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Steven Vasilev MD Gynecologic Oncology Institute

Santa Monica Boulevard,2121
Santa Monica California , 90404
United States

Dancing with Cancer

In April 2019, I was diagnosed with Peritoneal Cancer. This was overwhelming for me, until I had my first meeting with Dr. Steven Vasilev. He was extremely calm, clear, kind, and took as much time as I needed to understand the best plan for me. He gave me hope when I didn’t have any. I knew when I left our meeting that I could trust him, and he would give his very best to fight this cancer. I could not have been more thankful. The following week, I started 9 chemo treatments; one per week. Fortunately, my body responded very well. I was feeling fantastic! I am a dancer, and after 5 chemo treatments, I performed in a showcase for the studio where I train. I am posting this video to offer encouragement to anyone in cancer treatment. It is possible to continue having fun while in treatment! Currently, I am recovering from my robotic surgery. From this experience, I have nothing but positive words and praise. Dr. Vasilev did brilliant work for me and my recovery is going smoothly. Georgette, Dr. Vasilev’s PA, was wonderful as well. Their personal and kind demeanor assured me that I was in great hands. I am incredibly thankful and blessed that I had Dr. Vasilev and his team caring for me. Thank you for saving my life.

I felt very well taken care of.

My experience with the robotic surgery was a very positive one, from the moment I came in. I was up pretty much right after the surgery.

Dr Vasilev and his team were amazing!

I felt very cared for by the ENTIRE team all the way.

Just know you are in very good hands!

Dr Steven Vasilev and his PA Lisa were always there for me.

Highly recommended!

Dr Vasilev and his entire team were great. Treated warmly, compassionately and quickly.

So very grateful to Dr Vasilev and Lisa

Care, compassion was overwhelming. Brilliant expertise and a fabulous team. You would be very lucky to have care here. Love them both!

Very grateful to the GREAT team!

My sister could not believe how fast I was up doing the things I was doing soon after the robotic surgery I had. Appreciate the care so very much!

Very personalized experience

I can't say enough about the team and the robotic surgery healing was very fast.

Never felt like I had a surgery & recovery was miraculous

I'm amazed at this robotic surgery and the care was fabulous!

Quick Recovery, on with life !

Dr. Vasilev, Lisa and the entire team are great. I feel so optimistic!

Excellent caring team

Dr. Steven Vasilev MD, Lisa Beedle PAC and Alex make a great excellent caring team!

Heartfelt Gratitude !!

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr Steven Vasilev and his Gynecologic Oncology Institute team at Providence Saint John's in Santa Monica

The Journey

A fantastic professional caring team led by Dr. Vasilev.

My experience

My surgical experience

The dream team

So grateful for personal warm attention

The team is fantastic and I'm so thankful I found Dr. Vasilev and his staff.

Fantastic personal attention from everyone here