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Eva has such a gift! Was very refreshing and intuitive. Gives you that extra push you need sometimes to know what is in your heart already and provide that guidance to follow through and put thing in perspective and get out of your own head! I definitely will be coming back!


She’s amazing! She picked up on things she couldn’t possibly have known. She really helped me with my situation too.


Eva's reading was brilliant! I've never really been into tarot readings but after reading up on them and from receiving I can definitely say there is something to them if done properly. You're such a dedicated professional and I am happy that I found your beautifully designed website.


I don't feel like your reading is very accurate. Maybe I haven't added all necessary information but you got the personality of the person thet is part of my situation completely wrong. She is not a spitefull person. But thank you anyway I'm sure you gave your best and maybe you saw what you told me. But I've got to know her well and she wouldn't do things just to hurt someone. I can believe that what you said is true but that you saw it not for my Ex but for the person she is with now. There truely is the potential to be spiteful and for doing things just to hurt someone else. So yeah you might be right just misinterpreted which person was the instigator.


I had the most beautiful reading. Answered everything I needed to know. The best reading I’ve ever had. I feel like I connected with Eva on such a good level as well. Couldn’t recommend enough.


Thank you for your reading. The outcome wasn’t what I was expecting but it is what they say “the truth will set you free”.


I was pretty impressed with the reading. Your words..... "All work and No play makes a dull girl". That was exactly me! I am trying the advice of better time management and getting out more and I have been much happier! Thank you. ????


Thank you for the reading. It was really interesting and you told me what I was already suspecting, but couldn’t put my finger on it. It was very enlightened for me in many ways.


Thank you. I decided to open up and take another chance on love.


She is awesome! Very polite and answered all of my questions. Gave me great advice and I felt the connection. Thank you so much!


Good reading! Tunes in quickly and know her stuff!!! Thank you!

Confused by This Reading

Had 2 readings with Eva, about a month apart and they were totally opposite of one another. Perhaps we just weren’t connecting this last time. The first reading I had was in line with all of the other readings I’ve had with advisors.

Very Helpful

Thank you. I had some doubts about my love life. I needed guidance and that's exactly what was provided. I am hopeful everything will turn out fine. Thanks for the help.


Certainly a knowledgeable and experienced reader, it was a pleasure debating with her in Tarot forums. As a tarot reader myself I can always tell when someone is serious and genuine about their craft. I know better than to be my own reader in trying times and look forward to consulting with Eva soon

Testimonial #51

Fast accurate and very positive.

Testimonial #49

Thank you Eva! I really feel I’ve benefited from our session with the new perspective you’ve helped me to see. I hope to have another session with you soon!

Testimonial #48

Eva, you were right!! You said her behavior would affect her job and she got called into the office today!!! I can’t wait for the other predictions to come true.

Testimonial #47

Back in January I asked if my ex would return as we had just broken up. She said no. She was correct. Will update if I get contact and an invitation this week. Thank you Eva


Reading was OK, not horrible, not great I guess compared to some other readers I have worked with.


Eva is amazing! She helped me first time last year with work issues. And now she with sentimental problems. Great mind, sensitive and caring. Thank you Isabella for everything!

Short and Sweet

I only had a short chat with Eva, but I was lucky in that a few of my most pressing questions were answered by her reading! Her short interpretations gave me great solace and I do hope they turn out to be true! I would definitely love to talk to her on the phone some time soon to continue with the reading:)

Thank you so much!

Hello dearheart, thank you thank you for being available so many times to help me through the relationship with 'H'. your insight and your honesty are exactly what us wayfare travelers come to you for. you are awesome in layers. thank you sweet woman. Peace AnnaMarie

First Timer

My first chat was great. She is friendly and nice. She listened to my situation patiently and gave me her readings to each of my questions. She is fast to pick up and deliver, and gave me good information. I would return to her again !

Incredibly insightful

Eva is amazing. Her reading was so accurate, I could not believe it. She helped me gain a whole new perspective on a matter that was tormenting me. That was exactly what I needed to turn it around. I could not have done it without her and I 100% trust her vision.

So Appreciative

I appreciate Eva and am grateful to have chatted with her. Her guidance and advice has helped me greatly. She has helped me be able to move forward with confidence. I feel she listens, answers your questions but also provides valuable psychic guidance and direction. Thank you, Eva.

Will Phone In Next Time

Reviewing is difficult through chat sessions because it is slower. I can tell you that she was consistent with others and seemed to pick up the person I asked about. On a phone reading I probably would have given her. 5 stars, my fault I selected chat. Will try her again because nothing she said was wrong.

Thank You

I have had three readings with Eva and so far what she has revealed to has come to fruition. Thank you. I look forward to future readings.

Thanks for the Heads Up

Eva was great. She gave me helpful advice and one thing, in particular, we talked about literally reared it's ugly head the following day. I would have been ill-prepared if I hadn't decided to get a reading from her. I will definitely get future readings from her.

On Point

Eva is truly on point. She read an unknown situation I came to her for immediately. She was able to cite a few circumstances I did not share with her but that exist in the matter. Efficient, direct, no sugar coat, truly put me at Peace for the evening. Thank you Eva, I will return in couple days as I see how the issue rolls out. Peace ~

Quality advice without breaking the bank!

Eva gets the underlying energy and provides almost a dual response to both the inquiry and the energy she feels. Many a time she has provided me the insight to the issue Ii presented as well as she saw I could use a bit of self confidence rebuilding in an area of my personal life and she provided this without a discussion. Very much look forward to continue to read with her - she understands to be quick to answer knowing the investment of her clients. Peace

Goes the extra mile

Always a pleasure to speak with Eva. She answers my questions and then goes that extra mile for you by giving information you wouldn't think to ask ( but it's important things you need to know).

Great reading

Provided great detail in such little time ...very positive in our reading.

Testimonial #50

Kind and patient with answering my questions. Looking forward to seeing what the future reveals. Thanks


very nice reading, give me hope for the future! thanks

Testimonial #28

In few words you explained perfectly what going on is. Your reading is concise and spot on. Many thanks x

You are GREAT!

As for feedback for you, your reading is very helpful! You're great! You're generous! The PDF page read well. The fonts and colors look great! And, the card in the tarot deck looks incredibly beautiful too!

Thank you so very much!!!


Great reading! Thank you so much!!


Great reading! Thanks!!

Wonderful, Quick, and Positive Insight!

Thank you for the quick, simple, straight to the point guidance you have through the reading you did for me- It gave me the positive encouragement and reinforcement that I'm heading in the right direction for my current business enterprise and that things are looking to be heading in a good direction because of it.

I also want to very much point out how awesome your readings are organized and written all into a very uplifting, inspiring and well crafted template that's organized and pleasant to the eye and easy to read and follow. Best one I've seen hands down!

Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting great compassionate and caring guidance! I know I'm definitely coming back!

Thank You!

Wow! Thank you so much for your reading. It has given me clarity into my situation.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the reading! I feel so relieved now. Letting go of someone is not easy, but so necessary when it's a toxic relationship!


I told you I would be back with my feedback. My reading contained the tortoise and pentacles. My reading was not just about money - it was about my needs: emotional, physical and financial. I needed rest and was able to get it. My relationship with my mother has improved. My needs are being met, slowly, but everything that was taken I am getting back. Thanks for an understandable reading!



Love the positive vibe!

Thanks again for reading for me, I appreciate it very much!


I love that this spread was so positive. I've been going through a very difficult time right now, and this made me feel a little bit more optimistic. 


The statement that "Things have not always been the smoothest when it comes to love for you, so it is understandable if you are wary" is spot on. Just over two months ago, my long-term boyfriend and I broke up, and it has been extremely hard for me. I guess the oracle card of Fresh Start is an indicator that someone else will come along, rather than the possibility of reconciliation? (Sorry, tarot is weird for me- I'm no good at abstract thinking) However, what is confusing to me is that the reading says listening to my instincts won't steer me wrong... and everything I *feel* just tells me that he and I should be together. Perhaps that part is untrue, I don't know. Maybe that's where "Where you are headed may not be what you thought" comes into play.


Anyways, one last time: Thank you! :)

Peace of Mind

Thank you, Eva! I really liked your advice... It gave me some peace of mind on the matter.

One card reading

Thank you very much for the reading. It really resonated with my current feelings and situation. It was supposed to be an one card reading, but Eve also added an oracle card. Really appreciated that.

RIGHT ON!! Look no further!!


I had a wonderful experience with Eve. She was right on the money with my current situation and also about me. I've never had a reading where I got precise answers and to the point. I also really liked that she takes her time to answer any questions that you have after she does her layout. She was very honest and accurate. I will defenitly turn to her again in the future. 


So at first I thought well let's do a real simple question! And let me tell you! A simple question regarding a situation  was broken down into a real simple a direct answer. I really appreciate the time and thoroughness of this "simple" reading!!! I will be a repeat customer!!! I am praying to God and spirit to bring this to light !! Thank you!!


Feedback for reading

Hit the nail on my head. This js precisely what I am feeling now. Thanks for the advise given. Really appreciate it.

Free Reading

Thank you for your reading. It was clear that you put some effort into it even though it was a free single card reading. I was a little vauge with my question, and probably could have been clearer, but I felt Eva really did a great job with what I gave her to work with. Even though I didn't get the answer I was hoping for I am happy and satisfied with the effort.

Fast and Fantastic!

Eva's reading for me was obviously well prepared for, thought out and really reviewed and analyzed. The results were communicated to me in a reasonable time frame. I gave her a fairly vague question upon which to develop her reading. It was a question that she might have easily developed an invalid perception of my situation from. Instead I am certain that she and the cards were spot on. The answers she found were remarkably relevant to my situation and it was a very well constructed response. Bottom line: Great job and I really appreciate the time and prompt response.

Single Card Reading

Very nice message, very clear and specific to my situation. A true gift - thank you!

Consultation/Bokor Working

I am honestly so glad i found you guys! every time I talk to you or your husband I become so calm. you guys have helped me so much and continue to help me... I couldn't thank you enough for just taking time out of your day to help me... a stranger... we need more people like you guys in this world..

UPDATE 1/16/2016: I used Eva's services to actually help me with a "return a lover" and its been a slow process, as all work usually is have to have patience... but so far seems like everything is falling into place... I was also scammed before but I trust Eva and her work.

Consultation/Bokor Working

Let's face it, $500 is a lot of money. I was on the fence for a week or so but I am so glad that I made the jump. I wanted my ex back, and this guy was so much more then I could have hoped for. He spent close to two hours on the phone with me, explaining what he can/would be willing to do and what my role in everything would be. Not ONCE did he ever pressure me to pay him, it was like talking to an old friend who was giving me some advice. Once the workings were complete it was about a week before my ex showed up at my door and wanted to know if he could have another chance! Money well spent, thank you so much


Wow! I'm speechless. I have come across a lot of spell casters who are frauds - I don't feel like that with this caster. He is warm, down to earth and really cares about making sure I know exactly what I am asking. This is not your average spell work, this is something so much more. He explained in detail how he works and what would be required from me. I am excited to get going on this, as soon as I get paid I am going to do it. I am sure I will be just as happy with the work as I was with the conversation I had.

Spirit Vessel

I had asked the Eva some basic questions about spirit keeping, and low and behold included with my package was not only the dragon and the vessel, but also a little packet of printed information about spirit keeping. It was a very nice surprise as I was beginning to think she skipped over my email. So the vessel arrived today! I'm excited to get to work with him, and can't wait to start this journey. The vessel itself is beautiful, and it had a warn, soothing energy to it when it first came in contact with me. I'll consider that a positive sign. The vessel itself was carefully packed in a nice carrying pouch. The pouch itself has a nice feel to it, and you can tell the seller puts a lot of pride in what they do. Everything was top notch!

I'm Telling All My Friends

Thank you for this reading. I have been to numerous readers in past years and even though you were on the other end of a computer I feel like you really were able to get to the heart of the matter and give me a really amazing reading - who would have thought an email reading could be so personal and spot on? I have told several friends about your readings and hope you hear from them soon!

So Happy!

Thank you so much for doing this reading for me. It has brought so much happiness to my life and I am now able to see things more positive knowing that there is a chance. I think that you are amazing with the tarot and I will for sure be coming back. I can't remember the last time I felt this happy, so again from the bottom of my heart thank you!








Love it






I love all this















Very Detailed

Eva was very professional in her reading for me. She explained everything very concisely, starting with her definition of the tarot's abilities to the process that she uses. She then reiterated my question and explained the outcome using key words and phrases to make the reading easier to understand. She also included a picture of the card, which was really useful. I recommend a reading with her to anyone!

Three Card Reading

Eva explained clearly her process and then the cards. Of the three cards that she drew I am pretty sure that she hit the nail right on the head. I'm very happy and I WILL be back!


From TAROT BY TIAMAT website:

Greetings Lady Tiamat!
Thank you so much for taking the time to perform a reading on my behalf! I sincerely appreciate the obvious time, energy and skill you put into my reading. I just submitted my feedback on your reading via the link provided. I will let that speak for itself.If for some reason technology unexpectedly fails (it sometime happens!) and my feedback is not received, or if you have any further questions for me, please feel free to contact me. Bottom Line: I think you did a great job. I wish you well as you further develop your skills and abilities in this domain. Thanks again and may God bless you and yours.
Warm regards,
Keith Wilson Blue Ridge Mountains



Book of Shadows Reading

This was an excellent reading. I may look into getting the Book of Shadows deck for myself one day. Thank you for your kind work and excellent reading - while still respecting my Christian background. Thank you again!

Pleased With Reading

I am quite pleased with my reading and it seemed to so accurately apply to what I was feeling and thinking but was in some way unable to accept. It really helped to give me a better insight into myself. The MP3 was a nice personal touch and I was quite happy about that. Thank you once again!

Like the MP3 Option

Thank you so much for my reading! I was actually quite pleased with this transition you have made to MP3. I felt it gave the reading a more personal feel that can't always be achieved with an email reading, and it gave me some great insight. So thank you!