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Sonanta School of Guitar

2628 N Burling St
Chicago IL , 60614
(+1) 312-217-3937

Fantastic teacher and musician!

I'm a professional guitar player, been playing forever, but never spent much time on classical guitar. Decided to start studying again, searched the internet and Diego's website (Sonanta School of Guitar) made me think this might be the person to study with. I gotta say, he is a fantastic teacher, musician, and great guy. He is tweaking parts of my playing and practice habits that are making a big change in my technique and approach. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to study classical or flamenco!


I am a lifelong treasure hunter and Diego is pure gold! I have a lot of experience working with amazing instructors, other fantastic guitar teachers, professors of complex mathematical subjects, art, dance, and business mentors... There are people who can take what seems years muddling along trying to convey a subject's essentials... then, those that can effortlessly reveal the secrets of the universe  in only brief moments, and Diego is one of these priceless sages!Aside from being an accomplished professional flamenco musician with a pedigree reaching back to Spain - he has  a high degree of compositional acumen, some absolutely "filthy" chops, dynamics, techniques and boom! Rhythmic punch. He is alert and attentive, patient, prompt, and focused on honing in on relevant curriculum. I learned the basic vocabulary  of flamenco: golpe, picado, rasgueado, tremolo, and alzapua, in vastly less time than I could have imagined.Why?Maybe because he is an expert in the psychology of skill acquisition. The only con I can say is that  he may be undercharging for his valuable Shhhh ... (I shod try to lock in and grandfather my rates now!) Diego is the real deal. A true gem! If you are looking for an invaluable teacher do not miss out!

Definitely recommend!

Diego has been my guitar mentor or 8 months. I am very impressed by his patience and enthusiasms for playing guitar. I am also impressed by the results I get from the lessons. We worked on the Bach Prelude in D which is quiet a sophisticated piece to my level. He showed me how to play it note by note at first and then explained to me about the underlying structure of the piece and all of the related techniques and nuances. I couldn't be more happy about the results and definitely recommend him as a very competent guitar instructor.

One of the best instructors I've ever had!

Diego Alonso has been my classical guitar instructor for roughly the last year and a half. By far, he's one of the best instructors I've ever had - regardless of the field or setting. He takes a genuine interest in my advancement and is always checking to make sure I understand his instructions fully. He's more than willing to alter lesson plans if I have questions r concerns in any given areas. A large part of my focus is on fundamental techniques. He always has me building and improving while still pushing me to achieve more. It seems just as important to him as it is to me that I also have fun in the process. As an on again off again guitar player for over 30 years, he'd adjusted the material and his approach to always keep me challenged (but not so much that I get disheartened). That, I've learned over the years, is the most difficult balancing at for any teacher.Whether you're serious about playing or just want to learn to have fun, you won't be disappointed. I can't recommend Diego and the Sonanta School of Guitar highly enough.

Fantastic Teacher!

Diego is a fantastic teacher and guitarist. He is generous, patient, encouraging, and effective. Diego has the ability to simplify difficult technique and break it down in simple terms. His studies in Spain make him a rare and sought after teacher in Chicago. IN short, Diego has given me the keys to succeed in this beautiful art form [flamenco]. I wholeheartedly recommend him!