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Exchange Tower, Level , 530 Little Collins Street
Melbourne Vic , 3000


Very good sales Service good & quick installation very good after service

Quick and Competitive Quote

Spectrum29 were able to provide me with a quick and competitive quote. The consultant was in regular contact with me before and after installation. The installer was very respectful of my property and was able to explain how the work would proceed and how the system works.

Helped with everything including the rebate. My system is performing better than expected

Simon was very knowledgable. He explained everything to me. Spectrum29 helped me with Victorian Government Rebate. I was recommended by my neighbour and I'm extremely happy that I went solar. Also upgraded my meter box.

Installed in consultation with me explaining where inverter and panels would go

I chose Spectrum29 because of the consultant (Simon). He explained how the system worked to me and was in regular contact both before and after the installation.

Passionate, Proud and Professional. Highly Recommend Spectrum29

The consultant conducted the whole process in a highly professional manner, any call or query I made was answered immediately with no hesitation. Although the installation was quite complex it went really well and there were no short cuts the technician installing the system was passionate and proud of the way he installs these systems.  

Bought as very prompt service and will breakeven in less than 3 years

The consultant from start to finish had everything organised for me. The installers were extremely good. Explained exactly what was been done. All my questions were answered then and there. I recommended my neighbour who also got a system installed from Spectrum29I will be saving $2000 in year 4 and 5 

Well explained and good price

Simon explained the details prior to installation at the consultation. I had a system in place and was looking at increasing the capacity. The installation was done very quickly within a few days after confirmation while other companies wanted much longer for installations. The installers were very proficient in the installation and completed it in a breeze.  

Price + Service + Warranties

Installers indicated exactly where the panels were going. Also said where the inverter was going to be placed. My neighbour got the same size system and that was the reason I got it. They respected my privacy and property when installing. 

Helped with my Rebate Paperwork and as promised quick installation

They promised quick installation and all the paperwork was done by them. The consultant was easy to contact and helped me get the rebate. I saved $200 in the first quarter.

I hope to save between $6000-$7000 in the next 5 years.

I decided to go with Spectrum29 because a friend had good service with them. They completed all paperwork for me and the installer took very good care of my property on installation day.

Took out my Old system and installed the new one very neatly

I decided to go with Spectrum29 because of the service and quick follow-up. They completed all the paperwork and I would recommend to any friends. I estimate I will save $4500 in the next 5 years.

A friend referred and recommended Spectrum

There was a issue with the paperwork but helped a lot to correct all of them and got my rebate money back. I have already referred to one of my friends. 

My 1st power bill after installing Solar was -$3.07. This is better than expected.

Three of my friends got the systems installed through Spectrum29. They were able to install in less than 2 weeks and take care of all the paperwork.  I compared prices with two other companies who could not install the system for 2 months. The installers were great. I didn't have to take a day off work as they worked on the outside of my house.

Sales Rep was Very helpful and easy to deal with

The consultant called many times and was in regular contact with us. He made sure everything was okay and we knew how it worked. Help was given with all steps to fill out and submit paperwork. We went ahead with solar for the savings, future protecting us against rising energy costs and the Victorian Government Rebate. 

Professional in every aspect. Great Service

Very Professional. Timely Installation with great explanation. I recommended my neighbour, he has already installed a system. He also recommended his neighbour who installed solar on her house.