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Spectrum CBD

2208 N McKinzie Lane
Liberty Lake , 99019

Lyme Disease

This CBD is the best treatment for all the joint pain associated with my chronic Lyme Disease once I started taking the Spectrum CBD 1000mg I noticed a big change in my day to day joint and back pain I have had severe joint pain in my knees for years and loosing sleep because of it this product has made them feel better then they ever have and helped me sleep all the way through the night without waking up. I will always use Spectrum CBD and all there products and would strongly recommend to anyone. 


I have multiple sclerosis(MS) and degenerative disc disease.  After trying these CBD products I am no longer in pain.  I have also come off of the prescription narcotics that my doctors had me on.  This CBD helps my pain better than morphine ever has.  This CBD has changed my quality of life!


Im exhausted from a few days of golf in a row but thank you CBD for making it possible!


I was pleasantly surprised with the affect that the CBD had on me.  I have tried other CBD products before and truly this tasted better than anyone and I felt so much more relaxed and actually slept way better than I have in years!