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Spectrum Academy Charter School

575 N. Cutler Dr
North Salt Lake Ut , 84054

A World of Difference

My son was bullied through public elementary schools in Utah County to the point he was suicidal in 6th grade. I was at my wit's end, felt like the district here wasn't helping. Through Spectrum my son has found other kids "like himself" and administration that accepts him for him. It's made such a difference in his life.

Will never go to another school!

I have 2 boys who have been at SA in North Salt lake for
the last 7 years! my boys have had so much success!
The teachers, the staff, the front office, are ALL SO AMAZING!
We are so grateful to be here. It's a God send, and we will
be forever grateful!

Students in Mrs. Johnson's Class

My seniors at Spectrum Academy said the following...
“Positive environment with peers--no one bullies you.”
“No one is going to make fun of you for having Autism.”
“Teachers typically listen to you and accommodate for what you need.”
“Spectrum tries to respect the students.”
“There is a lot more emotional flexibility. At Spectrum, people care about it.”
“I can be myself and not be judged. And I have friends.”

No more bullying

"At my old school I used to get made fun of everyday. I hated school and never wanted to go. Now I have lots of friends and I never get bullied."

These are the best kids

I absolutely adore working at spectrum and working with these amazing kiddos! The staff here works so hard to make sure these kids have exactly what they need to have a fun and safe learning environment! This is by far the best job I've ever had

2nd Year at Spectrum!

My son has been going to Spectrum Academy for 2 (going on 3 years now). This was the best decision we could've ever made for him. Not only are the classes almost 1/2 of a "normal" sized classroom, he is receiving all of the services/care he needs for his Autism. He will not be going to any other school!!!

What A Difference

Since my son has been attending SA, he has made a complete 360 turnaround. His anxiety level has disappeared, he loves going to school and the staff truly does love him. I'm so glad that I found this school. I have my son thriving and loving life more than before.

Best School

My son has been attending Spectrum Academy since the opened in Pleasant Grove. I don't know if I will be able to accurately express what a blessing this school has been to our family. I have watched my son grow and improve and mature. He has definitely had his ups and downs but recently it is more ups and i credit so much to the teachers, who have been willing to listen, and the administration who have always wanted what is best for my son. I am so grateful for this school and for the positive environment where he feels safe and loved and watched out for. It has been a wonderful experience and I know that my son has been able to progress over the years because of the support we have had from Spectrum Academy and the people who work there! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Great school

Our dhild has learning disabilities and was falling through the cracks at public school in spite of SE programs and extra help at home. Spectrum has provided a great environment and the correct specialized training for a good school experience and opportunity to learn.

Supportive and Caring

This school is the first school that I know my kids are safe, supported, and cared for on so many levels. Not only their education but their wellbeing. The staff is amazingly positive, and they prove day in and day out that they genuinely want to be there for the kids and support the parents.

This is an amazing school!

My daughter really struggled in traditional Middle School. She felt like no one liked her or understood her. She also was the victim of bullying that quenched her desire to learn and even go to school. When we found out about Spectrum Academy I felt hope again that my once happy, productive girl could find acceptance and success again. After only 1 and 1/2 years attending Spectrum Academy she has completely changed! She is happy, loves going to school, feels not only accepted buy special because she is with others that are like her, Autistic. She now sees Autism as a gift that makes her unique even special. I will forever be grateful she attends this school!

Peace of Mind

It’s been such a blessing knowing my child is at a school where she is accepted, understood, and able to thrive without worry. Where they know kids by name and have the tools needed to help them succeed.

Thriving at Spectrum Academy

Our son started at Spectrum Academy in the 6th Grade. Prior to that, he attended the local public elementary school. There he was the "problem kid" in the class. His 4th grade teacher swore at him in front of the class and humiliated him by turning his "messy" desk upside down, to empty it, in front of the class. He's now in the Spectrum Academy High School. He's a straight A student, drives, has a girl he likes, and walks with a confident swagger. I'm optimistic about his future. We're deeply grateful to staff and program at Spectrum Academy.

Truly the BEST school

We have 2 kids with ASD and 2 without. Spectrum Academy is the BEST educational choice we have ever made for our children. They love this school, we love this school and we are here to stay. The love, care and education we have received at Spectrum Academy for all of our children has been unmatched at any other school we have had our children enrolled at. We know our children are in good hands and getting the education they truly need.

Teachers are amazing!

My son with Asperger's syndrome has been to public school and 2 other charter schools where he had an IEP for his autism. This is the first school he actually gets excited to go and is excelling and learning in class! It is the perfect fit for him!

Teachers that understand children with autism

Teachers from other schools were not familiar with how children with autism perceive and process information. At Spectrum, they have the training and the sincerity to go above & beyond to educate the kids. My child has thrived at this school. It has been an absolute blessing. My child has progressed so much and I cannot thank everyone at Spectrum enough.

Best School ever!!

My child struggled and struggled in public schools and we can here and since day 1 it has been amazing! Every single member of the staff is so caring and sweet to everyone. My son's teacher Miss Sammi has been such a blessing to us!

Life Changing

Our son has only been going to Spectrum for the current school year and it has been an amazing experience. We felt he was going to get lost in the public school system so we were thrilled to find Spectrum and then get in. There is such a difference in our sons education and attitude. He is getting the specified help he needs. The staff is amazing to work with. We don't feel like we need to fight so much for our son and it has been so nice. We don't feel alone, Spectrums staff is on his and our side. We love Spectrum Academy!


My son has been attending Spectrum now for 6 years. My son was behind academiclly and socially. They found the right curriculum for him and saw what areas he needed more attention with and he has thrived. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, patient, and truly care.

Grateful They Exist

I'm grateful for this schooling option where IEPs are productive and staff care deeply about each student. Spectrum fills a growing need and deserves 5 stars! They have bent over backwards to accommodate my little guys many many needs.

Bright future

Since Day 1, my daughter and I have felt supported, welcomed and happy to be part of the Spectrum Family.

Watching my daughter excel, seeing her enthusiasm everytime I drop her off, I see her teachers are encouraging her creativeness, nurturing her talents, and that every day at Spectrum is another brighter day towards a brighter future

Always willing to accommodate

Spectrum Academy PG has been great! I have an older son who attended there for grades 3, 7, and 8, and a younger son who is currently in 5th grade, and has been there since 3rd.
I really appreciate the teachers, paraprofessionals, and all other staff. They are always willing to communicate with me and accommodate our needs. They really know what they are doing, and are able to handle any situations that arise.
I’m thankful to be a part of the Spectrum family!


Spectrum has been a second home for our son. It is a wonderful community that feels like family. I'm so grateful for the skilled teachers, OT/Speech professionals, and administration that work as a team to help him work towards his full potential. I have seen our son grow not only academically, but socially as well. We love our Spectrum family!

Drowning in public school

My sons were not progressing in public school. They weren't learning, their behavior wasn't changing. We were trying everything we could, reading all the books people suggested. We were all drowning in the red-tape of public school. Spectrum Academy was the life preserver that we needed.. My sons are learning, they are growing and they are doing better than I could ever have hoped for.. Spectrum Academy changed our lives and for that I will be forever grateful.

Incredible students.

The students at Spectrum are unique in the most incredible ways. They are all different with gifts that range from superpowers to focus to quirkiness that is so funny in a great sense of humor way. Our students want to learn and have great try muscles,. They are so very full of life and have an incredible energy that is contagious. I have experienced kids who look out for each other and have each other's back. Bullying is not the rule of thumb here, but a rare exception as this group is close and cares for each other. These students learn how to advocate for themselves and make their voices heard, thus becoming nicely articulate. I love teaching at Spectrum Academy!!!

Great Place for neurodiverse students

Students who are neurodiverse find such close connections at this school. They finally have a place where they feel like they belong, where they can make peer connections that are fulfilling, and where teachers are willing to do whatever it takes to support them. Such a great place!

We love Spectrum!!!

The teachers and therapists at Spectrum Academy Pleasant Grove are angels! Each and every day our son is met by smiling faces who are happy to see him. The amount of progress he has made both socially and academically has been phenomenal. Thank you so much for all you have done and are doing for our family and the community.

Life Changing

Spectrum was our fourth school for our son. It was life-changing for us. He was able gain more confidence and achieve much more with his social skills abilities than we could have imagined. He was able to focus on academics where he was the strongest and was supported in those he struggled with as much as possible.

Your Tribe is here!

On our first day, I could tell this wouldn't be like our past school experiences. There was no need for me to single-handedly build a support team, or educate the classmates or teacher on my kid's behavior. It was such a relief to be a part of a tribe where everyone 'spoke the same language' as my kid--totally understood if a kid was having a sensory overload, or felt anxious, needed extra time, etc. The school was so communicative, sending emails, and photos of what was going on in our class, (I still remember the photo that made me cry - the teacher under a desk sitting with my kid continuing the lesson where she felt safe) and the school gave regular parent empowerment nights with such helpful topics! What a gift to have a team to walk you through how to help your specific kid be successful in school, and life beyond!

Life changing

We love Spectrum! It has completely changed our lives! We have two boys who attend Spectrum Academy in Pleasant Grove.
Our oldest hated school. It was a trial every morning to get him up and out the door. Each day, when I picked him up, he had "wall" put up around him. He wouldn't let anyone in--not even me. He was depressed, closed off and angry. There were only a few times that the "wall" wasn't there when I picked him up in all his elementary school years. I knew things were different at Spectrum when after the first week, I hadn't seen the wall. He got up happily and got ready when asked. He was happier and would want to be and talk with us. I wondered how long this would last. It's been 2 years and things keep getting better! There have only been 2 times that I have seen “the wall" after school! He loves school! He is happier than ever! He has friends! He wants to get good grades! He wants to be involved! He believes he can do hard things! It is a complete switch from 2 years ago! He also loves that he can wear is coat all the time and no one questions why or says that’s strange!
Our youngest is very social and although he was doing well in school, we could see things shaping up to have “the wall” come back into our lives. When we transferred our oldest son, we transferred our younger one as well—with the idea that if things didn’t work, we could always return to the neighborhood school. Well, that idea is just a past thought because we have found their school! My boys have friends, have teachers who “get it,” want to do well because they believe and are told that they can and they feel valued and loved! The staff is amazing and you can tell they love the kids! There is an atmosphere of love and acceptance as well as learning!
I asked my oldest what he would change about Spectrum. He said, “I just wish we would have found it sooner!” At that, I knew we had found the perfect place! My boys and I LOVE Spectrum and can’t dream of being anywhere else!

Spectrum Can't Thank you enough!!!

My child attended K-3rd grade in a mainstream public school. During that time, my child struggled with being bullied by his peers and misunderstood by his teachers. It is important to mention that my other two children who are not on the autistic spectrum did not have these experiences and thrived in their education. When a good friend told me about the Spectrum Academy Charter school, I was a little apprehensive about my child being able to handle the changes that moving him to a new school would bring. But as I watched my child losing confidence and self-esteem, I knew that something had to change. I enrolled my child at the Spectrum Academy, and from day one, I saw my child's excitement about his teacher and new friends. When I picked him up after his first day at Spectrum, he, with the biggest smile, said, "I didn't get bullied or in trouble even one time today". His teacher provides support when he sees that my child feels overwhelmed rather than making my child feel that he is too needy. My child is in his second year at Spectrum and is thriving. Academically he is doing better than we could have ever expected and he is happy. Thank You Spectrum Acadamy for all you do for our children.

A Game-Changer For My Son

My son spent six years in public schools, with me praying each year for teachers that would "get" my son and see his strengths instead of singling him out for his differences. He was brilliant academically but his inability to recognize social cues meant I would spend hours each month responding to e-mails or attending meetings about various perceived problems and then educating the educators on what makes an autistic student different from a neurotypical student, and how they could support him.

I have always said my son was awesome because of his autism, not despite it. And when I discovered Spectrum Academy I found a school that felt the same way. They loved my autistic son, and were able to see through the differences to his strengths. He has been at Spectrum now for three years and it has been a huge blessing. His excellent teachers understand the neurodiverse student, and with their expertise making the difference my son is thriving both academically and socially. The administration, teachers, and staff are pros at navigating IEPs and Transition Plans. And being with other kids like him has allowed him to blossom. Going to Spectrum has been a complete game-changer for my son and our family.

Exceptional School

My son was failing all of his core classes in public mainstream school. He had so much anxiety about school that he refused to go. REFUSED. I could not dress and carry a 14 year old to school, so he missed a lot. We tried online school, unsuccessfully. Then, he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism and we were told about Spectrum. I cry tears of joy when I think of the transformation the staff and school program has had on my child. He has 10 classes (five on each A and B day) and last quarter he got 6 A+'s, 3 A's and 1 A-. Yes! All A's! That was unheard of - we were just praying he would survive high school and possibly graduate. Now he is excelling. He is on distance learning due to COVID, and having tried online school before we were worried. We didn't need to. They do live classes for every class via Zoom and other options and his participation level is 100%. He even participates in his dance class at home - even though they don't see him and they would never know! He loves the school and has a great relationship with the staff. They have been a blessing beyond words to us. We live 35 minutes away and the drive 2 times a day every day is worth it. WE LOVE SPECTRUM ACADEMY! Side note: my child is transgender and they have been amazingly supportive. They are very LGBTQ+ friendly and have incredible love and compassion for all of the students, regardless of gender.

They take care of my child

In a traditional school setting, it can take months for a teacher or staff to see your childs special needs. They often just say "give it time, she will catch on" then as he/she does not catch on, they get frustrated and your childs anxiety rises, while moma bear comes out begging for help, which takes months for the minimal help to come. But at Spectrum, they "see"your child, they know your child needs help and when you ask for it, the help is given, quickly and effectively. Momma Bear gets to relax and take a vacation as your begins to finally learn, and you just get to be mom.
At Spectrum they take the constent pressure off of learning, and give your child appropriate brain brains throughout the day, so your child can refocus and learn.

The Miracle We Prayed For

Before attending Spectrum Academy, my son was struggling, to put it very lightly. At his previous school, he was being bullied, and no one took him seriously. His anxiety grew to a paralyzing level, and he wasn't able to work or learn even though he is a very intelligent boy. He was the one who got into trouble when he reached the end of his rope and got upset at the bullies. He got into trouble for not wanting to eat lunch in the thunderously loud and chaotic cafeteria. I was seriously considering making a change to homeschooling him, but I also wanted him to have the social experience of being at school with other students and teachers. We feel so blessed to have found Spectrum Academy! At the previous school, there was one, maybe two teachers who understood my son and tried to help him in ways that worked for him and who advocated for him. At Spectrum, EVERY teacher is that teacher! My son is thriving! With the flexibility and accommodations that are built in to the school and each classroom, my son is able to feel safe, heard, validated, understood and comfortable. He is able to put his energy toward learning instead of just surviving. I have had a great experience any time I have reached out to teachers for help or to ask questions. The entire staff is friendly and so knowledgeable and helpful. I also love the social skills and transition planning classes that help the kids prepare to be independent adults!

Uniquely wonderful

As a parent, I am amazed at the differences between Spectrum and a District school. Differences include the items that Spectrum lists such as smaller class sizes and teacher/student ratio; but they also include things that are not advertised such as caring, coaching, and person touch.


My daughter has really bad ADHD and was struggling with fitting in, more than I even realized. A social worker suggested that she might be on the spectrum. After moving to NSL we decided we would give Spectrum Academy a go. We were so happy when she made it in before the first of the school year.
She now comes home talking about school and her friends. She gets more help with her speech issues and she isn't the "weird" kid anymore. She says she fits in.

A Place I Belong

I have Autism and I feel comfortable at Spectrum Academy. I have friends! The teachers understand me and help me do well in my classes. I try to get A's in my classes. I look forward to going to school. I recommend this school to any kids with learning disabilities.

A game changer

Spectrum has been a game changer for our son and our family. This is a school that understands the struggles but partners with parents in finding solutions that help kids succeed. Incredible teachers and staff have helped our son grow more and achieve more at spectrum than anywhere else he has been.

I love being part of a solid team!

I have been a speech-language pathologist for the past 5 years at Spectrum Academy. I love having the opportunity to work as a team. I am able to work with teachers, paraprofessionals, and a variety of related service providers. I also love having the freedom to make clinical decisions that will best serve my students.

We love Spectrum!

Our son is in 6th grade and has been attending Spectrum since Kindergarten. We feel very lucky that he has been able to attend for his whole school career. He loves his teachers and classmates. The staff and teachers work very hard so all of the students can succeed. I know I can send him to school and trust he will get the care and education he needs.


This school was an answer to prayers. My son has flourished here. He’s been here since first grade (the year it opened) and was so happy to see it add the high school. The staff is great and go beyond and above.


THE best school that specializes in helping autistic children learn the essentials to thrive in today's society!


Spectrum Academy has to e hands down the best school for Autistic kids. The time that is spent with the kids is Phenomenal, and I know there has to be rough days but the teachers still are great!


Spectrum Academy has done wonders for our son, who is high-functioning on the Autism spectrum. It has helped him not to feel alone, to have confidence in his future, and gain the skills he needs to complete high school and even plan for college.


LOVE this school! The staff is great and so loving and has helped my son so much! we can't imagine him going back to a "Normal" classroom! This is a perfect fit for him to learn and grow into the best he can be!!


This is an awesome school for children with Autism. My son did okay at a previous Charter school but they didn’t have the resources to really help my child. Since switching to Spectrum Academy he is thriving and making tons of friends..


It's an amazing school. They have the best teachers and an amazing environment to learn with each child's unique individuality in mind.


Spectrum Academy is the best thing that ever happened to my family.   Having my children attend school here means that someone is always advocating for them.   The entire staff, teachers and paras show nothing but pure love and consent dedication to the students.   My only hope is that every child out there gets to experience a wonderful educational path to bring them success and fulfillment, because that is exactly what my children are getting here at Spectrum. 


Gabe has been with Spectrum since 1st grade, he is in 6th now. Gabe has had his struggles but he is doing amazing and he has worked really hard, but he would not be functioning as well as he is without Spectrum. I have always loved how accepting and loving they are towards my son. I always hear how much they love Gabe. I always feel that he is being well taken care of. I love the autism mentality of acceptance that exists at Spectrum.

Spectrum Rocks

We have had such a great experience at Spectrum. Ms. Liz is a phenomenal principal and always greets my kids with a smile, when she see' s them in the hall. The teachers for my kids have been excellent and have really helped them grow. I also have made such great friends with the parents from the school!


We have had a great educational experience for our son at Spectrum.  While attending, he has had the individual attention needed in areas of academics, social skills, speech, and other..  The teachers he has had have gotten to know what does and does not work for him and have made his environment such that he can be his best self. We are grateful for the staff and faculty that have loved and cared for him. They have made a huge difference in all of our lives! 


My son has gone from a child who couldn’t make it through the day of school without a meltdown and had what felt like insurmountable issues academically.  We found that the teachers, staff, and administration at Spectrum not only had the tools and resources to help him succeed; but, they have the passion to see him grow.  We now have a child who feels successful and worthwhile.  It’s comforting that he now has a network of friends and adults who understand him and are watching out for him.


We have been part of the Spectrum family for 4 years. It has been the best thing that has ever happened!The staff, the love and support, is real!Thank you for giving my kids a helping support system!


Our daughter attending Spectrum Academy Elementary is one of our biggest blessings.  She has blossomed over the last four years here.  The teachers and staff are amazing.


Our children have attended PG's Spectrum Academy since it opened in 2014. The teachers and administrators at Spectrum have gone above and beyond to create a school that meets the needs of the children who attend. We are especially grateful for the kindness and compassion shown towards the children. We are so thankful we have the opportunity to be a part of this school!


Spectrum Academy is the best thing that has ever happened to my son. He absolutely loves school and looks forward to going now. 

Better than we could hope for.

My wife was one of the founding parents. She worked on opening the school because of the struggles our son was having in school and the district’s lack of concern. We have seen a lot of kids flourish at the school. Krisanne in occupational therapy did wonders with these kids and her services would have cost parents thousands and was included curriculum. What a lot of people don’t know is that this School indirectly led to a large movement in local law enforcement for officers being trained in how to have better outcomes in encounters with people with Autism and other special needs. I am proud of the parents and administrators that took the mission after we left. This program has an amazing reputation and continues to grow and save these kids. Great Job Specrum.


Spectrum Academy allows me to have unlimited creative freedom when providing speech therapy! I am able to work with a multidisciplinary team to provide the best possible outcomes for our students, and this makes my job so much fun! - Allison Schuette, M.S., CCC-SLP

We LOVE Spectrum Academy!

We couldn’t have asked for better. It has been an amazing opportunity for our son to go to Spectrum. Even though we commute 40 miles each way, it has been well worth the drive. I can take him to school wit complete confidence in knowing he is getting quality education, at his level, while all of his basic and extended needs are being met. The class sizes are small with plenty of support in each class that allows for individual attention and resource. I cannot day enough about how happy we are with the care and education our son receives every single day! Thank you Spectrum Academy!

Fantastic place!

My son has become a social butterfly since attending spectrum. This is oir second year and I jave zero complaints! His one on one attention has been phenomenal. He is now at a regular 1st grade level thanks to Spectrum! We love the teachers, para's and admin. This has been a huge blessing in our son's life. He will finish HS here and he's 7.

Spectrum is life-changing!

My high-functioning autistic son was struggling in a mainstream classroom. He had an excellent teacher and good friends, which helped him through kindergarten at our local school, but by first grade he kept getting too overwhelmed and hyper to do his work. Halfway through his first grade year Spectrum offered us a spot. I felt reluctant, knowing it was a big change, but we took it--and I'm so, so glad we did.

A little over a year later, and my son is thriving. He's made new friends, he loves school, and he's learned a lot of self control and positive thinking. He's got great handwriting (thanks, OT!), he loves math, and every day after school he's bubbling with things he learned about dinosaurs or the moon or mountains. Spectrum is a great fit for us, with lots of individual attention and understanding for each child. Sending my son to Spectrum is one of the best decisions I've ever made!


Mason got lost in the system.  As his mother I had to be able to say I did everything I could for my child, that I fought with all my strength for my child to have the same things as a “normal” student, a chance.  I had to believe that somewhere there was a place that Mason would be able to succeed and be able to reach his potential and better himself through social skills, education, and accomplishments.  Because of Spectrum Academy I know everyone will see how uniquely wonderful my son is.  With the love and care of a thousand lights, they found Mason took him by the hand and filled him with happiness, hope and the ambition of dreams.


I have been in education setting for 40 years and I have never worked at a school that strives provides the services for students with IEP's like Spectrum does. All the teacher seek out help for struggling students and will provide multiple accomodations to insure their success.


Spectrum Academy is a great place to work and is filled with teachers who care about the students and go above and beyond to help them succeed. I would recommend Spectrum Academy to anyone to wants their child to succeed in a supportive and safe learning environment. The teachers here at Spectrum work hard to make sure that every child's social needs and accommodations are met. The students are challenged but also given the supports they need.


Spectrum academy has proven to be such a blessing to our son. From the classroom teachers and Paras, to the administration and related services, the care and love for our son is obvious. Despite his many challenges they have been nothing but helpful and supportive, and he is blossoming! 


My kids are doing great here so happy to have them enrolled


Amazing! Staff cares for my student, go above and beyond everyday, and blow my mind each day! I can not say thank you enough, for all of the extra effort the staff puts in each day.


Awesome better ways to make people happy to make them enjoy it to make them greatful live life love


Come to the this school it is the best in the world! But if you don't your child could be better in this school compared to the other thing I would've said (if you don't your child will fail horribly) I decided that was too harsh so just went for the other one


This school is literally life changing! One year ago yesterday we were accepted and our lives have really been blessed since! So happy a school like this exists for our amazing kids!


We love spectrum, the teachers are amazing! We have loved both my son's teachers and para's! So looking forward to this year with 2 of my kids!


Our son has excelled beyond our expectations. To go from not having any friends and refusing to do work for anyone to As and Bs and birthday party invitations is amazing! The teachers and administration get what our kids need and have the tools to provide a strong supportive structure around them. They build self esteem that is often lacking and identify academic needs with pathways to help them succeed.


Our son loves school & so do we the principle is so kind& his teachers as well as the principal always include us involving our son's education & now our daughter just got accepted as a kindergartner @ spectrum we're just so happy that we have found a place where they feel accepted


Love Spectrum! I'm so happy we finally found a place our boys feel included and actually enjoy school! They have friends here and the staff is amazing to me, so grateful for teachers who love their job and put so much time and effort into helping my boys succeed.


My 3rd grader attended this campus for her 1st school year out of the home. We had such a wonderful experience and would highly recommend it.


We will be a Spectrum family. We have kids with ADHD, mood disorders, Down Syndrome, and so far "typical". Everyone of them is welcome here.


My child is taught by loving, knowledgeable staff in a way he learns best. He has blossomed since moving to Spectrum and I can't say enough amazing things about Principal Liz!