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Game Plan Experts

13418 College Blvd
Lenexa Kansas , 66210
United States

5 Stars from me!

Wow, what can I say about a great page and great people with great information about things that we love to do. Thanks that's a 5 star to me.

Well Made Products

These guys are down to earth, helpful and I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a sturdy, well made product.

Down To Earth Team

These guys are down to earth, helpful and I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a sturdy, well made product.

Great First Selection

Picked up a trauma kit today has almost everything in it I need very helpful people.

Love them!

I've purchased several items from Game Plan Experts, excellent selection and ownership!

Detailed and Useful

​​"I purchased a Personalized Game Plan from Game Plan Experts. My impression, while reading the plan, was that I had 70 pages worth of valuable information in regards to emergency preparedness."

A Big Thank You!

If you and/or your family are not prepared for an emergency of any kind, you MUST contact Game Plan. High-quality products. Experienced and compassionate owners. They don't just sell products, they truly care about the safety and well-being of you and your family. My family has purchased many products from them and the peace of mind we have is priceless!

Trusted Friends

Shawn and his team are knowledgeable, great to work with, extremely fair, and carry excellent goods! They treat everyone like a trusted friend and make sure you have what you need. I send everyone I know who is looking for emergency supplies to GPE!

Well Done!

I picked up one of their "over the headrest" bags preloaded with the essentials and put it in my son's truck. It's perfect as is but still has plenty of room for any personal items you may want/need to add (I added a reflective vest for roadside safety- fit no problem). I sat down with my son and went through each item and where it is. I really like how well it is organized. I plan to get one for each car now. Can't beat the price, and it really gives me peace of mind knowing it's there if he needs it.

Well done fellas!

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service! I would highly recommend Game Plan Experts.

Tough to Beat

"Very impressed with the line of preparedness products and education that Shawn and his team provide. I have purchased a number of items for my own family and will definitely be adding additional items."

Comprehensive Product

​​"This is an extremely complete plan. It exceeded my expectations with its thoroughness and detail while being very easy to read."

Thank You For My Plan

​My personal plan is 56 pages long. It includes lots of information that focuses on you, your family and your pets. Whatever info you provide these guys, they will gear your plan towards it. Great Value, couldn't be happier." - Bobby S.

The Food Is Delicious

Great group of guys and product. I went to their lunch last weekend and tasted some of the meals they offer. Like I said great product. I also picked up their book and will do reveiw when I finish reading it.

Awesome Book!

Great group with good gear and sound advice. The have a broad assortment of items on sale, all of which are very useful. I bought the book, and it's a great starting point that holds a lot of wisdom!"

Highly Recommend

Amazing store with amazing people. Highly recommend!!!

Love my Plan and My Kit

Excellent company! Extremely nice people to talk with. Great gear and the info to with it.

Great Plan

"I found their "Plan" to be relevant. I've been preparing for years and their plan still offered me new perspectives."

Solid Advice

​"They provided information on how to prepare for the potential risk of Blackouts, Blizzards, Chemical spills, Civil Unrest, Cyber Crime, Drought, Economic Collapse, Flood, Home Invasion, and Winter Storms. They told me the “Why” behind each topic of emergency preparedness."

Well Done

"Game Plan Experts focuses on giving common sense advice, as well as the reasons for their advice. Everyone will give advice; almost no one will tell you the “why” behind their advice. GPE delivers the information in a way that is concise without being preachy."

Thanks for our Plan!

​​"A personalized plan tailored to mine and my family's needs, geographical area and budget. You cant go wrong with that. Outstanding research and information that could easily go for hundreds of dollars more. I definitely recommend it!"

Fantastic Company

Very nice team of people, met them while at the Topeka gun show. Talked to people in a manner that they could understand.