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Sykes Law Firm, PC

7 Skyline Drive, Suite 350
Hawthorne NY , 10532
(845) 406-1386

Great Experience!!

I appreciate how reliable and hardworking Mr. Sykes was throughout the duration of my case. I didn’t have much hope in the case but Mr. Sykes was very encouraging and confident that we would win and we did!

Dedicated Lawyer

I am very thankful to Mr Sykes who represented me recently. He was very professional and offered stellar service. I would highly recommend him in the event that you need a good personal injury lawyer.

Top Notch, Results Driven

Vince is a consummate professional and I had an excellent experience working with him to assist in a criminal matter. I was a first-time client dealing with a very delicate situation with a lot of questions; Vince was a knowledgeable attorney who answered all my questions and was happy to explain every step of the process. Most importantly, Vince broke down every legal term in the...

Max compensation

I was injured in a car accident and didn't know what to do. Vince helped me through this very tough time and took care of everything. Thanks to him I received the maximum compensation for my injuries. He was referred to me from a friend and was exactly as advertised! I had a great experience with him and I would highly recommend any of his services in the future!

My Hero

I can not fully express how grateful I am that I had Vince Sykes as my lawyer during my child support and custody battle of my son. The fears that I had as a man fighting for his parental rights were eased by the confidence and reassurances from Vince. Vince was honest and straight forward with me and kept my spirits up whenever I felt that I couldn't continue the fight. He was not afraid to challenge the other counsel whenever he felt that I was being wronged and was just as firm with the judge as well. Vince has vast knowledge and understanding of the law and that was put on display many times during the course of my trial. Many times he was able to tell me which direction the other side would try to take against me all the while remaining a step or two ahead. I never felt as if I were a stranger, I felt as if I were being represented by a family member or friend. Vince never took advantage of me during my vulnerable situation , I was never overcharged or under represented at anytime in fact I felt as if I were his only client. Each day that I spend with my son is a testament to Vince Sykes' abilities in the court room. Vince has reached out to me many times since the conclusion of my trial just to see how things have gone, he continues to be an ear for my questions. I have recommended Vince to anyone who is in need and I will continue to do so. I have included my full name in this review and if someone wants to reach out to me to get a full, personal reference of Vince then I am available.