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Great RF meter!

Awesome RF meter. Did exactly what I needed it to do. Was able to pinpoint my cell antenna to the nearest tower. Shipping was fast too. (Go with express shipping. A bit more expensive but definitely worth it)

Alnwick Haldimand Fire Department

Absolutely fantastic! Immediately after installation we had crystal clear communication all through Station 2 where cell reception wasnt available before.

Works great

Installed it in a 1700 square foot house, plus basement. Have full coverage on main floor and basement.
Went from barely 1 bar to full bars near indoor antenna and 4 on egedes of house.
Only downside is the outdoor cable is quite stiff, hard to unroll and route. A better more flexible cable would be good.
The manual doesn't state that the gain LEDs will be off for a bit while the unit self adjusts.

RG11 cable 100'

Excellent service and prompt delivery.

Big Down East Thank You!

Thank you for a great product! We were never happy with cell phone reception when at our camp so researched the Fusion Professional and bought one. Once installed, which was very easy, and I'm no techie, there was immediate improvement!! I was able to make a call, text and download data standing inside my camp. Previously we had to place our cell phones on the window sill over our sink, and that was hit or miss!
I power the booster using a Honda generator when we have it running, but most of the time it runs off a 300W inverter connected to a 12 volt deep cell battery, charged through a solar panel. It's only been up a few days but so far so good! Very happy.

Outdoor antenna placement is key

We live in a rural area with lots of trees. At the end of our driveway, we can see the nearest cell tower and have great reception, but the signal in the house (and most importantly) in my basement office was ok for calls, useless for data.

The first placement of the outside Yagi antenna must have been impacted by the trees (as shown in the photos). After moving it 30 or so feet from the first location (still pointing at the same tower), data throughput in the basement went from +/-1Mbps up and down, to reliably over 20Mbps down, 5Mbps up.

Annoyance is sometimes I have to toggle back & forth between airplane mode for the various phones in the house to get / send their signal through the booster.

Very easy to install

The installation was a breeze, my only problem, I could not see or test if the signals where better, the only antenna available in the region where on a network I don't use.

Limited use

Before installation, I had very inconsistent signal strength from my carrier, Freedom. Some 2 bars fading out to no connection at times. With my SureCall booster it is only slightly better and I have to have the phone within 1 meter of the indoor unit.

Great results!

Works great! Brought our worksite from one bar to five!!

Works well.

I am not sure why but setup didn't seem to work at first. Maybe the direction was off or maybe a connection was not fully in. Either way I was not able to get any boost at first. I tried live support and email. I never received a response from live support, but did via email the next day. It was frustrating as I having issues working remotely without a good connection, but all in all I did get answered even though I had already figured it out and the product is good.

Works Great!

I just received the SureCall booster and found an area where my cell coverage was only one bar intermittently. When I turned the booster on I instantly was up to a steady 3 bar signal and my phone worked great! I would definitely recommend this to anyone with poor cell coverage.

Wilson vs surecall

Side by side comparison surecall 1 bar could hardly call out. Wilson full service. I know where I’m spending my money

Works great even without climbing onto roof

I can get full bars in my basement, used to not even connect to make a call. The car version works well because not only does it guarantee I'm receiving all calls, but it improves the internet connection for maps.
I attached the outdoor antenna on an old satelite reciever mounted to the side of my house, the TV antenna seems risky to climb, maybe one day and I'm sure it will improve the reception even more so. But yes it works for my home, ~2000sqft.


Not sure as of yet!!!!!

I order this product on the 25th of June and payed the Express shipping and it's the 5th of july today and have not received anything.
So I can't give an opinion on the product but UPS isn't in my good books right now.
Needed this for work now in a bind 🤨🤨


I've have been using the Fusion 5x for over a year now to boost my home cell and internet and have mixed feelings about how well it is doing. I live out in the country and without it I get 1 or 2 bars at most. With it, I usually get around another bar. I mainly use it to get cellular internet at home since there aren't any other providers in my area. I find the speeds can be quite intermittent and regularly have to reboot the booster and routers (ZTE turbo/rocket hubs) to return to reasonable speeds. To be fair, the internet provider (Rogers via Bell), or router could be partly to blame. I have noticed that simply turning on the ZTE router seems to cause the LTE lights to go orange on the booster which I believe indicates that it is getting interference on those channels. Sadly, without any form of interface I have very little to diagnose the problem with. I have tried plugging the router directly into the booster, moving it further away from the indoor antenna, etc but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I even tried switching from the wall antenna to the ceiling antenna to make sure it wasn't pointing towards the outdoor Yagi antenna. The only thing I haven't been able to do is increase the vertical separation between the indoor and outdoor antennas. They are approximately 2 full floor lengths apart at the moment and it would be difficult to make it any higher. All that said, I remain grateful that it works at all since I wouldn't be able to use my internet and cell without it. Maybe making a GUI that is easily accessible via Bluetooth or wifi would be beneficial to users?

Excellent, efficient service and great product.

Ordered two of these units for two of our buildings. They absolutely rock! And the response and shipping speed was fantastic. Thank you.

Future looks good!

Hi! Technician online wete good advisors. Shipping was fast, only 5 days from almost coast to coast. I'm still in testing phase but from windows 1bar, i'm up to 4-5 bars 80% of my home. It's unbelievable. A new phone supllier package will have cost me 40 to 55$ more per month so even if the booster cost money i'm still ahead. So far, i'm satisfied. Thanks Surecall.

Esy installation

Work very well, full bar on my phone

Sure call flare booster

Got this booster because where I'm at ranges from zero to one bar of reception. Mounted it about 30 feet up a tree and pointed it in the general direction of the nearest tower. I now have 4 to 5 bars and am able to video chat with my little daughter living over in England. So happy about this.

Works as advertised

My cabin is only 2.5km from the tower, but we are in a valley compared to the tower. I had to put the antenna a good 40 feet up to get the signal, but it was rock solid once I got there. Hoping to mount the antenna a little higher on our next trip up to get a little more speed.
Our cabin is near Tunnel Lake in Algoma off Hwy 129 in case anyone is looking for a reliable solution for that area.

Finally, working from home is an option

Living just outside the city limits means that your choices for high speed internet and very limited. we use Rogers Rocket Hub and prior to installing the Surecall Fusion Professional Signal booster the download speeds were at best 10 Mbps, now after installing the booster the download speed is on average about 30 Mbps.. this is such a relief because now working from home is not an issue. The investment for me, was well worth it!!

Surecall booster cradle

Did not receive the 4ft cable that was supposed to come with the booster cradle and had to purchase another cable to get it installed. Was not impressed.

Surecall booster cradle

Did not receive the 4ft cable that was supposed to come with the booster cradle and had to purchase another cable to get it installed. Was not impressed.

Surecall booster cradle

Did not receive the 4ft cable that was supposed to come with the booster cradle and had to purchase another cable to get it installed. Was not impressed.

Caller cannot hear me

I don't understand why others cannot hear me but I can hear them? If it is a clear day I am unable to get a signal. It takes 1 minute to do a search online.

Excellent booster

This booster is excellent. Uses very little power from my battery bank. my servuce was 1 bar to zero reception. we now get 3 to 5 bars consistently. we upgraded to the recommended offgrid cable and also got the 20" J bar. Installation was very easy. Anyone half handy and half techie could do it.

Cell booster in Northern Ontario

The SureCall Flare 3.0, cell booster, works well. I tie wrapped the antennae to tree and aimed it at a roger tower, then run the wire into my trailer and set the booster in a shelf inside trailer The signal was boosted from 1 bar to 3 bars, which made me quite happy.



SureCall Booster did the job

Ordering was easy. Got what was recommended to me on time (all the way from BC). Installation went smooth. Sure Call Booster has boosted my lame signal in the house so I can make business calls now.

Outstanding Service, Great Product!

SureCall are superstars at customer service. I’m not kidding, they’re some of the very business in in business anywhere. The acreage booster worked as promised. Thank you! I’ll highly recommend you to neighbours and friends.

Outstanding Service, Great Product!

SureCall are superstars at customer service. I’m not kidding, they’re some of the very business in in business anywhere. The acreage booster worked as promised. Thank you! I’ll highly recommend you to neighbours and friends.

Excellent / Full Bars / Great Customer Service

I was a little skeptical that these boosters would work but it is excellent. We are at a small 2 bedroom camp/cottage in Northwestern Ontario, Canada and we're always dropping calls and my internet here isn't great (3.24mbps down, .02mbps up). But we installed the SureCall Flare 3.0 about 10 days ago and have not dropped a call and have full bars consistently. As well, when I need faster internet (for work, usually when I am sending large files) I can hotspot off my phone (13.21mbps down, 8.5 up). We also ordered the surge protector. The cables provided are more than enough length but do not fit flat in a window but you can buy a piece for that if you don't want to drill holes. Easy installation (took 30 mins because we mounted on a pole on the roof), great customer service, great product. I highly recommend to everyone.


Works as advertised from intermittent signal to full function for voice and data.
I would recommend this unit to others.


So far so good had 1 bar now 4... we will see how it works in the future.


I purchased the unit a couple of weeks ago and it was delivered in good order. Couple of issues. I ordered the Flare unit with two accessories. The exterior J bar unit and the cable upgrade. 100 ft of cable in lieu of the 50 that is normal. Surprised when I received both the 100 ft and 50 ft coils. Not sure what I do with the 50 now. Suggestion: If someone orders the 100Ft upgrade keep the 50 that normally come and maybe give a price break.
Also, I had a very difficult time connecting the coaxial cable to the antenna drop. Had not trouble at all at with the other end and even tried it with the extra 50 ft cable but it was difficult as well. Not sure what the trouble is (was) but in my opinion that connection is suspect. Just doesn't look or feel right. Now I'm no co-ax guy but after 42 years in the electrical construction business I kinda have a feel for what joint is good and what is not. We'll see how it lasts. Any suggestions ??? Other than that seems like a quality product.

SureCall 30" Mirror-Mount Trucker Antenna - SC-130W

A++++ customer service. Mounted this antenna on my kenworth's mirror and I now get service way further then with the small antenna. Ran this on the ice road and had no issues. Totally satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it
Thanks for the great customer service


Installed my new surecallbooster and so far I'm happy with it. However, I.m only getting 3 bars but that's with my old satellite cable (can't get under the camp yet) and only one foot above the roof. Is the 25ft requirement mean direct distance from antenna to the receiver or the length of the cable?


The antenna did the job of boosting the signal so I can use my phone everywhere in my house even on the porch. This is in an area with a very weak signal. The only minor issue I would say is with the quality of the screws/machine screws provided with the antenna pole. Philip/JIS head? and magnetic stainless steel. If you have to makes alot of adjustments the heads will strip out.

Works Great

This product did give us extra bars on our cell and cellular wifi service. We were having issues because our place has a tin roof but this helped bring the service inside better. SureCall has great customer service. They were very helpful when we had an issue. The issue was not due to their equipment failure but Mother Nature.

Outstanding service

I just want to thank you for the outstanding service helping me solve my issues with my antenna.I have it all hooked up and am very impressed with the signal I am receiving it's a 8.5 km reach through a forest of trees and I am getting excellent signal and it's reaching all areas of my house.I will definitely recommend to anyone needing a cell booster.Again thanks for the excellent service

Outstanding Service

I just want to thank you for the outstanding service helping me solve my issues with my antenna. I have it all hooked up and am very impressed with the signal I am receiving it's a 8.5 km reach and I am getting excellent signal and it's reaching all areas of my house. I will definitely recommend to anyone needing a cell booster. Again thanks for the excellent service.

Works for sure

Cottage is in an area that has no signal got 2 bars with this. Enough to text and talk not so great for surfing the internet.

Awesome Booster

I work in the Interior of British Columbia. Always on the fringe of service. This booster strengthens my signal and allows me to conduct business where ever I am. I highly recommend this booster.

Early Days - Mixed Results

I was getting bad connectivity for my cell in my home office. Measuring around 140db. We found a section on our roof that was around 100db.

We mounted the booster there, last Wednesday.

Today is Monday, so it's only been a few days, but initially my clarity was significantly better, but then our tenants seemed to have problems connecting, and getting a good signal where they hadn't had issues before. I had a better signal initially Wed-Friday but today (Monday) I've had two clients indicate the line wasn't clear and that I was breaking up.

Great Improvement!

Went from 0-1 bars to 2-4 and able to use data.


Just installed a Fusion 4 booster. Easy to install basically plug and play. We did put up a aluminium mast(20ft) in order to clear neighbour's roof and a clear shot to cell tower 7.5 kilometers away. The result was going from 1 to 2 to 4and 5 bar throughout the cabin.



Unbelievable!! It works!!!

Needed a quick and simple cell phone solution at the cabin. We had very limited signal previous to the install. We needed the 100’ cable to get to higher ground. We didn’t overthink the install, goal was speed. So we sought out the biggest, barest, tree on high ground. Pointed the antenna to what we hoped was an appropriate tower, used the mounting kit, connected the wires and Voila!!!! It works. 3 to 4 bars, 8mb/s downloads. Could not be happier. Install time under an hour.

SureCall Fusion Pro at the cottage- improved from 1-2 bars to 3-4 bars

It's been almost 2 months since I installed the SureCall Fusion Pro at our cottage near Mont-Tremblant, Québec. With a prominent hill between us and the cell towers at the top of Mont-Tremblant, cell service (Bell or Rogers) was always sketchy (LTE 1-2 bars usually). We usually got no service in the basement. I ended up doing some Google Earth analysis and calculations to determine that with the outside antenna near the top of the chimney, we could almost "clear" the summit of the hill between the two points. It worked! Now we have consistent 3-4 bars throughout the cottage. We went from a field strength averaging about -120 to a field strength that ranges from -85 to -105. We're very happy with the result, and, as it turns out, we got lucky with geography. Installation was relatively easy, especially the inside components. I'm respectful but not afraid of heights so even the outside antenna was not too difficult to install. Getting the right vertical and horizontal angles for the antenna on the optional angled pole was a bit tricky while at the top of the ladder. I used a trick of dropping a couple of #12 wood screws between the wall plate and the pole to prevent it from flopping down when loosening screws for adjustments.

4 Bars.

Bought the 3.0 and with the help of your staff got it installed and the antenna pointed correctly. Excellent results with 4 bars on 4g and 2 bars lte. I had almost nothing prior to this. Thank you.

Excellent Customer Service, Great Product, Wish I could move my House!

Let me first start by saying that we're in a unique spot in terms of any cell coverage. Living just north of Toronto in a valley surrounded by treed mountains, prior to SureCall we would be lucky to get 1 bar LTE and only phone service if the phone was placed in the second story window and on handsfree. So a tough challenge for any cell booster product.

After spending a lot of time researching Wilson Amplifiers or SureCall, we went with SureCall. Taylor was good at suggesting which system to recommend based on our unique environment. We purchased the Fusion Pro with extra cable, surge protector, and a mounting kit. The packaged arrived very quickly and first mounted the antenna to an extended ladder to check where the best reception direction was before mounting to the house. We mounted the interior antenna and immediately got 2 consistent bars LTE and sometimes 3 bars. On that test day, I was able to even take a Zoom call with my boss during the middle of the day, which would have been impossible.

Deciding on the right direction towards a more powerful cell tower over a mountain range, which oddly enough was the opposite direction from what SureCall had recommended, we installed the antenna on a 10ft mast and wall mounting brackets instead of the original bracket from SureCall. We fired up the booster again and found the unit and the interior antenna had limited range inside the house and the LTE was at best 2 bars. However, for the first time, we could make a cell call from the house (within a limited range to the interior antenna), while holding the phone and walking around! So some success!

After talking with SureCall, it was decided that we would exchange and upgrade to the Fushion5s, which were shipped and received within 3 days. I upgraded the unit and immediately got a stronger 2-3 bar LTE signal and more range within the house (1750 sqft). We shipped the Fushion Pro back and received a credit at the value of that unit.

After using it for about 6 weeks now, like all cell signals in the valley, early mornings and evenings are the best time to get faster cell speeds. My wife and I have even been able to watch Netflix at night with a few streaming issues if the kids are also checking their phones.

Overall excellent customer service. It's a good product, but in the end, being in a valley would make it hard for any cell booster to do an excellent job!

so so

I am happy with the external antenna -- it is doubling my cell signal, which is great. But I find the indoor antenna shockingly weak. The version I have is supposed to cover a 2400 SF building. I am in 1500 SF and the antenna is not even pushing the signal (though unobstructed) more than 20 feet. So that's a disappointment. For the huge cost, I'd hoped for more.

Great product, exactly what we were looking for in our business

We went from no service in my small business to full coverage everywhere! Easy to install


Car we boost signal booster

Not as powerful as I expected

Love it

Just got it and did a quick hook up without mounting the outside antenna. Went from 2 bars to full bars. Covers most of the house.

Great product

I am very impressed with the booster and the prompt service in getting the unit shipped out. I would recommend the Surecall to anyone looking for a cell booster.

It Works!

We have a cottage in a rural part of Nova Scotia, down a big hill from the nearest tower. At best we could get a 'strangled' signal by walking up the road, sometimes. We did not want to invest in internet because we only use the cottage a few months of the year, and besides we have an excellent cell plan with Telus, and lots of data. So we researched cell boosters, and bought a Flare 3.0. We bought from SureCall because they had an excellent return policy (60 days) and we were not sure if would work. We did a soft install first and were amazed at the signal inside the cottage, able to make and receive calls, and even facetime (although sometimes we had to turn off the video). So we went ahead and did the full install, and are very happy with the product. We have only two criticisms: 1. the full user guide was not supplied (but we downloaded that from the website), and 2. the cable between the antenna and the booster is quite stiff, so don't plan on having it fit neatly around corners, etc. But it works great, and we made the pole extension removable, so we can take down the antenna during the winter months when we are not there and the winds can be fierce. We are very happy with the purchase, as previously we could get texts but could not send or receive calls. And now we also use our phones as hotspots to our computers to provide internet service. Hurray!

Instant Difference!

Our seasonal campsite is in a “dead spot” for cell reception, so we searched options and contacted SireCall about the situation. We went ahead with their recommendation, and minutes after installation, we went from 1 bar of 3G (if that some days) up to 2 to 3 bars of LTE! An instant improvement after a very easy setup! Thanks for the great service SureCall!

Able to use texts but calls drop.

We have been experiencing dropped calls. Some days there is no signal. We are able to send/receive texts.


This product is a wast of money and its doesn't work, not only did I was money on the sure call buster and the extra antenna I also purchased the RV antenna, I was told by the sales man that it would work better, I told him I needed it by a certain date as I was going away and he guaranteed it by the day before I was leaving and WELL that didn't happen because he forgot to put my unit number on the package so had to leave the day after the original date but was still excited because i would have it for camping in Golden Ears Park because I needed to be able to reach a sick relative and it never works at al, not in any spot we tried what a wast of money,,,,, don't purchase it or you will have to do what I did, I spent my time driving up and down the mountain to make calls.

Ripped off

Where is my order? Its been one month. Wanted to rate zero stars but that wasn't an option.

Sure cell

Sure all LTE

I am a bit disappointed in the booster. Placed the the antenna on the roof and was getting 4 bars but when we brought the inside antenna in the house it dropped to 2-3 bars. It is roughly 32 feet apart. Do you have any suggestions to help me receive 3-4 bars?


Very Quick shipping, easy install and works great.


Ordered on July 25 and payed for expedited shipping. It’s Aug 16 and haven’t seen it yet. This survey is the first contact I’ve had with surecallboosters since ordering.

No difference

Installed now for a few wks
Tried outside antenna in multiple locations and also inside antenna ..have no improvement in cell or 4g data...doesn't really seem to do anything. ....product seems to be a very expensive paper weight.
Would ask for a refund but not even sure if it works properly ...lights all come on and blink and stuff but no noticeable improvement in any 4g signal


Very pleased with the service and the product that we purchased

Great product and really happy with the result!

Bought the Fusion4home to boost our signal at the cottage. I was getting 1-2 bars 3G and about -115db in certain strong spots. In weaker spots around the property and in the cottage we were getting no signal at all. Calls being dropped were common place. I installed the YAGI antenna on a tree outside where I got the strongest signal (-112 to -115db) and facing the cell tower (Open Signal helped me identify the location). Inside, the panel antenna was mounted on the wall in the laundry room on one end of the cottage (+/- 1,500 sq ft). I was worried the panel antenna being at one end of the cottage and in a room by itself would be a problem... it wasn't. After the install, I am getting 3-4 bars LTE in most of the cottage and 1-2 bars LTE everywhere including the deck outside! Signal ranging from -85db by the inside panel to -108 db in the weakest locations. I have a Bell TurboHub located in the main living area and I'm getting 12-15 MBps download speeds! Surecall completely changed the cellular and LTE experience and it is now as useful as it is in the city!



Easy ordering and fast shipping on all the products needed. Easy and installation of product and made a great difference in reception.

Works great!!!

Up at our place in the Cariboo you have to sit on the top of your RV and wave your phone around and hope for 1 bar! Not anymore I have 3 to 4 solid bars now that I have my SureCallBooster. Taylor was fantastic and got me set up with the correct product for what I needed. He was very knowledgable and professional. Great company to work with they have a 60 day money back guarantee too if the system does not work for you. This is a win win all the way around.

All around impressed!

Within 1 hour of purchase, even before the product shipped, the rep contacted me to provide the optimum directional degree for the antenna setup. The 60 day money back guarantee was enough for me, so this contact, above and beyond, gave us added confidence in the product. After an easy installation process and our first week of use, we couldn't be more pleased. No dropped calls and excellent customer service gets an enthusiastic 5 star review! Well done!

Awesome Product

Instantly went from 1 bar to full bars throughout the house! Fusion 4 is making working from home possible!


Still waiting to receive it. Not impressed with your shipping.

Free at Last

1.5 mbps prior and now 20 mbps. Good bye internet provider and all the hassels with rural internet. Just bumped up our cell data packages...broke even HOWEVER, can now use our cell phones for calls right in the kitchen????????????. Going to cancel our landline and save $40 a month. Shout out to Tyler for his tech advice and confidence that it would work at our location.

Works Well

I installed the Fusion at my cottage in Muskoka. The cell improvement was significant. When paired with a mobile hotspot, it was even better (3-4 bars). Only downside is that the indoor antenna isn’t very strong so you need to be within a relatively close area to the antenna. An improvement on that would make this a 5 star product.

Not Happy

I would love to write a review on how it works if I ever recieve my purchase. You charged me two weeks ago and my purchase has not even been shipped because you are waiting for stock so I'm told. Not happy that i am paying interest on something you cant even send me.

SureCall Fusion4Home 3.0

I installed my antenna at our dock , approximately 8 ft high with 100 ft of coax. We were having dropped calls and could not call out at times . I moved the antenna over to my solar panels are and was able to install the antenna on a 24 ft mast supported by the frame of the solar panels. The service is better and we have 2 bars most of the time but sometimes it is 1 bar or 3 bars . We find the antenna in our cabin is mainly good for 1 room 16 x 24


I still have not received my order.

great product

I am very happy with the booster ! It really did the job of increasing my poor cell reception .And the support was very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone who has cell signal issues.

Great product!

Perfect, solution for my cabin.


Setup the yagi and booster at our remote boat access only Gulf Island. The nearest cell tower is 13kms away. We have gone from one/two bars on our cell phones to 5 full bars. Now our LTE internet modem is running at full upload and download speed with less than 22ms latency. This is better than my wired internet at home!!

Not to impress

Shipping was nice and quick but performance seems mediocre at best!! Have hit and miss cell service where I'm camping and thought whit this booster it would be great all through my 27ft fifth wheel but nop not unless I'm placing my phone toching the booster have antenna all the way at the back on the roof and booster all the way up front in room don't know not great for the price I paid for this was expecting MORE

Incredible service

I called in to ask about the Flare 3 promotion and spoke with Taylor for over an hour discussing my options. Very helpful and friendly. It's nice speaking with a real human on the phone. I believe based out of Canada as well.

Flare with Bell Turbo Hub

I purchased a Flare 3.0 a few weeks back and couldn't be happier. I placed it 6 ft. from my turbo hub and pointed the outside antenna at the tower recommended to me by their rep, Taylor, and now have WiFi all over the cottage.

Awesome service, Awesome product

I reached out to a SureCall representative in hopes of finding a solution for my home office. I've recently begun working from home and my cell service is not strong enough to conduct business properly. The representative was very helpful and pointed me in the direction of the Fusion4Home 3.0. I went from 2 to 4 bars and have no problems making or taking calls.5 Stars!

SureCall Flare 3.0

The surecall flare works perfectly with my telus smart hub. recently working from home and needed a solution. The representative I spoke with helped me choose the right booster and everything worked out!


I bought the SureCall Flare 3.0 for my cottage so that we could use a Rogers Turbo Hub to work and allow my kids to stream videos. It's amazing the improvement we have seen. I can now have video calls without any problems from my cottage. Never thought I would see the day...