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becoming self employed

Hi, just downloaded the Guide and loving it! I'm only at step to but finding that It really is easy to follow and implement what needs to be done. Can't wait till I can resign from my employment and start on my own

I'm a cleaner

Hi, have been working for a large house cleaning business for 5 years and have never really got ahead financially. The business has big overheads and their commercial rates reflect it.
I reckon I can go out on my own and easily compete on price, and quality. So have downloaded the guide and busy following the steps it outlines - all practical and sensible information.

starting my business

I'm a window cleaner and have been on a very average hourly rate. I've downloaded the guide and now head down following the steps it mentions during the evenings and weekends. So far so good and looking forward to

Startup business

I downloaded the Guide 2 weeks ago and am about 1/2 way into setting up my new business. So far I'm pleased with the progress and finding the guide very helpful

new business

I downloaded the Guide and working through the steps. Enjoying the practical approach unlike so many of the websites offering 'free' advice which are mostly useless.

starting a business

I have worked through most of the guide and am very pleased with the way out is written. The process is clear and easy to follow and laid out in ordered steps. I'm really looking forward to seeing the end result online and finally becoming my own boss.

startup business

Fantastic eBook, easy to read and helpful tutorials, both video and image based.

getting my business online

Well, I have worked through the guide and am happy to report my new sole trading business is up and running. The guide contains a lot of detailed information and, thankfully links to exactly the right place to purchase the skills when necessary.

from worker to owner

A great guide. Followed it and now a month later have now started my business online. I have generated leads and about to quit my day job.