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Steve Day Therapy

118 Mount Pleasant Avenue
St. Helens Merseyside , WA9 2PT
United Kingdom


I was worried about judgment when I first started counselling but the therapist was very accepting of who I was and where I was coming from. Therapy is something I should have done sooner.


Coming out was never going to be easy but I feel talking in counselling helped and the humour the counsellor used really made the difference. I feel great in who I am and have always been. Thanks a bunch

A true kind and helpful spirit

Steve is insightful and knowledgeable. He offers pearls of wisdom which can be actualised practically. Steve really promotes healthier thought processes. He is supportive in challenging circumstances; bringing one out of their comfort zone in a secure way.
Steve goes the extra mile for his clients.


I learned a lot from my sessions and gained valuable knowledge to help keep me in the right frame of mind.


Steve was a helpful guy but I dont think therapy is for me.

Who knew

I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to my sessions. They helped me open up and listen to myself, something I had forget to do.


Had reservations when the wife wanted to have therapy, im so glad she picked Steve. He helped us understand and listen to each other again and that was just what we needed. Thank you Steve.


Great stuff, highly recommend.


I was nervous about having therapy but I felt comfortable and at ease quite early on.  


Great guy, couldn't recommend him enough


Therapy helped me thru my dark times and helped me to find a way to the other side

My Mess

I have had counselling for my issue twice before and found the counselling offered here to be moroe helpful. He doesn't hold back and told me stright what i needed to hear, that it was up to me to fix my own mess and helped me find a way to do that. Feeling great...

Silent Hero

After I lost my job Steve continued to see me for free for a few sessions to help me get back on my feet.


I have had sessions with Steve in person and online and found him to be very helpful in both situations

Great Service

I found the counselling here to be top notch.

just the job

This is Just what I needed,

Eye opener

Steve has opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing life. Cheers buddy.


Great to have a counselor who is able to support both people so well at the same time.

New me

After a few sessions, I felt like a whole new person.

Awesome sessions

I looked forward to each session because I learned so much that my outlook on life and towards others completely changed


Some uncomfortable things came out in my therapy but I worked through it all and feel great again.


My wife came hoping to talk without it ending up in a "he said, she said" fashion. we learned to see each others point of view and that we can both be right at the same time


Coming to counselling helped me see things in a new way, it was hard at times but I am so glad I saw it through a few sessions


Counselling totally helped me understand its OK to feel the things I do but its how I express them that get me in the crap.


I felt safe and comfortable and able to open up to reveal the real me.


Things learned from Steve help me understand how to handle situations differently now.


I gained a lot from Steve. Thanks, pal


I wasn't sure me and my husband's marriage would survive. Thanks to talking thru how we were feeling we were able to save our marriage. Thanks, Steve


Honest, friendly and supportive. Just what I needed


I have had counselling before, although I did not find the counsellor here to be the best he clearly loves his work and cares a great deal and this had me coming back 3 times

Feeling myself again

After a break up I needed to make some new choices and I found it much easier to do that after a session here, we looked at what I wanted and what I needed and I was quickly able to make sense of what I had to do for myself.

Pro help

I feel like myself again. I found the counselling here to be professional even at a time the business was moving.

Worth the effort

Difficult but worth it, Thank you I feel much better.

Very Kind

I needed some help fast, and because the counsellor was moving soon he gave me longer sessions at no extra cost in order to help me more. This was a very kind thing to do and made all the difference

Starting over

We both found the counselling here a little different than we have had before, the counsellor was more focused on how we can move forward from where we were rather than looking at why we were stuck. This helped us to start moving forward with a new passion.

Moving up

I feel so much better after the counselling here, X

a happy camper.

I found counselling very difficult and needed extra help. The counseller helped me find a way to get more of what I needed by asking for it more often and this changed my life.


I have had counselling a few times over the years but I feel I have only just started the work after having a session here. I will be back soon Steve. Nice one.

Saved Marriage

I love the energy and passion that Steve has and his motorization really helped us find the joy in being together again and our private life is back on track and better than ever. Thank you for helping me get past my hang up.. 


I got what i needed here, thanks


Coming from a different background I was pleased with how open and happy the counsellor was of my customs and beliefs. The counsellor helped me see how I have held on to old beliefs to keep myself stuck. I feel closer to God now that I am closer to myself.


After years of fighting, we thought it was impossible to reconcile however after a few sessions we learned to find a better way of being together. counselling helped us save our marriage.


I got some great support here when i needed it.

Drug fear

I needed counselling for a while but I was worried about the drugs I use, rather than telling me off for the things I do or tell me I am weak the counsellor helped me feel better about what I have been doing to cope and this was a surprise to me. I don't know how others work but I like how caring Steve is. Thanks, pal

Couples feedback

At first, I hated the counsellor, I felt he was telling me everything was my own fault, After our first session I was close to quitting but had to come back for my partner. It was hard for me to work on my own issues rather than the counsellor fixing my partner for me he made me deal with my own mess. I guess this is the point but I still feel he should have been a little more genital.

One session

I would highly recommend others to come here, the counselor is genuinely interested in helping and clearly puts the work in. If you are thinking of giving it ago take a chance and try one session and you will be hooked.

Another great sess

Thanks for our last session today Steve, I can not believe where I was only a few week ago looking back, you have helped me change my life. XX

Better every day.

I have used this service now for a few months, The counsellor is very honest and direct and although he is kind and caring he has no problem telling me I am being daft or doing something stupid. If you want someone to be honest with you and to help you then this is the place for you.


It was alright, not my kind of thing but i reckon he knew how to help me, maybe i will try again in the future


I first found the sessions here easier and that the counsellor understood how i felt, over time the sessions become harder as we progressed through my issues however i always felt supported by the counsellor and i gained a great deal from the work we did.

2nd time here

I first came for counselling here 2 years ago and after my life suddenly changed a few weeks back and have come back and i am glad I did


My husband and I came for help in getting out of the rut we was stuck in. The counseller helped us see the love was still there but we had gotten to accustomed to each other and stopped appreciating each other. With patience, understanding and non judgmental input we are very much back on track. Cheers Steve

Kick I needed

I was wary of going to counselling as I didn't want to be faced with a nodding dog. Thankfully I was not and he helped me understand my issues and gave me the kick up the bum I needed to take back control and realize only I can get the results I want. Thank you so very much.


My hairdresser recommended this counsellor after he helped her with a bereavement. I lost my brother recently and went to see him on her recommendation and am glad I did.


Steve is an amazing human being! Helped me see through with all my problems that i brought up on the sessions and felt like we could of just chatted for hours. If you go to see him with an open mind and hearth he will do the same and even more! He actually does what he says, he will stretch himself to help his clients. His aim is to hopefully never see you again in the nicest ways possible But always welcomes you if you do go back. Honestly, he has changed my life for the better! Cant recommend him enough! Just superb! Thank you Steve! I will never forget you Mr Nice Guy

Top Notch

left feeling so much better. thank you for helping me see thing differently

Feeling Sad

Had my first visit for counselling recently to help with a personal issue I have struggled with for a long time, although thinking about some of my issues was uncomfortable I honesty felt so much better afterwards and am looking forward to my next session

Anxious client

As someone who is rather anxious, I was stressed about how I would feel going to counselling but I was happy to find I felt at home with Steve and felt relaxed making it easy for me to open up.


I feel so much better after my counselling, if you are still on the fence deciding if you should try counselling the I would say go for it, I wish I had gone sooner now.


Happy wit hthe counselling I received here.


I was expecting to feel judged when I told the counsellor about what I was doing to my partner. He was understanding and always made me feel he was on my side and wanted to help me, with his help I could see I was harming myself more than anyone else and this helped me decide what I wanted to do, I would be happy to recommend counselling here, Thanks again Steve.


I found Ste very helpful, he helped me rebuild my life after I lost my job


I was really nervous as I had never had counselling before, but steve put me at ease from the very first contact, he gave me good advice and made me look at things in a different light that I would not have otherwise thought of. Have recommended to my friends.

Saved Marriage

We saw Steve to help us deal with issues in our relationship. He was very understanding of both our needs and helped us both to start looking at the real issues that were affecting our relationship. I'm sure we would have broken up without his help. Highly recommended


I fully recommend Steve as a therapist, he has a professional yet very friendly manner and makes his clients feel very welcome. I found the sessions extremely beneficial and they certainly helped to put things back on track for me. I would 100% revisit Steve in the future should I feel I need to.


Steve you're so funny, thank you for being real and honest it helped me relax and see the funny side of my problem. I am more comfortable with who I am now. All the best Steve


Helpful. Thanks.


I found working with Steve rather enlightening he has a great way of cutting through the crap and getting to the point, i feel he wanted to help rather than keep me coming back longer.

Always grateful. Thanks

I thought I was talking to the counsellor about my anger issues, I expected him to tell me how to stop feeling angry, It turns out I was angry for a good reason and he helped me see my anger was there to tell me something. He welcomed me even when I was angry, Steve really is free of negative judgments.

We both found Steve invaluably

After finding out I had been cheated on he helped me work on my anger and helped my partner work on his shame. We saw him separately for a few sessions and I found this very helpful. After working on our own issues it made it easier to then work together again and find a way to rebuild the trust. Steve gave us so many sign-posts to help us understand the place we were in and ways we could change it. I thank you for treating us both as individuals with different needs. You saved us and we are both so grateful.

5-stars, Thanks Steve

I found this service helpful

To honest

Steve Is great but he can be direct and a little too honest. Be gentle Steve we are not all strong

Angry As

I saw the counsellor only once, I was not happy that he told me what my problem was. I did not go to counselling to be told what my issues are. I don't feel he should offer advice.

Much love....

I found steve helpful and would recommend him :)

Would recommend

I found it very challenging, he had a way of seeing past what I saying to the meaning behind the words, I found it very insightful if a little fearful. Thank 

Feeling Better..

I saw Steve after my work offered to pay for some help after I had a breakdown. What he helped me see changed my life and I feel stronger than ever.


I found the counsellor to be proficient in his work however I don't feel he helped me on this occasion.

Best counsellor of 3

After having 3 counsellors in my life I can say Steve is a little unorthodox. He doesn't hold back his feelings and ideas and has a way of “telling it like it is”. I got so much from him, I wish I had seen Steve first all those years ago as I have wasted so much time and money. A session could be full of tears and/or laughter and I found his approach refreshing and human. I appreciate how passionate you are Steve thanks again pal.

Thanks Steve

Counselling helped me find a way out of my problems.

5 Star

He had a calming way of helping me feel better about myself. I feel so much better when I look at myself now. 5 stars

Alive and Kicking

I went to Steve to see if he could finally help me after feeling suicidal for many years, he helped me with a passion and caring that helped me get over the abusive childhood I had. I have recommended Steve to others as he puts caring and compassion before anything


Very good counselling service and very nice person. I have been to numerous counsellors with 0% success. Steve made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I genuinely felt like he wanted to help me. He helped me to see the bigger picture, which helped me to solve my problems. For example he helped me to realise everything is not always black and white. He also helped me to see the postive aspects of my life. I would highly recommenend Steve Day; as he is excellent at his profession. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Great counselling.

Steve, Am so grateful for your help and the sessions you gave me. You changed my view on life and I can not thank you enough.

Great Service

I was unsure if counselling was the way to go, I think everyone should give ste a call as he is warm, friendly and full of a desire to help

Extreamly greatful

Steve, I cannot thank you enough. After I lost my job he offered to continue to see me for free and I had 5 extra sessions to help me get my life back on track. Steve puts his caring before his profit and this is a rare find in today's world


I have had counselling before and I found this service more involved than I was used too. Steve asks more than my last counsellor.


When i needed help i found steve to genuinely be there with a desire to support me with my shifting moods.

Not what i expected

i found counselling to be helpful. i talked about my drug problem and rather than judging me he helped me work on my low feelings and at no point made me feel bad or that i had to change. It helped me accept who i am and allowed me to change the way i wanted too.

Couples review

Him - I like how Steve treated me, He never made me feel I was bad for things I had done, He supported me to look at who I was and who I wanted to be, he helped me look at my past and understand that I need to support myself before I can support my wife. Her - I found him understanding of our situation, he understood how I felt and helped me deal with my angry by offering a space to let it out and I never felt he took sides in our situation. With the help of counseling, I learned to acknoledge my feelings and I learned to respect myself in a way I had not before. Counsellin saved our marrage. We both thank you for all you have done for us.

Choose Steve First

I had first gone to steve thinking I would need months or years of sessions, I was pleasantly surprised to find the counsellor wanted to see me finish my counselling as much as I did, He gave me the extra help I wanted and gave me ways to speed up my growth rather than slow it down. See Steve before others as he wants to help as fast as he can. Thanks for all you did for me.

Happy again.. :)

I opened up to the counsellor about my self harming and rather than judging me he helped me to stop negatively judging myself. :)


I found steve to be personally nice however am not sure how helpful he was


With a very painful childhood, I felt I was beyond repair however with the help of counselling I found I could live for tomorrow rather than yesterday. Steve, you helped me turn my life around.

10 out of 10

Professional, flexible and happy to help


Great help thanx


Steve has helped me so much with my issues. He puts you at ease straight away. He is calm , friendly and above all want to help. I was a little sceptical about seeking help but I am so glad I took the leap of faith.
I would not speak to another counseller after spending the last few months with Steve.


I found Steve Day Therapy at a time in my life when I was emotionally at crisis point I had no hope & felt there was no future for me.
I tried other therapy before I came across Steve but found I had no success. Steve gave me the space & time to find my own way.
I found I was able to discuss my inner feelings & express myself with Steve in an environment where I felt safe.
He was always there to listen empathetically & focus on my needs.
I have PTSD & I felt I’d reached a point of no return & Steve supported me to find a way through the pain, the fear & anxiety I was feeling.
I had never been able to open up so completely before in my life & Steve’s relaxed, calm, professional & non judgemental approach made me feel able to freely express what was on my mind.
Therapy has changed my life, it has empowered me to manage my own feelings & emotions & I believe that I will carry with me all I have learned from Steve for years to come.
I have become emotionally intelligent & aware in a way I could never have imagined possible.