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The Hill School of Wilmington

3333 Jaeckle Drive, Suite 140
Wilmington NC , 28403

Hill has been a wonderful school for our son

The ratio of teacher to student gives each individual child the one on one attention the students need to achieve their learning goals. The school promotes helping and encouraging your classmates, which provides a positive learning atmosphere. The staff and teachers are very in tune with the best techniques to help each child learn based on their needs and this is carried through with realistic homework assignments. I can not say enough positive things about Hills and it has been a gift to us and giving our child confidence.

The Hill School has been transformative for our daughter

We felt so lost and overwhelmed before we found this school. To see her happy and proud of herself instead of constantly frustrated and sad is something we will never be able to repay you for. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Confidence has grown leaps and bounds

She is now proud of her math skills and asks to read to us at night. For some, this might not seem like a big deal but for our daughter it is nothing short of miraculous. Her self-esteem and confidence has blossomed as her new skills have grown. Watching her progress has been nothing short of amazing. Overall her behavior at home has improved significantly because her stress has decreased and her confidence has increased. She no longer feels out of place or "behind" because THS meets her learning needs at her pace and at her level. We have nothing but gratitude and wonderful things to say about all the staff and teachers. They have created a magical place where learning is safe, fun, and effective.

I will be sending kids your way for years to come!

I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart. You have all been such a blessing to our family and I will be sending kids your way for years to come! All of the OG methods and strategies aside, you all help these kids unlock their potential and understand that dyslexia is a positive, not a negative in their lives. It's the gift of perspective! And it's a beautiful blessing. 

A huge blessing in our lives

Having my son attend The Hill School over the past three years has been a huge blessing in our lives. In second grade, before starting HSW, he began to notice a difference in his skill level and understanding of key concepts in reading and math between himself and other friends in his class. It impacted his self-confidence and undermined all of his hard work.  Every day he tenaciously persevered to give his best at school, attend tutoring after school, and complete his homework, yet he was still struggling to keep up. Understandably, it caused much confusion and frustration for him. As a parent it is heartbreaking to see your child locked in this daily battle that is sapping their joy.  I felt like we were doing "all the right things" and yet something wasn't clicking. Around that time, The Hill School was brought to our attention. About a month after starting HSW he came home excitedly exclaiming with a smile "They just get me there mom!", meaning that at HSW they understand how his brain works and how he best learns.

From then on I could see a new confidence growing along with a new understanding of his dyslexia and the benefits of having a creative, out of the box thinking brain. One of the things I love about The Hill School curriculum is that it meets each child right where they are in a skill, allowing them to conquer a concept at their own speed which reinforces their feelings of success.  Now in fifth grade, he picks up a book to read unprompted on a daily basis. He may always stumble with small font size or line spacing, but he has a foundational love of reading and the tools he needs to continue to feel successful as he grows older.  As parents we will always be thankful to all the teachers he has had that have helped foster a growth-mindset and confidence in what he can achieve.

Many thanks for all you do!

I just wanted to thank you and your team, especially Ms. Tucker and Ms. Ramsey, for the thoughtful reports that you provided us.  We certainly feel that [our daughter] is making progress because of the Hill School, but it is wonderful to read the narratives and better understand the scope and sequence of her work.


The only downside is that it’s harder to keep secrets from her, like what’s for dessert, because we can no longer just spell aloud – she catches it all!

Now she enjoys going to school!

We feel so fortunate to have enrolled our daughter in the Hill School. Instead of experiencing setbacks due to Covid learning disruptions--she has excelled! Before she started the Hill School she used to cry almost every night because she dreaded going to school the next day. Now, she enjoys going to school and reminds us when it's time to leave so she isn't late.

Such relief and positivity to our lives.

I truly don’t have the words to describe how grateful we are for the Hill School. My son is Dyslexic and we spent years feeling defeated & fighting for his education in a normal school environment.  Even with the best IEP imaginable, he suffered in a system that wasn’t capable of teaching him properly.  Then came the Hill school,  what  a breath of fresh air.   Everyone there cares so much about the kids and their success.  They are dedicated, trained &  knowledgeable in truly helping kids with their learning difference while providing a caring and positive environment.  For the first time ever, my son can”t wait to go to school and has a new found confidence.   He has progressed more there in a year then he ever did before.  This school and everyone affiliated with it has not only changed my sons life, but our family as well.