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TaoPatch USA

578 Washington Blvd, Suite 1081
Marina del Rey California , 90292


I began using Tao Patches in early February 2020. I cannot say enough good things about them! Back in 2008 I injured my lower back and was in severe pain. Doctors wanted to do surgery to fuse two of my vertebrae. I didn't go through with it and it slowly healed on its own, but never completely. Since using the Tao Patches my pain is almost completely relieved. Alongside of this and I didn't realize it, but I think living with that constant low grade pain also caused me mild depression that has also been alleviated! I just ordered some more patches so that I can begin to use their immunity boosting protocol that I just learned about. There is a video available created by the Italian inventor of the patches where he demonstrates the efficacy of these devices. You will be amazed when you try it yourself and feel firsthand how much your balance is immediately improved!


I love these patches! Having MS and degenerative disc disease, I experienced a noticeable difference in my walking and ease of motion from the first day! I will recommend to all my friends and anyone suffering from chronic pain!