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The Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment

I just called in the 'Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment' and the energies are truly amazing. I wanted to share something regarding imprints and my recent experience visiting the World Trade Center, ground zero. From the manual: "Locational imprints are often energy memories of the events that created them. These imprints allow you to feel the past events as being stuck in the present, continuously being played out in an energetic loop...". When I read this part I was like....😳😱🥴! "...there are still heavy imprinting in certain cities that were subject to terror attacks like ground zero in New York or Auschwitz Concentration Camp which still hold the negative imprints of the horrors that were experienced there..." "...When you visit a location where there was a strong release of emotional and mental energy the imprinting that occurred is still valid and will energetically stick to your energy body." I went to NYC last month. I had been very busy and stressed and needed a break so I took a short trip with my hubby to Baltimore, Washington DC and then NYC. I have been to NY many times and usually stayed in the Midtown area. I saw ground zero from afar...anyway, this was the first time back since they re-opened WTC. We booked a hotel there and scheduled a walking tour and the museum plus freedom tower visit. I honestly did not think much of it. I let my hubby book it and since he wanted to go, It did not occur to me that the place would be extremely dense...I was sooo naive....but this is what happens when you are tired. By the 911 memorial, I felt a pull...felt my chest compressed and I started crying without warning and I knew that energy not mine...I was picking up something. The really heavy stuff was in the museum. The whole thing is underground. Imagine going down the tube and having parts of the twin towers, the planes, personal objects from the victims and...a loop of news, images, videos, audios being replayed again and again...the horror re-lived and every single person visiting reconnecting with that trauma. I left early because I could not take it. The energy was stuck there. After we left, I felt angry and anything bothered me. After I got home, I did not feel good and I could tell that something happened energetically so I called a friend that has a Quantum Scio machine to scan me...and right there on the screen...I saw four big black spots stuck to my aura. They were energy imprints! I had a session with her a couple of months back I did not have them so I have no doubt that it happened in NY. I felt good after the treatment and now that I have been attuned to this amazing system, I feel so light! I plan on working with it often. If you are unsure about purchasing this one...I highly recommend it. Thank you Jay for making it available!

New attunements by Jay

I recently received 3 new Jay's attunemens - The Spell Reversal & Implant Removal Empowerment, The Blockage Clearing Empowerment and The Etheric Solfeggio Activations. These new systems are infused with a wide range of high-vibrational frequencies and contain many energy functions, which already proved their efficiency in different situations. These new systems are so simple to use, but very powerful. Highly recommend to all energy workers. Thank you, Jay, for all you do!

Blockage Clearing Empowerment

Thank you for the attunement - I called it in last night. I always find your attunements very gentle, if I had to put it another way, like snuggling up under a blanket, enveloped in a cocoon which is very peaceful.

Abundant of gratetude

I have achieved some of Jay’s personal channeled energy-systems and must say I am deeply satiesfied on many different levels. It is beyond words and hard to describe in which power and effect these spiritual energies impacts on me and my clients. I am very gratefull with abundant of gratetude. 💜

Lightarian Angellink Extension

I am an Usui/Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki master. Receiving the Lightarian Angellink Extension attunements from Jay, have been a wonderful experience. I feel a much deeper connection with the Archangels. Thank you, Jay!!!

Amazing healing sessions

I received 4 healing sessions (a mix of Archangel Raphael Healing sessions and Angelic Reiki healing) in this month. Jay has the wisdom and compassion of a great teacher. He always describes clearly what he experienced during the healing sessions. And does offer his wisdom to add to the healing. I also received an amazing channeled message from the Angels. In this month my outlook of life changed for the better. I’m much happier now and have been able to let go of a lot old stuff (in my head) that did hold me back. I now have self-compassion. And I am able now to appreciate myself, and the rest of the world. Many thanks Jay.

Shiva Linga Essence

Shiva Linga is considered to be the "Form of the Formless".The devotees of Shiva believe that by just thinking about the shiva linga early in the morning, a person can gain success in all the tasks of the day .This is the immense power of Shiva Linga which is beautifully captured in this manual. Jay in this manual conveys the underlying meaning and connection of Shiva Linga to Lord Shiva. The manual details about the chakra system and how the crystal healing abilities of shiva linga can bring balance and harmony and how this is a great healing energy for the Chakra system. The manual also details about a “Kundalini Awakening Protocol” which is quite fascinating. Jay has kept the manual an easy read and the energy techniques very easy and simple to use.

The Spirit Release Healing Method Level 2 testimonial

Yesterday I accepted so long awaited 2nd Level of Spirit Release Healing Method, and it was the most profound and exalted initiation I ever received. I was surrounded by innumerable Angels, Saints and other Light Beings, I was feeling peace, love and joy. I also found a lot of useful information in the manual - I wish I had this system when I had to perform my first exorcism ritual many years ago, when I was equipped only with The Holy Bible and a wax candle. Many thanks, Jay, for making avaliable this high-vibrational energy and knowledge for all of us.

Angel Fire Protection Reiki - Excellent

I recently was attuned to Jay’s Angel Fire Protection Reiki and would like to thank him for such a helpful and effective system to remove negative and unwanted energies. The energies of this system are pure and straight forward to use. The manual includes important information as well on when one might need to take things to the next level in removing negative energies. I am certain many will find this essential whether it is for oneself or in healing work with others. It has already proven to be an invaluable part of my healing work. Many, many thanks Jay.

Jay Burrell is an amazing master teacher!

Jay Burrell is an amazing master teacher! High professional work of the teacher and outstanding powerful energy systems that he conducts at the highest levels are powerful keys and tools for prosperity and spiritual growth. Bright and clean energy transmitted by Jay Burrell are for me a real great gift of a higher power. They help to develop, discover new sides of the personality and help to be under the protection of heaven. I wish you Jay good health, success, love and prosperity. Jay, I also wish you all the plans and ideas you have and will have. I hope for further and successful cooperation. All Lightworkers should stick together and support each other in spite of different languages and countries. We all work for one great and beautiful purpose. And you Jay do this fine and it is a help to all the bright souls of our planet Earth to work and to receive enlightenment. You to unite people and countries through the sea and oceans. I love everybody. With love and reference, your student Ekaterina.


I very highly recommend Jay's academy to anyone who is interested in progressing along their spiritual or healing path. Jay is a gifted and supportive teacher and mentor and quickly answers any questions or solves any problems that I have. I can attest that the attunements I have received are amazing! Jay takes great care in providing genuine attunements that are absolutely the real deal. They have been life changing for me. I would recommend the academy of Livingreiki to anyone.

Could not be more pleased!

My experience with Jay has been wonderful. Everything is so straightforward and that includes calling in the chi balls for the attunements. I have other attunements booked in and I am looking forward to them very much.

Highly Recommended!

I have received many distance attunements from Jay and I highly recommend the Living Reiki Academy. Jay is a wonderful, caring teacher and is always available for any questions or concerns. I have had nothing but positive experiences with all the attunements I have received.

Angel Fire Protection Reiki Attunement

Thank you Jay for sharing this beautiful energy. I really felt the energy pulsating in my 3rd eye, almost immediately. It also shifted some old memories that have been stuck for some time. I look forward to using the energies to help myself and clients. Thank you :)

Accurate Reading, Highly Recommend!

Jay is a wonderful spiritual coach to work with, and he also does private reading when requested. I have done a spirit release healing with Jay and readings from him. He gave me accurate predictions of my future work environment which gives me hope and reassurance that I am on the right track. Highly recommend service.

Jay is great at what he does and he keeps you informed every step of the way.  He has a wonderful, caring energy and warm, friendly demeanour.  I love his manuals - he is so thorough with his information and he gives detailed instructions.  Jay has given me many attunements to date, and I will keep coming back for more :)

Intuitive Coach & Channel

Jay is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful Soul. I have known Jay for a few years now I have taken many of his courses. I love the purity of his systems! Jay is supportive and kind and truly cares for his students. I recently took the Celestial Crystals Empowerment and all I can say is WOW...very powerful energies. I felt a shift! I feel more in tune with Mother Earth and able to see beyond the veil while increasing the connection through the heart. Truly powerful and I highly recommend it. Thank you Jay for all you do!

Jay is the Best!

Jay (Living Reiki Academy), is an AMAZING Healer/Teacher and offers some of the GREATEST attunements you can receive.

I met Jay at the perfect time, I came to him seeking the "Celestial Starseed Attunement". I had no idea I would be a ‘starseed’ myself but after following this attunement I have remembered 'who I am' and have experienced many wonders with this system. It has made me much more grounded and it has removed a lot of sensitivity and fear. Giving me a deeper understanding and sense of security and relief into my life.

I have also received the Lightarian Gateway program from Jay, which were a series of 6 INTENSE and AMAZING attunements. The reason why they were so great was partly due to Jay being such an excellent high frequency energy healer and teacher. Jay is an expert in every sense of the word.

You get something special when you choose Jay as your healer/teacher. As he offers amazing support and encouragement alongside his attunements and healing services to each and EVERY member of the academy! The ability to ask questions and receive support from someone as good in their field as Jay is really something rare. Although, when you become a member of the Living Reiki Academy you get the chance to work with a true master who REALLY CARES and will support you to the fullest in your accelerated spiritual journey.

I will continue to work through many of Jay’s personal attunements he has channeled and to pass on these energies onto others as they are truly something special and are very powerful and life changing!

Don’t miss out on a chance to work with with Jay. From his personal attunements and energy systems through to his energy healing and attunements he facilitates. Jay is bringing something special to everyone he works with and to the world at whole...

Thank you Jay!

Mace [Reiki Box Healing]