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WISCONSIN RAPIDS Wisconsin , 54495
United States

Baby soft skin!

I bought the under eye serum and I not only received the eye serum, but also a sample of the cranberry seed oil! I use both of them every night and I wake up with smooth, baby soft skin. It soaks in the skin nicely, unlike a lot of other creams, etc. My fine lines by my eyes are much less noticeable and I just started using it under a week ago. This is much less than other products, because a little bit goes a long way! The owner promptly responded to a few questions I had too. This is a great company with great quality products!

Dry Healthcare Hands

I bought the unscented body lotion at Warren's Cranfest last fall. I work in healthcare and have to be careful of using anything scented at work. Well, I put it in the corner of my desk and hardly ever used it.
Fast forward about 6 months. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all washing our hands and sanitizing all the time. The skin on my hands was dry and cracked. This lotion has made such a huge difference for me!!! My skin is no longer dry and it looks better than it has in a long time! Thank you so much for creating this amazing product!!!

Pain B Gone

I love each the Queen B products I've tried. My absolute favorite is the Pain B Gone. I had both knees replaced and suffered with pain and restless legs. This lotion helped immediately. I continue to use it to treat my symptoms as well as my scars. I've also shared with others who've had similar results.

Extremely Happy!

Best vegan products I have ever used. I’ve tried multiple products for my face and I’m in paradise. My skin is super dry and Queen B has solved my dryness. I love the cranberry facial scrub and the face mist! I highly recommend every product!

Warts B Gone!!!

My teenage son had a group of plantar warts on the bottom of his foot.He started using Cranberry Seed Oil on it at bedtime! And they are now GONE!!!! That little is seed is pretty AmAzInG!!!

Pain B Gone

I've been using this stuff for a few weeks. It has really helped with my hormonal issues that were causing hot flashes, restless legs and headaches. I'm so happy I stumbled on this. I didn't realize the impact being deficient in magnesium can have on our health

Very Happy!

I received a gift basket from Queen B. I liked everything but my favorite is the face lotion. It is light weight and smells so good.

No more bumps!

Cranberry seed oil works wonders! I no longer scratch my arm all the time. The bumps are getting smaller. It really works!! Thank you so much!

Cranberry Seed Oil

I have struggled to heal an open wound on my leg for more than 20 years. All kinds of specialists and dermatologists have looked at it and determined it was a fungus commonly known as "Chinese Rot" that I picked up when traveling abroad. It is notoriously hard to treat. I tried Cranberry Seed Oil with great skepticism. It took only two weeks to heal over my wound and as I am using it the scar is getting less and less noticeable.

Lip balm

Such wonderful Products. Love the feeling after applying this. Also bought Body lotion and hand grime soap, very happy with all of them! Excellent products!

My wrinkles are fading

I might just be nuts, but I put cranberry oil on my wrinkles everyday and I think they're vanishing.

My new face moisturizer

I have officially replaced by daily lotion routine with Cranberry Seed Oil. I have noticed a significant change in the dryness on my legs and face.

Sunburn Relief-No peeling!

I used this on my triple sun burned nose every night and morning and my skin didn't peel and my skin looks and feels great!

Warts are gone!

I've had warts my whole life. I started using cranberry seed oil and for the first time they are all gone!

Healed my sunburn- fast!

Testimonial from FL (Spring Break) ~ I burned the tops of my feet terrible yesterday. Rolled my cranberry oil over them last night and by morning, they were healed. It has also been great on my dry - beach/sandy eye lids each night. Amazing stuff!!

Cold Sore Gone!

I always fight cold sores during the harsh Wisconsin winter months, nothing has been effective. Then I tried Queen B Cranberry Oil twice a day and it eliminated my cold sore in just a couple of days.