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Tag's Corporate Gift Hamper

Tag's Perfumes are Awesome. They have unique fragrance. I loved soo much that I ordered and gifted it for my team for this new year. It comes in a beautiful box and it turned out to be an wonderful gift. Absolutely loved Tags perfume.  

Tag's Geranium Perfume

Wow, It's classy . I have been using it (geranium)for quite some time. It's so soothing and comforting.It's long lasting and subtle ,can enjoy the wafts even after a day.It also comes at an affordable price . One must try this for the calming fragrance which relaxes our mind and body.can be used all yr around.

Tag's Combo Pack

I'm a great fan of Tag Perfumes. I love their combo packs. They are too good and the fragrance last long.

Tag's Air Freshener

I love Tag's perfume very much. They are very mild and long lasting. I have also used Tags Air freshener it's too good . I even recommended it to my sister even she likes it very much.