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Soleil Beads

elkhorn WI , 53121
United States

Fantastic artist

Hillary's Bead Designs are Absolutely Spectacular and Stunning. I've ordered numerous beads from Hillary in the last few months and I've been totally in LOVE with them ALL!! Hillary is a Fantastic Bead Artist and has also become a wonderful new friend.

Tiny treasures

My soleilbeads - glass and stone - are tiny treasures. Even though the shop provides great pictures, to see them beads in person is always a surprising delight. Beautiful colors and shades. Must say I always love their names too.


hilarys work is exceptional. such beautiful, rich colours , transports you to beautiful sunny climes and happiness

Full of life

I saw Hillary's beads a couple of years ago and fell instantly in love!! Then I had the pleasure of meeting person!! We had lunch and drooled over tons of her creations. Her beads are full of color and life...a little piece of her soul in each one! Amazing!!

One of a kind

These beads are handcrafted and literally one of a kind. Don't waste your money buying those namebrands that have a million identical options when you can have a one of a kind gem like these!

Special Gift

Hillary has a special gift...she creates little glass masterpieces, they can make you dream, they color your life, they are something great.......Good Job Hillary, you deserve the best :-)

29 and counting

I am from Malaysia and I have purchased a total of 29 beads since January this year from Hillary (waiting for 5 to arrive) and I love her beads and can't help coming back for more!


I have some of Hillary's first beads she ever made, and I treasure them. I love getting them all out and looking at how she has honed her work since those first days. Absolutely beautiful products and each one is unique.

Works of art

Hillarys bead are absolutely beautiful works of art, much of which is inspired by nature itself! I know that when I purchase one of her beads I will have a unique work of art that no one else will have!


These beads are FANTABULOUS! All the heart & soul that Hillary pours into her work is evident in each & every bead. These individual art pieces are beautifully crafted with so much love & care making them truly special! Last but not the least, Hillary's customer service is simply outstanding!

A little piece of art

Each bead that Hillary made is a little piece of Art by itself. The way she mixed textures and colours is simply amazing. Just look at this gorgeous bead : depend if it's sunny, cloudy or darker, the bead looks different. I love it!

Heart and soul

Hillary is an amazing artist. She puts all her heart and soul into her work. She's an amazing teacher as well.


Soleil Beads are absolutely beautiful and amazing beads. I have been purchasing for over 2 years and I LOVE all of my beads. Many I had to have because they just spoke to me. I have customs as well which always turn out better than my hopes. Soleil Beads is wonderful to work with and very friendly


I absolutely Love these beads! They are so beautiful and well made. Hilary is amazing and her customer service is exceptional.

Amazing in person

Hilary is very responsive and her beads look even better in person! Gorgeous product a forever customer ❤️

I wish I found Soleil Beads sooner

I found out about these beautiful handcrafted beads by accident from another Facebook group last month (may 2017) and I wish that I could have found it sooner. Since then I have order quite a few to add to my other collections. I love them. You can custom order your beads.

Amazing depth

Hillary's beads have amazing depth and interesting color changes. I love what I have and admire the beads of others. Join me at Facebook Addicted2Beads where I often show designs with her beads.

Nothing like them out there

I love Hillary's beads. They have interesting depth and color changes. There's nothing like them that I know of. I have quite a few and admire those that others have. You are welcome to join me at Facebook Addicted2Beads where I show my designs.


Beautiful beads in amazing colour combinationd

One of a kind

Every bead is one of a kind, and tells a story. I'm always blown away by not only the amazing talent that is soleil beads but how a particular bead speaks to me. Sometimes they are beads and colors that I would've never thought was "me". I stumbled upon these beads by accident and am grateful I did