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Having suffered from an unknown illness for six months i.e. shaking and feeling very depressed, I was eventually diagnosed with Tremoral Parkinson's Disease.The medical treatment I had been receiving in the UK was disappointing to say the least and I was left to manage my illness as best I could on my own once medications were prescribed.  During my recent visit to Australia I approached Monika about my illness and after some specific blood tests she provided me with vitamin supplements to rebalance my body.  Monika also planned meals for me that made me have a much healthier diet.  Along with these changes I continued to take my prescribed medications. Over the past few months the results have been amazing.  My depression and anxiety attacks are no longer an issue, my balance and bowel function have improved, my shaking has substantially reduced and I feel better in myself and look forward to getting up each day and enjoying life again.  Monika and I speak on a regular basis via Skype and she asks me questions about how I am feeling and how my body is functioning.  These questions are repeated every other week so that Monika can monitor inconsistencies and changes as well as making changes to my supplements.  She also gives me a lot of encouragement which has supported me through the tough times.I could have sat back and felt sorry for myself but with Monika urging me along it helps me to fight my condition and therefore overcome many of my disturbing symptoms. I will always have this upsetting disease but each day is different because I could have a variety of symptoms.  However, my body and my spirit feel so much better so there is help out there if you look for it.  Thank you Monika for all your support and guidance in making me feel more positive about the future and living with Parkinson's. Christine.  

Its changed our lives. (Weight Loss)

I had tried a lot of different things to help my daughter who had been noticing within herself a weight issue. She is naturally a different size and body shape than her brothers but as time went on my 10 year old girl was beginning to pile on weight. We couldn't understand why.  She was eating a pretty good diet for a kid, no chips, takeouts or soft drinks. No foods that we thought would make such a huge difference. We had been to doctors for blood checks to detect any issues in thyroid or liver function or allergies. We had been to month long community healthy eating programs.  She was playing netball 2ce a week, soccer 1ce a week and walking from school daily.  Why didnt it make a difference?  I saw Monikas information on a community facebook page and thought to give it a try.  What did we have to loose? Right away Monika was friendly and understanding. She encouraged us to get some genetic testing for her but really - to begin on a high fat low carb diet.   I hadnt heard of this way of life before.   I went home to my husband and told him about it. He decided to join my daughter in "giving this a go" to help make it easy on her. I also tagged along in support.Monika was always available to answer questions along this road. Since January 1st my daughter has lost 6kg. She feels better and recognises many changes within herself. I have lost 7kgs. I felt i was at a healthy weight to begin with - but i now realise that my habits were lazy and i was uneducated. I now make choices with purpose and I am no longer addicted to sugar. My husband has currently lost 15kgs. This way of life has been the only thing to have worked for him. To loose any weight in the past, he would have to eat chicken and rice, and egg whites, and tuna and rice crackers daily and run 8kms every day all while feeling constantly starving. It was such a stressful lifestyle that was never going to be sustainable.  He of course gave that up years ago never having reached his goal.Now we are eating, healthy fats, avocado, fresh tasty food, leafy greens veges, meat, fish , eggs, bacon, cream, butter and cheese.   We are NEVER hungry and our cravings are gone. We are no longer tired, achy, lethargic or overly moody.We can not stop raving to people how its changed our lives.We now EAT TO LIVE not LIVE TO EAT - like we were before.Thank you Monika for educating us and  guiding us on this path to better choices and better heath. 


I met Monika at a networking meeting, I was immediately drawn to her warm personality.  She mentioned something at this meeting about diet which planted a seed in the back of my mind.  Roll forward a few weeks and I met another lady who was absolutely glowing.  She credited Monika with the results.  Monika and her skills were being put in front of me time and again.  At this point I confess to being a tad jealous; I wanted to glow too. 


I was tired of being tired, feeling like I was constantly being spread too thin.  But hey, I’m a mother, a wife and the owner of a very busy business – I’m bound to feel tired right?  Still the memory of the glowing lady stuck with me.  Monika popped up in another network meeting – hmmm, I’m starting to get the message.


The eternally patient Monika was able to find a time to fit into my hectic schedule and I am super glad we were able to get together.  For me, I was prepared for the standard naturopath appointment – you know the one where you walk out with 101 different potions and pills that are beyond revolting to consume and a small mortgage lighter in your pocket and appointments continuing into eternity.  I was super tired of being tired, I was prepared to take the risk. 


Know what I got instead?  An amazing session with a wonderfully knowledgeable lady who explained the science of why I felt like I was spread too thin; an adjustment to my mindset about food; a how to guide and the power of knowledge.  I left her with hope and trepidation (how on earth was I going to action this?), a follow up appointment and not a single supplement in sight.  Turns out the knowledge was enough power to get me going and within 2 weeks there was no 3pm slump, the fog cleared in my brain.  One follow up appointment, a small amount of supplement and a lifetime of change. 


Thank you Monika, you have improved my wellbeing in so many ways.  You are the instigator or “the glow” and I am forever grateful to you.


I started going to Monika Healthy Life Pathways 7 months ago as I had put on a bit of weight, I was sceptical at first as I am stubborn and still wanted to eat what I always ate but also wanted to be slimmer, I was also a vegetarian only because I didn't like preparing meat dishes.

The first time I met her I felt very comfortable around her straight away she made me feel welcome in her home with her bubbly personality, beautiful smile and contagious laugh. 

After I explained to her how I was feeling and what my goals were she explained to me in great detail in a way I could understand where I may be going wrong with my then eating habits, she gave me recipes and guided me through a nutrition plan along with supplements (with are amazing none of your over the counter stuff that usually doesn't work) and eventually some amazing herbs which gets changed as your body changes ..these I swear by and wouldn't be without all these things come with time after Monika assesses your progress at intervals she thinks necessary.

She is very affordable and not at all pushy.

I was not a very big person (which I find losing weight harder) but have managed to lose 8.1kg to date reaching well past my goal weight with Monika's help and guidance and of course regular exercise.

She is an amazing, very approachable lady, and I could not have done it without her.

Don't think twice about contacting her..I'm glad I didn't thanks Monika


I came and saw Monika for Gout in my foot after several months of recurrent pain, swelling and discomfort.  I wasn’t particularly keen on undertaking long term treatment with medication that resulted in undesirable side effects.  Monika changed my diet and prescribed the right balance of supplements needed to re-balance my blood chemistry with dramatic results after the first two weeks.  After the initial two weeks the swelling and pain had reduced approximately 70%, I was convinced that we were on the right treatment pathway.  After about six weeks in total my foot had zero swelling and was pain free, this was an incredibly fast result and is a testament to Monika and the protocols she suggested I follow.  Monika is an excellent communicator and takes the time to explain how the body and its internal terrain responds to the foods we eat as well as other external factors that can impact our health.  Overall I am very pleased with my result and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Monika to others.


I decided to go to see Monika Webb last year after suffering
severe anxiety and anorexia from a traumatic event. My doctor had put me on
several strong drugs for very low adrenal function and high cortisol levels.
After going to see Monika, and undergoing blood tests, she then recommended a course
of treatment that has been hugely successful. Gradually, I was able to get off
the drugs, with my doctor’s knowledge and guidance, and I have been taking
Monika’s advice ever since. I now feel very well and able to cope again, but I
will continue to take Monika’s advice to ensure I stay well in the future.


What if I told you that food is medicine? That what we know about food is changing? We are being challenged by what we thought we knew, only to be told that we may have got it wrong for the last 30 or so years.

I now know I was wrong. Preaching low fat, high carb for over 12 years to my clients, my friends, my family. Flogging myself with training, running 30km's a week, gym 5 days a week, eating less than 30g of fat a day and yet still I was slowly putting on weight. Weight I couldn't lose. Over those years I put on close to 20kg.

In the end I just gave up, my body was broken, stressed, suffering from chronic major depression, living on prescription medication and I threw away my personal training career. 

I knew something had to change but I didn't know what. I was a Personal Trainer goddammit, and supposed to be healthy and happy! Didn't I have all the tools and resources at my fingertips? What was wrong with me? I was doing all the right things, yet I was supremely unhappy. I lost a marriage, time with my kids, friendships, a career. You can never get those things back! 

But what if it could all be traced back to nutrition, genetics and deficiencies ?

In the last 6 months I have cut all wheat and sugar from my diet. I am eating very few grains, truckloads of greens and non starchy veg, delicious grass fed meats, healthy oils, cream, butter and full fat cheeses. I've cut back on coffee and now only drink decaf (for those of you who know the 'old me' you will be shocked!). I very rarely drink alcohol anymore. I just don't need it or enjoy it. 

With the help from my Naturopath and beautiful friend Monika Webb, I discovered I was deficient in many vitamins and minerals because I tested positive to a gene, 'Mauve Factor' or Pyroluria.

With the above changes made to my diet and appropriate nutritional supplements, I was able to stop taking antidepressants, after being on them for the last 20 years. 

I can honestly say I have never felt better or happier. The excess weight is slowly coming off, my body is healing, my mind is sharp and I have limitless energy. I walk a couple of times a week and lift heavy weights two or three times a week.

No crazy extreme exercising or restrictive starvation dieting for me anymore. 

Change the way you think, change your eating, change your body, and change your life!


Growing up in Switzerland with a good diet, but then travelling through New Zealand and Australia ..... Backpacker food is sadly often pretty unhealthy. Never mind I kept my extra kilos on me. Moving out of home and having my own place and feats, visitors and freedom, the weight just stayed with me.

After getting married and getting blest with two kids I always had an excuse about my weight.

Just started to accept it, but was I really happy with it?

Immigrating to Qld was a big adjustment ...suddenly I driven around with the car day by day, where I used to walk through the village with my kids or made use of bike a kids trailer.

It took me a long time to finally realise that I eat often to get comfort when I felt homesick.

After my friend told me about Monika I thought about seeing her, but wasn't 100 % convinced that I can change my diet .

A close friend given me a hand me down skirt from Eumandi market.... Oh how I loved that style and colour!!!! But guess what it was a size 12..... And with all my strength my hip didn't want to pass the opening of that skirt.

That made me sad, but at the same time staring to think about a big change of my 83 kilos.

I started seeing Monika, and guess what as I started seeing her each week, she ( and my dear hubby and family )supported me so well that I have been on a healthy losing weigh journey with great guidance and success .

I have lost good 12 kilos in 11 month. 

Believe me I could do so much more with sport, but living here in the bush doesn't give me that much options for what I would like to do.

Never mind my body says thank you for making everyday life so much easier not caring that extra weight around and feel sorry for my self and say, that's just how I am.

Buying new pieces for my cupboard , makes me feel proud of what I achieved over the last few months.

Going low on sugar has been a real eye opener for me and my whole family!

Thanks Monika for your amazing support!!! Lots of love from tabs  


I started seeing Monika after having pneumonia,
which left me bedridden for 3 weeks and off work for 6 weeks. A friend
recommended I see a Naturopath and Monika lives locally to me. I was a little
skeptical about it all but was desperate.


My first consult was very emotional and I spent
most of my time in tears out of frustration, plus I was feeling absolutely
awful. Monika was very supportive and very understanding of emotional state and
my budgetary constraints, which were significant after being off work for such
a long time.


It’s been approximately 3 months since I started
seeing Monika. She changed my diet and I am also taking some supplements but
her recommendations are easy to follow and straight forward. I feel fantastic!
I’ve always been an active individual; my running speeds have improved, my
stamina has improved, I have loads of energy and people keep commenting on how
good I look. One unexpected development as a result of Monika’s help is a massive
improvement in the arthritis in my hands – arthritis? what arthritis LOL!!


Monika is approachable and easy to talk to and
only a little bit hippy-fied (is there such a word??). I am extremely grateful
for her help and trust her advice implicitly; I recommend her to everyone who
comments on how great I look! I think in this busy day and age our health gets
neglected but once you get it back it’s very addictive.


Thank you Monika xx


Monika is amazing! After years of ongoing health issues with no answers, Monika has turned my life around. I haven't felt this good in more than 20 years!


My name is Cheryl and I would like to share with you how meeting Monika has helped me so much with my day to day living.  

I have always taken great pride in living my life as a person who loved to keep fit by playing sport in my younger years and then in later years enjoying different classes and weights at the gym.  Even though I was eating healthy I was living with a few food intolerances.

Over the past couple of years though, I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew that something was not quite right within my body.  

I had severe shoulder pain that also seemed to come right through into my breast and after having my Mum pass away with cancer, which was first diagnosed in her breast and then it moved into different parts of her body.  

I proceeded to see my doctor and then a specialist who found it was a build up of calcium and this was then removed.  I have been very fortunate to be a very healthy person throughout my life and I thought, ok that's the end of that and now everything would be ok.  But something still just didn't seem right.  

My hands were very puffy and my joints were sore and swollen, as well as my lower stomach and back were giving me a lot of pain.

My doctor ran some blood tests and again everything appeared to be pretty good on the surface.  As I have a high tolerance to pain, I just gave myself a talking to and said, well this is what life has dealt you, so you had better just learn to live with it. 

Still something just seemed to be telling me, come on don't give up there has to be someone out there that can help you.  I was lucky that by talking to my friend Julie and telling her how I was feeling, she then told me her story and what she was doing had improved her health.  As I have always believed in natural therapies I decided to give Monika a call.

After my first visit I felt that I was not going crazy and yes I should listen to my body. I believed I was getting a warning to do something about my health before the quality of life disappeared. 

I went ahead and had my complete blood and urine tests done and while waiting for the results Monika started me on the supplements and made changes to the way I was eating. 

The day I got my blood tests back, my wonderful husband Darryl was there to support me as he always does and we sat with Monika and went through the results. 

I remember saying at the time,  if only this had been my report card from high school,  I would have been very happy with all the very high marks which appeared in most of the blood chemistry readings, such as Cancer risk, Arthritis, Diabetes, stroke and mercury poisoning from my teeth. 

It certainly came as a shock in one way but also as a relief to know why I had been feeling as I did, especially as I was doing everything by the "So called" book of Health and Fitness. 

Monika explained that it was just as well that I had been living as healthy as I had, as my body was tired of fighting and was struggling to cope and to properly utilise the foods I was eating. 

I believe this so much as after following the programme for only 3 weeks I was pain and symptom free. 

It has now been well over 4 months since starting the programme, I have had my amalgams removed and I feel incredible. As well as losing 10kg in weight I can now wear my engagement ring again, I am so happy with no pain or swelling in my hands.  

Even over Christmas, it was easy with the foods, as all I could think of was being with my family is such a special gift.  I feel now with the help that Monika has given me I have given myself many more years of quality time to share with my family.

The overall well-being I feel today, I can't say thank you enough for the care from my "Special Angel Monika".

I give my permission for Monika to use this testimonial on her website so that others may benefit from this programme as well.


I've suffered with depression and my weight now for quite a few years and had started seeing articles pop up on the Internet about the effects a high carb / low fat diet can have, not only on your body but emotionally as well! I was a little skeptical at first, after all we've had it drummed into us for many years to eat low-fat foods, "healthy" cereal for breakfast, a salad sandwich for lunch etc etc. 

So I decided to give it a crack! In June 2014 I started on my low carb journey, I found a programme that was high protein, low carb and a small amount of full fat foods.  

After a few months found that I was getting some results as far as weight loss went and my emotional state improved slightly but I still wasn't completely off the depression roller coaster. 

It had been suggested to me to have my blood chemistries done to find out exactly what was going on! That's when I found Healthy Life Pathways and started on my new programme. 

I loved the fact that the programme gave me the exact amounts of what I need to eat according to ME!  Not someone else's or a one size fits all, it is what my blood chemistry needs. 

So here I am 3 months on my total weightloss to date is just over 16kgs and still dropping and I feel great inside and out. 

My depression is almost completely under control, which is still improving with each passing day, I get next to no PMS and I have energy and lots of it! 

The programme along with Monika's ongoing support and encouragement has me feeling young, fun and full of life again, something I have not been able to say for a long time! I couldn't recommend the Healthy Life Pathways programme more highly!!

I am happy for this letter to be shown to others who may like to do this programme.


The Programme that Monika Webb is offering is nothing short of a
miracle for me.  After suffering a heart
attack (at 46 years young) two years ago I continually struggled.  I simply did everything the Heart Foundation
told me to do, took my medications and continued to get sicker and fatter. 


After a full blood diagnosis I was given a huge personalised report
that detailed exactly what I had to do to get my body into a place where it
could heal itself.  Getting rid of sugar,
processed carbs & adding huge amounts of good fats was a total reversal to
what I’d been doing …….but WOW! what a difference.  Within the first 2 weeks I started sleeping
better, the pains started to subside and within 4 weeks I’d already lost over 8
kg along with detoxing, my insulin dropped from 10 (pre-diabetic) to 4. 


The programme covered so much more then the nutrition, I was able to
balance my pH levels, and get my body into ‘Fight back mode”.  After 6 - 8 months I’d dropped 24 kgs my
blood results started to level and I had 4 times the energy. 


All completed with a great plan tailored for my bodies needs, and
supplemented with wonderful advice, vitamins & minerals, support &


My annual cardiac appointment was met with disbelief of the positive
blood results and excitement by my cardiologist at Prince Charles who promptly
halved all my medications. 


I would not hesitate to recommend this programme to anyone wanting
improve their own health or to use this as a prevention tool. 


I give Healthy Life Pathways permission to show this letter and my
story to others who are wondering if they should embark on this journey of
health improvement.  

2016 Update

 I wasn't expecting that, Been
permanently released from hospital routine visits.

After a massive LAD heart attack in
2012 the cardiologist was expecting my echo to range about 30% (normal is 55%)
& came in with an unbelievable 53% Gold stars all around. So relieved.

Be it the yoga, the lchf diet or just amazing luck I'm taking it!!!
Thank you to my wonderful support network Kaleel Grant,Deborah King
 & Monika Webb