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Tech Exec Forum

Mark hosted and facilitated a lively interesting discussion in which everyone participated. His opening comments hit the mark with the attendees and assured an interesting and valuable discussion.

R&D Grants - manufacturing business

Our client operates a business that designs, manufactures and sells (B2C & B2B) garden landscape infrastructure for a range of site-types including small gardens, apartments and commercial properties. They had been developing the products for some time and had previously considered seeking R&D funding; they had in the past unsuccessfully sought 'specialist' advice... We introduced Messrs Schroffel and Laney and never looked back! These guys knew what they were doing and were smart and pragmatic in delivering the best outcomes for our client. I have no hesitation in recommending them...


Dr Brett L Scarlett - Strategic Advisor

Business Strategy & Implementation

Mark and the team at SRB have assisted a number of our clients to develop and implement robust business strategies. Their clear, pragmatic approach combined with quality leadership skills guarantees results. The team is in front of the curve providing creative solutions for brand management and demand creation. 

Trent Dyball Managing Director, Norman Connell Advertising & ManBrands

Tech Exec Forum

Thanks to Mark from SRB Strategy for hosting an excellent forum. With a common interest in technology and innovation the participant brought their own unique skill and experience to share with the others. Great lunch too. 

Tech Exec Forum

A very interesting session: a good mix of business professionals, well facilitated, and quite topical.


The general flavour of the conversation (and debate!) was far more frank, systematic and constructive than is typical of events of this type. 


I valued the opportunity to participate, and found the event to be a productive use of my time.

George Mackey, Chief Operating Officer, Meemeep

Strategic Planning Workshop

It was after consulting with colleagues that I brought Mark into our company to provide strategic planning services to one of our key clients. This was a move not taken lightly. I wonder why we had not done it earlier given the results achieved with our client. If you intend to stay in business and prosper then going with Schröffel, Renwick & Beeson would be a very good move.


Dale Simpson

Managing Director, Bravo Consulting Group