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3108 piedmont road, NE
Atlanta GA , 30097
United States Of America

Testimonial #2

At first I was very skeptical of having anyone touch my eyebrows or what little I had of them lol. But I decided I would give this a try because I hate doing makeup and like to keep a natural look. Haja was very professional and super personable. She kept me comfortable during the session and made sure I was happy with the changes we were about to make. She was a perfectionist and made sure my brows looked perfect before I left. I love how they look and am glad I took a chance. Thank you Haja!

Haja is the Best!

I am not someone who invests a lot in my "look" very much, I don't even dye my hair, I barely wear makeup so needless to say when it came to microblading I was extremely nervous. Not only did Haja calm my fears but she had the patience before we started to make sure we got my brows to look the way I hoped they could and that extra attention to detail really helped me to feel confident about the procedure. Haja is extremely professional, the procedure was so easy and painless due to her delicate touch. I love my brows and know when it's time to get them touched up in a couple years I will most certainly go back to her, I feel so much more confident, it is so great to have this natural look thanks to her, I will be back!