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Tammy Duchene

High School Bod Back! Oh yeah!

Feeling lighter already‼️ Still got some weight to go but here’s what a little bit of happy coffee can do! ☕️ ADIOS POUNDS❗️Who says a mom can’t get her body back after having kids! I even weigh less then I did in high school! #mythbuster #down25

Love it!

I know that I've lost 2 inches so far and I'm down a pant size. I also love my happy coffee...????


Best product I have ever tried. Down 20# and 8" in my waist. Sleep better, anxiety better, energy is wonderful. So excited about ZEST. Love my HAPPY COFFEE, Don't miss a day without it. So nice wearing smaller clothes.

I have more energy

Down 13.5 # and 3 inches off waist. No “diet” change or exercise started yet. Have more energy ❤️


The dose was great for my mood swings and hot flashes.

Plenty of energy!

I have really enjoyed the drinks from day one. I feel as if I am 18 again. I have plenty of energy throughout the day and in the evening ????

My life has changed

My life has changed completely...I am down 50 lbs. In 4 and a half months...the endless energy is amazing. The menopause fog has lifted AND I have NO joint pain. Normally with a broken leg and knee replacement, the joint pain is chronic and horrendous on a rainy day. I use to take 8 Advil a day and I am off all pain meds now! I had high blood pressure that's now 106 /68 which is fabulous. I feel amazing...and yes I take a scoop in the morning with 24 z of water and ice. It tastes like a black ice coffee...No cream...No nothing...I only drink water I've completely given up my 3 a day Diet coke...No Crystal light and I eat normal food. I'm just not as hungry.

Love my cocoa

In 11 days I have lost 10 pounds...I know I had to pick my jaw up off the ground too! Making progress, one day at a time!! #lovemycocoa!

True miracle

"I was on the Happy Hot Chocolate for about two months and wasn’t sure that it was helping as well as I thought in my head it was so I decided to stop it and see what happened. Well, I been off of it for almost 2 weeks and let me just say I have already re-activated my acct like a half week ago so I can get back on it ASAP!! I wanna snack all the time and my face is breaking out horrible. And well my moods....yeah we don’t even wanna talk about those!!! My hubby says when is the next shipment gonna be here!! Lol, that should say it all right there. Well if you are on this and it has worked wonders for you, don’t stop it cuz it’s not in your head at all. This is a true miracle for me and I can’t wait for the shipment to get here so I can be normal again!" #happycoffeforthewin #gottalovethechocolatetoo

Works so well

"I know I am fairly new to taking my Happy Coffee and pill but, man alive, I cannot believe how this has helped with my anxiety and stress level! Things at work that would get me worked up and short-tempered don't any more! I am in awe of how calm and focused I feel! Starting to see some weight loss....all in all, I am loving this so far! Thank you!"

Thank You!

"Hey, Tam! Before I go any farther, I'm ok if you share this :). I know that you kept gently, every few months, trying to get me to try your happy coffee. And then, a sample ended up in my Christmas card. :) So, I ordered lol. I truly want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for not giving up on me. I've only been taking the nitro and the pill for 3 weeks. Today is the day I noticed how much this has done for me in that short of time. Days like today I would be all wrapped up, freezing, laying on the couch watching movies (or sleeping through them). I'm not sure if depression is the word or not, but just become a hermit and body aches when it gets cold. Not today! So thank you!"

Time to celebrate

So I have 2 celebrations to share with you! First, my son has been struggling heavily with anxiety & depression for awhile. The other day I slipped him a Mickey (happy coffee) & in his own words said I feel at peace for the first time in a while! So many emotions over that. Second, I went to my endocrinologist yesterday & they are lowering my thyroid medication. First time in years that it's been decreased instead of increased. Love my so many benefits even though weight loss hasn't been on of them. #timetocelebrate     #helpingelevatepeopleslives

So happy

"I went undiagnosed for many years and just dealt with the pain. At one point I was in so much pain I just thought if I cut my muscles off I’ll feel better. I had some crazy thoughts. Then I made one change in my morning routine last year and the pains left my body. For a year now I have been pain-free. I’m able to work in my yard and my pool. Sweeping and vacuuming no longer are painful. Happy days for me!"


I really appreciate you guys. Y'all have been an amazing blessing to our family. Y'all are amazing people with strong family bonds who are genuinely kind and caring and who have helped us more times than I can count. So I want you to know that you are appreciated and valued by our family.