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So greatful

The Amethyst Dream Catcher Earrings I received are beautiful as well as the rose quart necklace! The quality is great and the checkout and shipping was fast and easy. I would recommend any of her products.


I have received numerous readings over the pass year and every last one has been on point. You are truly amazing. Your readings give me guidance ,peace and clarity. You definitely have a forever client in me.

Reading and Selenite necklaces with chakra stones

Love love love the peek into the next 6 months reading. I’m just like 🤩. I can’t wait to see how it all works out. Love love love my selenite necklace. I put it on and just felt calm and feel good/positive with it on.


I love my reading it help me to look forward and to better myself and stay strong.

My first reading!

My oh my. All the feels after listing to my very l first ever reading. I have always been curious in having a reading done. Had to go with the little bit of everything. I must say without going into it is wow. I have been questioning and wondering things. Now I just really need to reconnect and listen. I will be getting another reading done. I really felt the reading I got. You are a amazing person with an amazing gift. I felt it. Thank you so much for it.


I can honestly say that Ms. Alyssa read my readings to the T! It was amazing I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much!!!


I think she's on point


You never know what to expect when you get and reading but I can tell you my mind be so a peace once I receive it Thank you so much and I will always be a customer.

Always a Pleasure ☺️♥️💛🧡💚💜💙

Every reading I’ve received has always been precise and I receive the guidance I am searching for. It’s always a pleasure being read by Alyssa. She’s full of energy and I totally resonate with it. I highly recommend to everyone! 😁☺️💯


Love hearing what you had to say.... I am excited for me... I had to listen to it twice lmbo.

Reader or BFF?

She is awesome and has the most beautiful personality. To speak to her is to speak with a friend. When I started my journey she totally helped in my healing. And her readings are always on point.


I just love Alyssa's energy!!! I've had several readings from her and she is always on point with how I'm feeling. My readings are always insightful, helpful and gives me guidance. So glad that I found her!!


Awesome sauce!!! Truly a blessing to anyone who gets a reading from her.

Multiple Life Reading

Awesome sauce!! I felt the positive energy from Alyssa as she was reading my cards. Love her spirit, enthusiasm, and her genuine nature. Love ya!’n


Girl, you’re like my spiritual best friend!! We’ve never met in person, but I just feel so spiritually connected to you. Your readings are ALWAYS on point and I feel like I have to check with you to make sure what I’m feeling is right 😂🤍 You’re amazing and always there to calm me down from overthinking like I normally do lol. I’m so grateful that I came across LightedSpirit and I’m grateful to have you in my corner!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍

My first reading!

My oh my. All the feels after listing to my very l first ever reading. I have always been curious in having a reading done. Had to go with the little bit of everything. I must say without going into it is wow. I have been questioning and wondering things. Now I just really need to reconnect and listen. I will be getting another reading done. I really felt the reading I got. You are a amazing person with an amazing gift. I felt it. Thank you so much for it.

My name twin

I love your energy you bring when I’m watching you on Facebook you have always been on point and awesome your beautiful and amazing and your work is legit I trust your word and not to forget we both have the same beautiful name lol


Hello people that make up the universe! You’re reading this because obviously you’re on the right track and MOST DEF in great hands! My girl Alyssa is the sweetest reader you’ll ever come across- so patient and kind! Genuine and understanding- and sweet baby, SHE IS ALWAYS 1000% on point! She will tell you everything you need to know and some, no matter what you pay for- she’s just an all around beautiful human being. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET, PLEASE MAKE THAT FINAL DECISION TO ALLOW MY SWEET FRAN TO HELP YOU WITH SOME GUIDANCE FROM SPIRIT! You will not be disappointed! One more super awesome thing, I AM literally, not even, 12 hours older than Alyssa! Yep, basically twins from different parents :)- thank you for being here and making this decision to support my girl! Love and hugs to everyone!!!! Xoxox


Alyssa is great. She is super sweet and so understanding also on point about EVERYTHING . I have had so many readings and have also purchased a oil from her. This girl is GREAT when I tell you. I would recommend her 1000 times over n over. So if you need a reading you should definitely pick her up will NOT be disappointed.

Breath of fresh air

I read tarot for myself often, and I'm quite hesitant to let others read because it is usually so generic but she was incredibly on point. Told me things not only I knew would come up but that I needed to hear. She's got a gift! Truly! And she knows how to make it light and fun and feel like you're her best friend.

Real deal!!!

I have had 3 readings and each one has been on point! She is the most friendly, kindhearted person I have had the pleasure to meet. Once you have given her a chance, you won't be sorry!!! She will amaze you as she has with me!


Always on point with readings and merchandize is the best! You will not be disapointed!!!

The shit!!!💃🏽

I absolutely love Ms. Alyssa!! I’ve been following her and getting reading from her for almost a year!! She is absolutely spot on with everything that resonate with me at least 90% of time! Don’t hesitate take advantage of all the services offered❤️✨


When I say she has been a blessing. It was like she knew me personally. She hit the nail on the head about everything I inquired about. I would highly recommend this young woman to anyone who is looking for some enlightenment. 😍😍

My readings

The truth... The readings were on point and I enjoy her spirit.. Definitely must visit and try


Love love love her good vibes & she always on point with the readings


Love love love your reading ..good vibes always.& always hit it directly on the nail



Love .ur website any thing u are looking for is easy to find. U get your things fast love it...


I’ve had two readings from her and the both were right on point. I love her energy. She’s such a sweetheart.


I have had multiple readings with Alyssa. She is wonderful! Her energy is always so soothing and uplifting. Some things don't make sense at the time of the readings but, they do come to the light and show her accuracy. She is great. I do recommend having a reading done!


My girl is spot on every time!! when she deliver your reading she sounds like a good friend and you guys are just having a chat.. now she is very professional but a lot of us comes to her for reassurance and guidance. We may come with our heads down but when you hear her, she makes you feel comfortable and not like your just getting taken for your money.

Truly Gifted

Every reading I have received were on point... I always come back for more...

Extremely Gifted

Alyssa is amazing! She is always spot on. I truly enjoy her readings because I know it’s going to be a reading I can trust.


I have had two readings from her and they both were right on point! She is amazing at what she does! Look forward to having more readings by her!

Love & Light ❤

I watch a lot of tarot readings on youtube and i was nervous getting a reading done but shortly after a friend of mine referred me to this amazing women. I decided to book my first reading with her. She was so on point and gave me the clarity i needed about a love interest. I high recommend her services and will be booking with her again.


Alyssa is absolutely amazing. Every single reading I have ever had has always been on point. She don’t pack no punches or bs. She is by far the absolute best and the only person I will ever get a reading from. I adore her and highly recommend her. She is definitely the real deal

Shes the truth

Every reading she has done for me has been on point.

She’s Amazing.

When reading she always gives clarity on anything you need you need insight on. Her energy is just sooo postive.

One of a Kind 💕

Alyssa is amazing at what she does. Sometimes she leaves me speechless sometimes she has me opening my mind to figure out what I need to focus on.

She’s awesome!

I met Alyssa through a mutual friend, during a really difficult time in my life. I was looking for direction. We did a read via Facebook and I cried. She gave me the advice I needed and more. I’ve been going to her every since! Plus her spirit is awesome!

So connected

She connected right with my spirit guides, I could feel the vibe shift in the whole room while she did my readings. Love her & have gotten multiple readings& I can’t wait for my next one!

Absolutely the best

Got 2 readings and they were on point everything she's the only person I trust to read me. Please get a reading if u haven't already shes the best


On point and on time!

Her readings are a breath of fresh air and reassurance. She speaks with in a calm and intuitive will walk away from her readings with all the knowledge she can provide you with and it’s astounding! I recommend a general reading if your not sure where to start! Everyone stay blessed!

Always on point!!!!

Alyssa is the BEST. I been getting a reading from her almost a year now and every readings I got she was always on points and she also help me with the outlook of my life. I was so depressed before I met Alyssa and I let her gave me my first reading and it’s was soo accurate And every since than Alyssa been the best to everybody and her vibe is just soo great.

Hits the reading to a tee

Every time I have gotten a reading it has been accurate. I’m never left feeling like something doesn’t feel right or feeling like things were made up. If you need a accurate reading this is the lady you go see!


I love her vibes and her energy and she’s the best...

Great readings. Good Vibes.

Alyssa is very Intuitive.
Her laughs are contagious.
And she just truly has an all around great aura.



Every reading I have ever got has been on point her drive and personality is amazing I don’t go to anyone else ❤️💜


Eye opener

I found her page by accident and haven’t left yet. I was like most very skeptical and weary. Let’s just say she didn’t play the guessing game or throwing random information out, she nailed everything even let me know my granny who just passed was present. I know you can say it was a lucky guess I almost said it too, that’s until she described who demeanor exactly how she was on earth. Red as I call her to my friends is a beautiful soul and very easy and makes you feel at home. Make sure you follow her on fb and just watch I promise you will want to join the family!!!!

Blessings in disguise

Omg I had one of the best readings she told everything that was suppose to happen for me in the next three months and it’s been five months since then and I promise everything is going great for me and everything she said was going to happen for me either had or is in the making of happening and I’m so ready...I recommend all my family and friends to get a reading from her cause she real life legit...and I must say if you haven’t had a reading then you need to cause she won’t lead you wrong


My readings have all been mind blowing! Alyssa is always on point. I have had several so far and cant wait to receive more! She gives peace of mind when its truly needed

Blown away

Omg!!! I recently received my reading for "little bit of everything" and it was accurate from beginning to end. To be told how you're feeling, what you're currently experiencing, and what's coming for me just blew my mind. I suggest everyone get a reading done it will help you understand what's going on and see things differently. Alyssa and the spirit guides are awesome.