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Surfski Center

La Tortuga 1 E
Tarifa , 11380

Want to come back

My third visit in Tarifa, as usual I got plenty of inspiration and I want to come back. Boyan is a great teacher: good explanations, simple instructions, personal feedback. :-)

I'm paddling on the Atlantic Ocean getting a lot of fun!

Before spending four days with Boyan, I had serious problems to maintain the balance over my boat (a 46 cm wide surfski), even in flat conditions, and right now!!! I'm paddling on the Atlantic Ocean getting a lot of fun!

Good conditions and inspiring coaching!

5 great days i Tarifa, a lot of downwind practice, good conditions and inspiring coaching! Learned a lot about catching and surfing waves and already looking forward to come back next year!

It was awesome to experience the fast learning curve!

It was awesome to experience the fast learning curve in a little bit more than 24 hours! From the first stroke to the last one - massive improvement thanks to great Surfski instructor! Accommodation is perfect with a beautiful view and right by the sea for an easy access. Great atmosphere!

I am coming back again...

Surfski center is at a great location, overlooking a picturese bay where you can practice your stroke before you hit the waves outside. Lessons are methodical and fun. Instructor is patient and structured. Equipment, all newest Epic models. I am coming back again to learn how to link the waves...

Very nice stay in Istria!

That was a very nice stay in Istria.Paolo is a very good teacher and a very friendly and nice person.The accommodation is perfect and so close to the sea.The surfskis are Epic - great building quality -this makes big fun.I recommend Paolos place + and look forward for the next stay  : )

Five great days of downwind paddling!

We had 5 great days of downwind paddling. I appreciated the mix of theory, practical exercices and downwind paddling. I think this will help me improve my technique as well as be more confident in more rough sea than i'm used to. Last but not least - it was great fun and a memorable experience.

What a wonderful week

Thanks Boyan,

same procedure as every year.  We enjoyed the time in Tarifa.

Location, weather, wind, the ocean...


Surfskicenter is the perfect place to imporve your paddling and downwind skills. Boyan is good teacher to his students, from absolut beginner to advanced experts.



Words cannot describe just how awesome at is -  at least my words can't.

Really, go try it, you won't be disappointed.

Great instructions!

Great instruction, great equipment and a great place, cant wait to come back again.

Surfski Center review

Absolutly brilliant experience, learnt so much in a welcoming environment. I would recommend Tarifa to any one looking to improve their skills in a challenging but safe environment (Due to Boyans session planning). Really love coming here thankyou.

fantastic location, amazing condition and 150% competent instructor

This was my forth stay in Tarifa and it was every time big fun . I love the location and the various conditions. It is as well amazing, how much technique skills  can be learned  and improved from Boyan with each further stay and how he is able to instruct each buddy individual so everybody feels comfortable even the skills of the group is slightly different. So overall i would say, at least one stay a year is mandatory...;-). 

If you want to combine fun, expert tuition and beautiful scenery...

My second stay at Surfski Centre Tarifa once again delivered consistent conditions, quality equipment and beautiful scenery alongside Boyan's unique technical, safety conscious, but most of all, fun tuition. I'll definitely be back!

Paddling paradise

Great place to paddle with fantastic and varied conditions. Fantastic tuition from Boyan. There's always something you'll take away from Surfski Center Tarifa, whether you're new to Surfski or downwind grandmaster. 



Love this place

Did my first trip 2013 after that I saw a couple of pictures on Facebook and since then I been hooked. Guess I been there now like 10 times and hope to be back many more. Tarifa as a destination is by far my favorite place in Europe and together with world class paddling its just perfect.  

Surfski Education at it's best!

Thank you Boyan for establishing such a fantastic opportunity for all paddlers to learn about our passion - Sport, Ocean and Fun! 


Even after being at Surfskicenter more than 8 times, I always learn more from Boyan. He really understands what he is teaching and has a deep knowledge about surfski paddling. Looking forward to my next visit!



Super Surfski Center!

You may have been paddling four months or forty years, but one thing is certain, you will come away from Surfski Center Tarifa having had fun and learned more from the excellent Boyan. 

Go...if you been before...go again!

Go...if you been before...Go again !!! Just returned from our 2nd visit with Boyan at the Surfski Center (Tarifa), great equipment, great surfski...and great instructions...first year I was a novice, Boyan taught me the basics....this year I was out there and everything starts to make sense.... Actually don't go... as we want to keep it top secret for our return visit next year.

Fantastic downwind with a surfski double!

What a fantastic downwind in the V8 double! the best ever surfing. And Boyan, you are so right, it is all about the stroke! Thank you so much! I will be back soon.

Fantastic days in Tarifa

Thanks again for fantastic days in Tarifa. Your attitude, skills and hospitality really made this an experience to remember for a lifetime. 

Our feedback is overwhelmingly positive

Our feedback is overwhelmingly positive for your style and content. We learned a huge amount in small time period, and felt like it was really collaborative learning as we all contributed our bits. You are very humble in the way you present your ideas and your skills, and while we never doubted you, I am sure this also makes it easier for people who are advanced to accept your corrections and advice. 

The paddling and the coaching was just fantastic

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time in Tarifa.The paddling and the coaching was just fantastic but the really special part was being made to feel so welcome by you and your lovely family.