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Guy Tem Voice Studio

4220 Fontainebleau Drive
New Orleans Louisiana , 70125
United States

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I very much enjoyed my lessons with Guy. He was very intuitive as to when I was singing correctly and when I wasn't and he made me aware of that in the moment so I could correct myself and become more aware of what was going on with my singing voice. I loved his teaching style which made more complex things seem simple and attainable, and I almost felt as if I were in a martial arts dojo when I was at his lessons. When I get back to New Orleans, I can't wait to take more lessons with him.

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Guy takes your singing seriously, even if you are unsure and confused. You can count on him to help you build trust in your skills and establishing good practicing habits. He’s also quick to adjust his method according to how you feel or how your voice is behaving on a specific day. He will tackle the issue from the side that makes the most sense at any given time. Plus, he speaks Italian!