip for the weapon. We also learned the alterative shooting grip, the pros and cons of it, and when to employ it. As we continued we learned shooting, moving and how to properly used cover. We also learned how to shoot, move and communicate as a team. We learned how to reload as we were moving and how to cover someone if they were reloading. We covered alterative shooting positions as well, because you will not always be in the perfect position or textbook stances to take your shot. The classes at MCTA are amazing. You not only learn the proper way to shoot, but how to work the weapon. From shooting with the proper stance to running and gunning to mid range shooting, MCTA has you covered, not matter what you want to learn”.

Training with MCTA has been a life-changing experience

“This organization exudes professionalism and integrity, while demonstrating an uncanny level of dedication to their clients.  They work with you, and adapt their unique methodology to suit your operational and training demands.  If they cannot make you a better shooter, no one can.  The skills, knowledge, and insight that they have to offer cannot be found anywhere else.  Because of what I have learned from MCTA, I now have the ability and the confidence to go where I could not go, and do what I could not do before”.