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Massage Candle

I immediately ordered “The Cookout” candle just based on the name alone but the Organic ingredients and benefits pulled me in even further. Upon opening the box, I could smell the candle instantly - a sweet but light aroma filled the air - it was very pleasing. When lit, the smell of the candle is not overbearing and personally reminds me of a Summer day or being by the beach. The best part is applying the wax on your skin with the scoop that is provided with your purchase. I never actually thought of using candle wax on my body before until now! I am in love with how the wax brings my skin back to life and remains hydrated and smooth throughout the day. The wax went on with no issues while using the scoop tool.  I did not apply it to my full body; just my hands and arms. It definitely produces a glow. I am very pleased with my purchase from Since ’92 Home & Body and I will continuing supporting this business and its high quality products!


Loved the Candle set! I am very impressed and all the items are high quality. The Laced Leather scent is super sexy and feels beautiful as an oil on the skin as well. I just wish fragrance was tad bit stronger when burning but it's a beautiful and complex scent. I also love that this candle burns so beautifully and evenly. VERY impressed.