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Charmex North America

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Blown away by the quality!

As a long time collector of both modern and vintage high end watches, I am blown away by the quality of CX Swiss Military. I have owned over 3000 watches—covering a time period of 45 years. The CX Swiss Military Watches have been made as well or better than most in my collection. They have become my first choice to wear on a daily basis. Looking forward to more in 2017.

Beyond impressive!

I will tell you that I'm a collector of over 40 years and currently I have over 50 watches of varying styles and values. I'm more than impressed with my CX Swiss Military Watch, Seewolf 1 and constantly get compliments when I wear it. Thank you for a truly exceptional customer service!! It's beyond impressive!! I will be adding more Swiss Military pieces to my collection and your very kind gesture will add to the specialness of those pieces. Thank you again for your kindness it is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU so much for the help!! 

Excited in Seattle

Hello everyone one at Montres Charmex SA, hope you are all doing well. My name is Martin P. and I completed my wire transfer for the CX 20000 Feet just the other day, and it's due to arrive tomorrow. I am so excited for my dream to come true and own the big daddy of diving chrono-instruments!  

I just wanted to let you know that Christoph Malzl is one of the finest people I have ever dealt with. Christoph is very knowledgeable, professional and attentive, but above all, his kindness and caring really stood out in my experience. 

So please send my many thanks to everyone involved, and at the headquarters for their unparalleled vision, innovation and hard work. And having people like Christoph can only make Montres Charmex SA shine even brighter.

Thank you all very much,
Excited in Seattle

Money well spent!

I have been wearing the 20'000 FT dive watch. Excellent watch, money well spend!! Thank you for making a cool [...] watch! It puts my friends Rolex Sub and Breitling Diver to shame.

The 20'000 FEET beats ALL others!

Thank you again for the accommodation! I am most appreciative. You have been a pleasure to deal with. I’ll up-sell Charmex North America as much as possible. This watch [20'000 FEET] beats ALL others including Rolex, Breitling, & any Tourbillon available in the luxury market today for value, durability, function, & style. I suppose wearing one on each arm for dual time-zone support might be over the top. Nevertheless, the search has ended for my ultimate timepiece & I can't wait to see the next CX Swiss Military Watch flagship. Dive on!

A work of art

I received my 20'000 FEET last Thursday. Thank you so much for your excellent service!  A very impressive piece of engineering and workmanship! It’s beautiful! It’s a work of art for the wrist! I cannot believe the size! You just can’t tell from the photos just how massive this watch really is. But I love chunky watches! And the quality- second to none. The presentation box was absolutely superb-the best I’ve seen. I was surprised- most people thought it was for trendy shoes! It helps that you supplied 2 screw drivers as I was able to shorten the bracelet by myself. I was quite easy. 

I’d like to thank you very much for your professionalism and kindness and going out of your way to secure this outstanding timepiece for me, and your flexibility in allowing me time to pay for it. You are truly customer focused in your approach, which, I am sure, will secure you success- both professionally and personally. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you. I hope we can stay in touch. I am becoming more interested in the art of horology. Am thinking about doing a course!  

Truly satisfying

I greatly appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for me. Your kindness and willingness to work with us has made this experience great. I only wish all businessmen exercised the same kind of work ethic as you have. As your customer, I have always felt that I am your priority and I can assure you that it makes all the difference. Because of the way you have treated me and handled my situation I consider you the most dependable, professional, and quite simply the easiest and most enjoyable person to work with. You have made a customer for life and I want to make sure you know it. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know. Once again, thank you for being such a treat to work with. This process has been truly satisfying. Thank you so much!

The best watch I have ever owned!

A little about myself. I spent ten years in the U.S. Army, the majority as Green Beret in 1st Special Forces Group. After leaving the Army I spent five years as a police officer in Texas. In 2001 I joined the Federal Air Marshals for five years. I transferred out of the Federal Air Marshals in 2007 to take a full time position as a firearms instructor for the federal government. I now own a consulting business where I consult in the area of special operations, tactics, and firearms. I also consult in the entertainment industry. The watches I have owned run from everything from Casio G-shocks and Pathfinders, Luminox, Seiko's, and Rolex Submariners. I am one of those people that wears my watches to work no matter how nice and expensive the watch is. My daily activities have included anything from obstacle courses, parachute jumps, shooting, to waterborne operations. Needless to say I am extremely hard on my watches. I actually broke my Submariner bracelet during Desert Storm.

I recently purchased the CX Swiss Military 20000 with the black carbon fiber face from Charmex North America. The presentation box the was nicer than any watch I have had so far. Upon opening the box I could not believe how big the watch was. The first thing that caught my attention is how big and attractive the titanium bracelet is. In my opinion the bracelet is nicer and more functional than my Submariner. I can recount many occasions when my Submariner bracelet would "pop" open. On a few of these occasions during waterborne operations, I came close to losing the watch due to this problem. Also because of this, during parachute jumps I would not wear my Submariner but put into a pocket for fear of losing it. The bracelet on this is much more sturdy, secure, and does not open easily which is a major plus for working in the environments that I do. I would not have a second thought about wearing this one my wrist during a parachute jump. The bracelet is also bigger than the Submariner and fits the watch perfectly. The rubber strap that comes with the watch is also extremely attractive and fits perfectly. My first day wearing the watch was definitely a breaking in phase that I initially thought would take longer due to the size of the watch. After the second day I didn't notice the weight or size at all. This watch breaks in beautifully. I have two close friends that are watch collectors and own several high end Rolex's and Panerai's. When showing them the watch, one of their first comments was that I would end up bumping the watch on many objects due to the thickness. The surprising thing is that I actually bump this watch less than any other watch I have owned. I have worn this watch every day since receiving it.

It has become my favorite and is the best watch I have ever owned. It is extremely tough yet even with the size looks great on my wrist when going out at night. I receive compliments daily on the watch. Of course when many see that depth of 20,000 feet they comment, "Who would ever dive that far?" I think people fail to recognize that not only does it represent the depth the watch can be worn to, but how tough this watch is. This is displayed by the videos on their web page. The luminescence on the watch is exceptional. Even in a lit room the luminescence is noticeable. THANK YOU!

The best in the industry!

The watch is awesome, I love it! It's going into the deep blue tomorrow. Thank you so much for working with me. You and your company are the best in the industry! Thanks again!

One of the best looking watches!

First I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I purchased a black face CX Swiss Military Watch 20,000 Feet after looking at it for several months and doing some research. And I have to say after owning an Omega Planet Ocean, this is one of the best looking watches I have owned!

Thank you Charmex North America!

My dream watch

I recently discovered the 20000 feet, which is my dream watch. Ever since my first quartz titanium watch, I always wanted an 'indestructible' titanium automatic watch and none was available until Montes Charmex, maker of the CX Swiss Military Watch built the 20'000 feet, which I purchased from Charmex North America and I received my 20'000 feet two days after ordering it - now that is speedy service!

Prior to my purchase, I researched as much as I could about the watch and read several reviews but I still had questions about it. I sent an email to Charmex North America and was quite surprise to receive a response immediately the next day from Christoph Malzl, CEO of Charmex North America. I've corresponded with Christoph Malzl for about two months with my seemingly never ending questions and he always responded timely, very professionally, completely, and most importantly he is very patient. I know that I'm not the easiest customer to deal with and I truly appreciate his patience as well as his kindness and courtesy. As others have said, Christoph Malzl is exemplary for excellent customer care which others should follow. He took excellent care of me before, during, and after purchase; for example, he even provided complimentary bracelet sizing for me and I had a question for him after I received my watch which he responded to my email immediately.  If you are interested in purchasing the 20'000 feet watch, let Christoph take care of you!

As other have said, the built quality and craftsmanship are excellent and the presentation box is outstanding. I'm not going to review the functionality of the watch which professional reviewers have already covered in their reviews, but will offer my opinion on how it wears. I, too, had a concern about how 'heavy' the watch is since the specification states the weight at 265 grams.  I own both titanium (Ti) and stainless steel (SS) automatic watches, which ranges in weight from approximately 4 oz to 7.5 oz. I have a skinny wrist and had 4 links removed. The weight of the watch is 8.7 oz. but it feels as 'heavy' as my 45mm SS watch that is 7.5 oz. The 20'000 feet is big and you'll definitely notice it on your wrist but it is very wearable and not too heavy, the rounded case back distributes the weight evenly and comfortably. It does not look too big because my 45 mm SS watch appears larger in diameter than the 20'000 feet even though the 20'000 feet is 46 mm and it is very tall at 28.5 mm in height so it can't go under a cuff easily.

My experience with Ti watches is that Ti is more easier to scratch than SS but the scratches 'heal' over time. I've already gotten scratches on the 20'000 feet watch's bracelet after a few days of wearing it but it is not a craftsmanship issue it is the property of Ti being a 'softer' metal than SS. After all, the 20'000 feet is designed as a tool watch and will get scratches from daily wear as well as desk diving :-).  If you are interested in purchasing the 20'000 feet or any Swiss Military or Charmex of Switzerland watches, I highly recommend that you purchase from Charmex North America because Christoph will take care of you!

One of the best online buying experiences ever. Period.

I received the CX Swiss Military Hurricane, RAF red package today.  So super fast, wow. All in good order as promised by you.  Many thanks to you for shipping so quickly, as I could hardly believe my eyes when it arrived.  The watch and its oversized box is fantastic and in beautiful condition.  I am so pleased. Yes, the slide rule is indeed very accurate as you indicated.  It is one of the better ones than those I have seen on the net so far.  Its every bit as good as my Breitling and Sinn, so I am very happy. The watch looks fantastic and I am very grateful to you for the personalized and courteous service you have shown me. 

Many thanks for your professional advise, courteousness and assistance during the purchase of my "HURRICANE" CX Swiss Military Watch!  I feel I have had one of the best on-line buying experiences ever (period), and I believe it is all down to you and your professional attitude towards my needs, wants and expectations.  My buying experience was first class and I am very pleased I had the opportunity to buy from you.  It was truly memorable.

The watch is fantastic and I am so pleased I made the decision to buy from you.  It goes without saying that this particular watch is, in every way, as good as a Breitling or a Sinn, which is no mean effort indeed considering the price point is so much lower.  The watch purchase is regarded by me as one of the best investments I could have ever made and I am so pleased I purchased from you.

The buying experience was enhanced by your assurances on the accuracy of the watch, and in my particular case, enquiries of the authenticity of the particular watch features, etc.  When I received the parcel from you, I realized that your assurances were absolutely spot on.  What amazed me even more was the fact that you offered the assurances without qualification, and moreover gave the highest level of comfort to me, a potential customer, that I have ever received from any on-line seller in the past.  I have never experienced that before and I can only surmise the reason to be that you really know the products you are selling in intimate detail.  I am very impressed and I thank you for your ‘knowing manner’.

I will certainly make sure others know about your tremendous levels of skill and customer satisfaction.  I wish you and your team all the very best for the future! Assuring you of my best attention at all times.


There is nothing like the CX 20,000 as far as professional watches. I dive for many years now and have tried many watches professionally. NO MATCH!

A high standard for customer service

Thank you so much for your valuable help and assistance with my purchase of the "President" by Charmex of Switzerland. You and your company has indeed set a high standard for customer service. I doubt few will ever achieve that level as your company. I own two Charmex watches and look forward to purchasing one or two more in the near future!


I just wanted to drop a note of thanks. I have received the 12'000 FEET this afternoon and have not stopped admiring it.  It is so big, I can put a slice of pizza inside! I love everything about it. I have a 8.5 inch wrist and it looks and feels great. I am looking forward to doing business with you again!

Phenomenal value

I just opened the box! The packaging and contents lived up to their now almost legendary status in reviews. I’ve purchased several higher end pieces at much higher prices, and this rivals the best of what Bremont and Zenith had to offer (The packaging standards in my collection so far).

The watch has quite the presence both in the box and especially on the wrist. It’s exactly what I was hoping for and definitely worth the wait. I have already shot several pictures off to friends to brag. Not sure how it will look with my suit (and positive it is not going to fit under the shirt cuff) at work tomorrow, but I intend to find out. My father is an extensive diver and watch connoisseur himself and this piece hit high notes for him on both counts. The finish is excellent. The operation is very sure and smooth. And the luminosity is outstanding. It is a definite stand out in my collection and a phenomenal value for the price.

Thank you again for all your assistance, and I want to reiterate again how happy of a customer I am. Your service has been fantastic from the beginning (now over six months ago when we first spoke about this timepiece). I have already taken notice of the spectacular red dial on the 'Hurricane' aviator watch.

Well worth the price!

I first want to start off by thanking Christoph Malzl, CEO of Charmex North America, for his professionalism and patience on our numerous phone conversations. I have been a watch connoisseur since the age of 12, so I was always impressed by different looking watches. On February 2, 2012 I received my Hurricane 47 mm, black face and black strap watch. The packaging was exceptional, the watch itself was executed in a very elegant way, not very busy, and legible. You are able to wear this in a casual manner, as well as a suit and tie, for the price that this watch is being sold with a Valoux 7750 movement, and being COSC certified it is well worth the price.

This watch can stand next to a Breitling Super Avenger, it doesn't have the advertisement as the Super Avenger, nor the price tag, and once you have it in your hand and you place it on your wrist, then you will understand. The photographs of the watch advertised in their catalogs or brochures, do not have the same impression as if when you have the watch in your hand. The first time I put the watch on, I noticed something right away, that the strap is not made for someone with a large wrist. My wrist measures at 7 ½ inches, and there are only two holes left on the strap, that is not very much meat left. Besides that, if your wrist isn't larger than 7 1/2 inches, then you have nothing to worry about, except enjoying wearing this watch!

The crown jewel of my watch arsenal!

I must say the workmanship that goes into CX Swiss Military products is first rate! I am a tool maker by trade, so I know a thing or two about quality and workmanship. I just wanted to say that it was that experience that led me to selling more than ten watches of my watch collection to solely own the flagship timepiece that you represent: the 20'000 FEET! It truly is the crown jewel of my watch arsenal. I wouldn’t walk across the street for any Rolex, including their flagship diver as they are to generic for my taste. I share your company's appreciation for what is something unequalled in the dive watch industry, because it truly is.