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Amazing Products

Their products are the best. I purchased their Martini Plus and my clients love it. It is the darkest I've tried compared to other solutions.


I am a licensed esthetician in Florida and have been doing mircoblading for 5 years and spray tanning for 2 years. The previous brand of solution I was using wasn't giving my clients the results they were looking for so I decided to change. I found Paradise Sunless solutions through a Facebook forum and decided to try it. It is amazing and my clients love it. I now carry Paradise Bronze, Martini, and Miami Obsession and my clients are hooked.

I Highly Recommend Training With Them

I have done the Beginners Training and the Contouring one and they were very much in detail. Since I took the training I feel like my technique is much better and I have more knowledge than I did with another training I did from another company. I highly recommend getting the right training which is right here.

Great Products

I've tried many products on the market and Paradise Bronze is my new favorite. I love that it works for all skin tones and my clients love the results. I just tried Paradise Martini and I love it. Now that one is definitely a winner. If you live in an area where the humidity is high, these solutions work great for that.

Very Affordable

I've done Taryn's Skype Course for beginners and was very happy, she is very detailed and her course was very affordable. Hands down to the best.

Owner, Vegas Glo

I watched Paradise airbrush tan on Youtube and I felt Taryns knowledge and personality was great and that she would be a great teacher. After emailing a little back and forth I decided to book my competition spray tan training with her. Let's say you won't be disappointed, she even picked me up from the airport. I have taken many courses online and in person, but her training and detail was hands down the very best! I would highly recommend her as a trainer, also her solutions are a favorite of many of my competitors. Thank you for your heart and soul that goes into your course, money well spent!

Great Trainer

I've done my research on spray tan training's and I have called the trainers and asked questions but I decided to go with this company because Taryn seemed real and honest. When I took her training course, I caught on pretty quick and she made it fun. Best teacher and company to train with if you are looking to be trained and certified. 

Best of the Best!

I took a few trainings in the past and I decided to take the Beginners course from this company and this one was the best of them all. It was very affordable and Taryn the trainer was amazing. 

Nothing Compares

I've taken a few other courses in the past and they don't even compare to Spray Tan Academy because with Spray Tan Academy, I've learned so much more than what I learned with the other courses I took. I wished I trained with Spray Tan Academy first because the other courses I took in the past were very expensive.

Spray tan artist

Wow !! Spray tan academy is awesome ! I had the pleasure of taking the fitness competition course . I was not only impressed but learned so much . Taryn is a great mentor and teacher , she is truly one of a kind ! Than you so much for a great experience.

Great Investment, Lots to Learn

I am a makeup artist mostly but wanted to add spray tanning to my mix. I searched and searched for a good trainer, someone who was experienced and been in the industry for sometime. I found Taryn and read through her website, I even asked her questions. She was amazing, highly reputable, very knowledgeable and thorough, and her prices were so affordable that I had money left over. I did take her class and am glad I did because it was very valuable. If you are looking for top notch training, Spray Tan Academy is the one to train with.

Best, Affordable, & Very Knowledgeable

I am very happy I took Taryn's training because I am up and running and am doing well in my business. She is very hands on with her training and I've learned so much. Her knowledge in the industry is amazing, her prices are very affordable as well. I almost went with a company close by for training but after checking out the prices, paying almost $1000 to learn to spray tan was a no go for me. Taryn is very beneficial because she works with many big companies in the sunless industry so what ever you need she can help you. I highly recommend her for spray tan training.    

Best training

Taryn has a passion for training and for her students. She knows what she's doing and has great knowledge. I took her in-person class and felt very comfortable with her. I had 5 of my friends who were the models and Taryn guided me every part of the way while I was tanning them. With the training I received from Taryn, she showed me the way to success. I love that she travels to train too, it makes my life so much easier.

Very Professional with Loads of Knowledge

I actually took a training course from another company but felt like the trainer wasn't really into her job and the training seemed confusing. I didn't feel confident in my tanning so I decided to call Taryn from the Spray Tan Academy (which I should of done in the first place) The Spray Tan Academy class was easy to comprehend and full of helpful information and tips. Taryn was very professional and very knowledgeable, she really has a passion in what she does and her training course was more than half the price. So if you are looking for a one on one training course, definitely go with the Spray Tan Academy. 

So Inspiring and knowledgeable

When I decided to take this training a few weeks ago I knew nothing about spray tanning. I had many questions and Taryn answered every one which told me she knew what she was talking about. I now have everything I need to keep going from here, I feel confident and feel ready to fly.

Very helpful

Thank you Taryn for everything. You have guided me and helped me succeed in my business. I wouldn't have done it without you.

Great Spray Tan Training

I got trained by a different company last year but still felt a little lost. I decided to take another training course but with the spray tan academy since I read great reviews about them and took the one on one training last March and was very happy. There was a lot of information to cover but it was very easy to understand. I felt good after I took the class like I was ready to spray and nonetheless, I did very well on my models. I highly recommend the spray tan academy to train with.

Their solutions are great.

Love their solutions. My clients are obsessed with the color, especially the ones that want to be dark. Solutions are very affordable and smell great.


This class was a very good investment. There were 10 students in the class and I felt comfortable knowing that I was being trained by a highly recommended trainer. 


took the Private one on one spray tan training and Taryn came to my
house for it. It was a great class, lots of information and very hands
on. I love my equipment because its easy to use and light. Since I've
done my training and got certified, my clientele is growing quickly.
When I was looking around for who does trainings a few companies came up
but were way expensive. I'm glad I took the training with Paradise
Airbrush Tanning, they are very affordable.


did the skype training with Taryn and her class was so in depth. I had
models to tan and she had models to tan it was awesome. She went over
from the do's and don'ts of spray tanning to body types, etc. I learned
so much and her class was very affordable compared to others places I
researched. I got my equipment a few days before my training. After the
class, I felt so confident that I knew I was going to be good at this.
And now I have clients lined up for me. This was the best thing I
invested in.


searched Google for spray tan training and came across 4 companies. I
chose this one because it was the least expensive and am glad I did. The
teacher was so knowledgeable and patient with me and the class itself
was fun. I already have clients lined up. Well worth the price I spent.


never thought I would learn so much on learning how to spray tan. I did
the Skype class and it was not just informing but was also fun, the
price for the training was very affordable considering how much you are
taught. The information Taryn shared with me was priceless. Even though
it was through Skype, we had models to tan which was awesome. Here in
Kauai, there is no spray tanning much less tanning salons so starting my
business here is perfect. Thank you so much, I enjoyed the class.


decided to add spray tanning to my Lashes service but did not know
where to start. I did research on spray tan training and found a few but
they were so expensive which I almost gave up on taking a class. Then I
found Paradise Airbrush Tanning, their prices were the best. Taryn is
the best at what she does and her passion for it shows. I did the
Private one on one training and learned so much and felt confident
afterwards. After the class, I felt like I had spray tanning down. Thank
you Taryn.