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MCTA Shooting Range and School

Flat Top Road
Picayune , 39466

Church Security Agent Training

Most all of our Security Agents plates are full. Not only serving at Church in numerous areas, but also working men with family's. With that said, calling MCTA and being able to calendar a two day course within minutes is the way to go. Our team had a full day at the range and then came to our Church for scenario training the next day. For a security team of ten people, we needed skilled instructors to work with our team. We are fully supported by MCTA and their indoor and outdoor range facility's for continued training and also training for new recruits. MCTA has all the resources for any type training you need!

MCTA Excellent Training

MCTA training is excellent, the class format is well developed, the instructors are highly qualified. At the end of the day you will have a much improved shooting skill set, new ideas to ponder, and had a fun time achieving it.
Could go on and on, but; bottom line, take the classes your interested in , you will not regret it!

Best facility ever

Amazing people awesome place and definitely one of the best experiences ever highly recommended

Great training

Trea did a great job. There were at least three things that made the day of training completely worth it. Great fun and great learning.

The Best Firearms and Tactical Training Available

MCTA provides the best firearms and tactics training available in Louisiana and Mississippi. If you are serious about firearms training and want to learn from the best in the defense industry, MCTA is the school you want to attend. After my first class with Mike at MCTA, I immediately devoted the remaining training budget I had for that year to taking additional courses from the instructors at MCTA.

The instructor to student ratio is perfect. The classes are small and each student has the opportunity for one-on-one training with the instructor cadre. The instructor cadre are all very experienced and have lived the principles they are teaching to the class. It is because of the extremely experienced instructors that MCTA provides a very safe training environment to learn firearms training for both beginners and advanced students. The instructors are also very humble, kind, and patient with the classes they are teaching.

The curriculum that MCTA offers is enormous. Classes can range from “Beginner Pistol” and “Concealed Handgun Permit Training” to advanced courses such as “Night Fighter” and “Vehicle Defense.” Usually, a shooter has to travel the country looking for different classes like these, but MCTA has brought all of these classes to one location with a phenomenal instructor staff to teach the curriculum.

MCTA offers the highest quality firearms training, the most skilled and experienced instructors, the safest learning environment, and all for a cost that an average shooter can afford. Again, if you are serious regarding your personal safety or the safety of your family, then MCTA is the place you need to train.

Everything you could ask for

Best range I could imagine. It’s well maintained and there’s plenty of space. Never had to wait for a bay to train in. Always extra target stands and barricades to play with. Fair pricing for membership and classes. I’ve done both group and private classes with Bill and Mike and learned a lot. Always felt welcome by staff and other members. If you’re serious about training, or simply want a safe, relaxed place to plink this place is for you.

Training with no Punches Pulled

We signed on for Mike's Enhanced Concealed Carry class. It was not your usual "do the minimum, get the card" kind of class.
I am a retired Corp Trainer so I know what goes on in some classes. Mike taught us how to survive with the weapon at hand. Marksmanship, Safety, Engagement and answered any questions we had. It was a long tough day but I really feel we are better all around for the experience. The Qualifying Round was Multiple timed shots from multiple distances including moving while reloading. Anything that happened to our weapon we had to deal with from having been taught during the course. We started at 21ft where everyone qualifies. We finished at 25 yards. I had to reload 5 times under the clock. Do I feel I am a better, safer shot and more in tune with my weapon because of Mike's Course? Hell Yes!!

“Not in Kansas anymore “

Spent a half day with Mike Honkala and he let me peek behind his curtain of training secrets. It’s clear he is a Wiz and showed me things aren’t OZ they would seem when it comes to real world Defense and training. He opened my eyes to different training methods if I could I’d give him a I would. Frank Russo fixed a self inflicted issue with my pistol and treated me like one of the guild (lollipop...stretching now). I’ll be back and bring others !
James Woodall

Eye opening

8/11/20 I spent half a day this morning with Mike Honkala and he gave me a peek behind his curtain of special training methods and my eyes were truly opened to a different philosophy of shooting and training than I have been a part of before. He broke down every stage of the shooting process tailored specifically for me and showed me better, more efficient and practical ways to shoot more effectively. He even got Frank Russo to stop on his way out and fix my misfunctioning pistol(bad “drop in” trigger install on my part). Everyone was super friendly, patient and made me feel totally welcome. I’ll be back and bring more with me. Thanks Mike for beginning my shooting transformation.
James Woodall
Saltillo, MS

Advanced Handgun

I took Advanced Handgun last weekend, which was taught by Bill C. BIll was a total professional, and ran a fast paced, informative class, with every shooter receiving individual attention as necessary. I enjoyed the educational courses of fire on barricades very much. He also accommodated the pouring rain as much as possible, still keeping everything moving. I totally recommend Bill's Advanced Handgun class.

Basic Carbine and Basic Gunfighter

In the last 30 days I have attended Basic Carbine and Basic Gunfighter taught by Bill and Frank. They were very patient, and seemed very invested in making sure that the students understood and retained the course of instruction. My carbine shooting/manipulation has greatly improved as a result. I will certainly attend more classes at MCTA.

Basic Gunfighter July 11, 2020

Frank and "Uncle" Bill were no-nonsense get it done instructors. My son and I learned a ton and enjoyed our experience. We are excited to get back there for further training.

Enhanced Concealed Carry

Had an awesome day out on the Range. Mike and Frank are awesome instructors. I learned a lot. These guys are top professionals. Money well spent. I will be going back for future classes. Thanks again Mike and Frank.

Gunfighter Intro & 101; worth every penny

Our society today accepts mediocrity as the norm and rewards it.
This place is not normal! I took these classes back to back. I took the intro class with Trea who was a very good teacher, who was insightful and helped us refresh the basics (reloads, opposite hand shooting with both pistol and rifle, malfunction drills, transitions and so forth). Mike (the boss) waltzed in a few times to basically explain to us that whatever we were taught all these years was basically obsolete. He made us take our pistols and shoot with three fingers. Trea and another instructor (also called Mike) were very good teachers. Since I was pleased with the class and knew that the follow up class was going to be two weeks later I sought to sign up for the other one too. I went to the range the following week to practice what I was taught by Trea and Mike (malfunction drills, transitions) and signed up there and then. This range, for those who don't know, is not a place where you just stand in a stall, shoot at targets and go home. You can basically do anything, as long as you are serious and not dangerous. You can pretend to make entries in houses using barrels, walk up to the target while shooting and so forth.
The following week is when the Gunfighter 101 class was scheduled. It was taught by Mike (the boss) and Mike (police officer from Picayune) I showed up 5 minutes late and we were up and running by 8:10. The class lasted until 6:30/40. Neither of these classes were from 8-4 as advertised on the site. You literally get more bang for your buck. We started the class like the first class. Shooting a few rounds at 25 yards as we had done on the first class. The class then took off to doing drills such as clearing rooms, shooting while moving on multiple targets and the like. The class was fast paced. I had never learned about the code words we now had to use in order to allow our team-mates to move (set/moving/move) which we had to scream; which makes sense since there is gunfire. The class was intense and we did shoot a lot of rounds (likely around 800 rounds). We were shown how to shoot if we were attacked while in a vehicle, shooting from behind a car (made a couple of holes in the roof). One exercise consisted of "sniping" at a steel target through holes. This was a rather interesting exercise which was timed. Our last exercises involved being attacked in a truck and patrolling. These exercises required us to coordinate with other team-mates while providing fire support for our team-mates while retreating.
By the end of the day you will know 10 times more about yourself, your firearms and your team-mates and how to deal with a gunfight. Mike and Mike were great, both were very professional, provided excellent information and training. I suggest that you come to these classes with someone you could depend on if one day you ever had to use the skills you learned at MCTA. The training received was worth every penny.
Thank you and God bless.

Basic Gun Fighter June 2020

As expected from the best, this was a true learning environment with professional instruction on pistol and rifle skills. The use of fundamental skills to demonstrate the basic problem solving techniques to improve muscle memory was supplemented with actual live fire and instructor experiences. I walked away with critical new skills, developmental practice sets and the self-confidence to exceed my goals and expectations. I gained a NEW superior method of pistol draw, increased safety awareness and a several transition methods between my pistol to AR. AND, definitely the best training bang for the buck, excuse the pun.

Gunfighter intro

Trea was my instructor for the day. He was great very patient and very knowledgeable. Mike and Mike also helped with training through out the day. I feel that I became a better shooter by the end of the day thank to these three guys. I took alot of skillsd from them to bring home and the range to practice. Can wait till the next training course. Thanks again Trea, Mike, and Mike

Advanced Carbine

I have been training at MCTA since day one. Thanks to Mike for consistently helping me get my skill set to the next level and for putting together a stellar group of instructors. Just completed the Advanced Carbine Course. Bill and Joe did an exceptional job of conveying superior weapons manipulation, problem solving, movement, and tactical marksmanship. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to take advantage of the top level training available at MCTA whether you're new to the firearms world or have been around for a while. Sign up for a class. You won't be disappointed!

Carbone classes

I just finished my second class (Basic Carbine, Basic Gunfighter)at MCTA with Trea as my instructor. I can’t say enough good things about him and the classes. I learned quite a bit from him. He was well versed in all things carbine and a lot of fun to be around. He made sure I understood every aspect he was covering and followed up after the classes to see if I had any questions. Highly recommended classes!

I want to thank you for phenomenal AK class

I have attended classes with Dan Brokos, Frank Proctor, VATA group, Don Edwards, Kyle Defoor, Mike Green, and so on and so forth. Also, Im competing in The Tactical Games. Bottom-line, I have pretty good prospective what is out there in civilian shooting instruction world. Joe's class was equally great and in many aspects exceeded quality of mentioned classes. Curriculum, knowledge, methodology and attention to details was amazing.

I'm looking forward to attend other classes with Joe and MCTA.

Basic Gunfighter

I had a great day learning in the Basic Gunfighter class. Our instructor, Trea, was personable and very well versed in the subject matter. He’s also a really cool guy to talk with.

Custom shooting in and around vehicles

Mike is an enthusiastic instructor who customized a day of training for me to focus on responding to being ambushed while on patrol in a police car. The shooting drills we did could one day save my life and really opened my eyes to some dynamic tactics. I can't wait to train at MCTA again. Thanks!

Tactical Teachers Training

Spent the day with Mike, Frank, John, and Chris in the Tactical Teacher Training. Amazing!!! Best thing I've done as far as teacher training! Great atmosphere and great guys! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

MCTA is grade A!

Finally made my way here. Found my new home. MCTA is the best. Everyone is incredibly friendly and it’s even my two young daughters love MCTA and the staff. Won’t go anywhere else now.
10+ Stars!

Basic Gunfighter

I took the Basic Gunfighter course with Frank as my instructor and experienced a marked increase in my weapons handling proficiency. Frank is friendly, knowledgeable, and effective as an instructor. I will return to take the Gunfighter 101 and Gunfighter Advanced courses. I would recommend this series to anyone interested in taking their skills to the next level.

Great Facility

MCTA is professionally ran and has extremely knowledgeable instructors. They will take your shooting to the next level.

Best Range & School in the Coast

Best rifle range ever! You don’t have to transport your gear long distances. 100,200 and member only 300yard rifle ranges with gongs. Multiple pistol and close quarter training areas as well. Not to mention qualified staff and educators for all your needs or interests. Friendly environment!

Went to Warrior Weekend 2018 and learned a lot.

Went to the 2018 Warrior Weekend and learned a lot. Mike and his staff were great, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn and wants to have a better chance of survival. I had to leave early due to a 9 hour drive home but will be making time to come down for more events. Thanks again Mike and keep up the good work. P.S. Uncle Bill's story time is still giving me nightmares. 

MCTA provides the best of the best instruction!

I've been a Law Enforcement Officer for 18 years at the local and state level and served on tactical teams for 16 of those years. I have trained with and been trained by instructors from all over the world. MCTA provides the best of the best instruction! The techniques and tactics that I've been exposed to by Instructor Mike Honkala have proven to be far ahead of what I have seen anywhere else. Mike is a great instructorwho ensures a very safe training environment, zero wasted time, and keeps things fun and interesting, no matter how long the course is. Folks in Mississippi are very fortunate that such a great facility and great Instructor are right here within driving distance. I look forward to many more classes with Mike and the great folks who come to train at MCTA!


I train with mike 4x per year, and learn something of great value every training session.  As an NRA Instructor, I gain valuable skills I can translate to my students.  Highly recommended.

Team Leader

"This is the third time that we have trained with Mike and the MCTA crew. They never disappoint. Our team has grown over time and as we add new members, they are seamlessly integrated into our training. Mike is able to take the extra time with them while still pushing us as a team to excellence.I recommend the MCTA crew and facility without reservation and hope we can train with them for years to come.  Bob - Team leader"

MCTA Instructor Mike Honkala will teach you a million lifesaving lessons

If you have a million rounds of ammo to expend, MCTA Instructor Mike Honkala will teach you a million lifesaving lessons. The motto "Shooting Evolved" is just that; taking the best of yesterday and combining todays highspeed low drag practices, making you the best, and finding the warrior within. You may find better instruction, personally I don’t know where.

Best range in the area

Best range in the area, I've been going here for over a year. For basic rifle and pistol shooting the range is great, everyone I have encountered on theses ranges were respectful and safe. My daughter is becoming a good shooter from being at this range. We haven't taken one of their courses but Tom and Mike both are very nice and helpful guys at the range.

MCTA allowed me to train as hard as I want

I first met this range when a friend told me that it was well worth the drive. I'm not a stagnant deer hunter nor am I a competion shooter. However, the layout, depth, and control allowed me to train as hard as I wanted to without fear of endangering others or myself. Now, everytime I visit Louisiana or Mississippi I stop by the range for a little more advanced work that I cannot or don't feel safe doing at other ranges.

Great personalized training

"Thanks so much for the great personalized training our security team received this past weekend. Every team member came away impressed with the new tactics we learned and the new skills we practiced. Our principal, after attending one of our sessions, had his eyes opened and was calling me early this morning excited about the changes that he was personally pursuing. These are changes that we have been recommending, but were unable to get enacted. In short, you and your staff did a great job with our training and in my opinion went above and beyond to get the job done. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend you and your staff to anyone who does what we do in the world of security and personal protection. Please feel free to use this endorsement as you see fit.........Bob, Team Leader"

The classes at MCTA are AWESOME!!

“Three years ago when I first came, we started with the basic safety and function of the weapon. We went step by step covering everything. We went from tactical reloading to emergency reloading. As the classes progressed we learned the proper stance and grip for the weapon. We also learned the alterative shooting grip, the pros and cons of it, and when to employ it. As we continued we learned shooting, moving and how to properly used cover. We also learned how to shoot, move and communicate as a team. We learned how to reload as we were moving and how to cover someone if they were reloading. We covered alterative shooting positions as well, because you will not always be in the perfect position or textbook stances to take your shot. The classes at MCTA are amazing. You not only learn the proper way to shoot, but how to work the weapon. From shooting with the proper stance to running and gunning to mid range shooting, MCTA has you covered, not matter what you want to learn”.

Training with MCTA has been a life-changing experience

“This organization exudes professionalism and integrity, while demonstrating an uncanny level of dedication to their clients.  They work with you, and adapt their unique methodology to suit your operational and training demands.  If they cannot make you a better shooter, no one can.  The skills, knowledge, and insight that they have to offer cannot be found anywhere else.  Because of what I have learned from MCTA, I now have the ability and the confidence to go where I could not go, and do what I could not do before”.