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Individual Counselling

Well...what can I say?? The best thing I have EVER done is speak to Julie! She has helped me no end and who knows where I’d be right now without her. We have worked hard together over the past 12 months, it’s been a bloody rollercoaster, but Julie has been by my side and shown me ways to cope with my daily grind. I know it’s hard to make that first move, but trust me you won’t look back!

Individual Counselling

Julie is fantastic, she has changed my life and I can not thank her enough. I was worried about online therapy but knew I had to try something, I have not regretted one moment and would highly recommend her.

Individual Counselling

I have recently completed counselling with Julie and she was amazing ! She understood me like no other counsellor has before and the support she provided me with helped me a tremendous amount. I can not recommend her enough to anyone considering counselling .

Couple Counselling

My wife and I have been seeing Julie for a few weeks now and honestly it's the best thing we have ever done. Julie is absolutely fantastic! We feel like we are making so much progress and Julie helps us in ways no other counsellor has ever done before. We both honestly cannot recommend Juile enough!

Excellent Service

Very thorough service, Julie works so hard with you and I cant recommend her enough. You will be in very safe hands.

Highly Recommend

Absolutely wonderful, Julie is lovely and I could talk to her for hours. So glad to have someone to talk to, Julie is professional but makes me laugh too, which is a welcome relief.

Really understood me

It took me nearly a year to get the courage to go and talk to a counsellor, it feels so silly looking back now after meeting Julie. I have been seeing her for over 6 months and it's the best thing I've done. Everything makes so much more sense.