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Space Unknown

495 ne street
Delray Beach FL , 33483

So happy I found my happy place!

I was a competitive dancer my whole childhood and taught competition dance for a year. I started taking belly dancing 101 here and fell in love my first class. I’ve lived in delray/boca for about 8years and have been searching for a place like this and am so happy to have finally found a place I feel happy and am able to let lose and have fun. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I’m also enjoying trying all the other classes offered. I think everyone should come try out a class here and fall in love!

Dive into the Unknown

Space Unknown became a second home during my Yoga Teacher Training and we bonded into a stellar yogi family. Naya and Salila guided us so gracefully. I have repeated many times that their wisdom and support made all the difference for my experience. I grew closer to myself and yoga spiritually, physically and mentally which is exactly what I was hoping for. 10/10 would recommend this studio for YTT, weekly classes or special events!

Place to Grow/Evolve

This space is a wonderful and safe place where you can grow and evolve. The people are genuine and loving. It’s a free judgment zone which I love! The classes give you opportunities to explore, challenge and even help you evolve into a better person. I came to this place in search of connecting with my feminine energy and it has delivered and still is. I love this place and totally recommend it!

Welcoming Space

I love Space Unknown the owners are so amazing and welcoming. This is definitely a great safe sacred space everyone is kind, filled with light and beautiful energy all around.

Feels like home

Every time I step into Space Unknown I feel a sense of calm and comfortability. It’s a safe and clean environment where I learn and grow as a part of this community. I’m very grateful to have found this studio and the teachers are amazing!


Great teachers! I have narcolepsy which gives me anxiety when I'm around new situations and I felt so comfortable and had so much fun at my first class. I definitely recommend this studio!


Space Unknown has not only brought a better understanding of myself but a better understanding of everyone around me. The community and connections are unmatched. I am eternally grateful for the beautiful souls who created this space

The Cosmic Experience

Space Unknown brings you closer to yourself and those around you. Fostering a sense of safety, peace, love and belonging, Unknown is an all-encompassing wellness studio that welcomes you with open arms into a community of talented, caring and accepting individuals. My life has changed being a part of this community and I am forever grateful.

Found my hOMe

This place feels like that perfect mix of community, education, challenges to level you up and wait, it’s with a modern twist. Elegant and so clean during COVID this studio is a perfect fit for intimate classes and gatherings. The variety of classes keeps my body toned while the level of knowledge brought to each class keeps my mind constantly growing and expanding!