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Instagram Review

So finally bought a teepee for my kids! It’s been a long time coming, but have to say Myweeteepee is worth the wait! Thankyou.


I had been looking at purchasing a teepee for my toddler son and daughter for some time, but could not find a design that suited them both. Imagine my delight when I came across the up up and away design by Myweeteepee. It’s just a really nice design that suits either gender and I even had their names added to a balloon each. The teepee is the centre of all their games now!

Very pleased with product & service

We were so thrilled to be able to add a name to our Myweeteepee, it made this gift just that little bit more unique for our goddaughter. Its beautifully embroidered and the quality of the teepee is fantastic. Mr and Mrs Montagu. London.

John Lewis Review of Chevron Grey teepee

Was so pleased I found this design as it fits perfectly with my son's bedroom and is a really nice print that he is unlikely to grow out of for some time. I was a bit concerned when I purchased as the image shows that the pole inside is not fully covered, not that it would have mattered, but covered is a better finish......However, I shouldn't have worried as when it came I was delighted to find that the poles are infact fully enclosed with a fabric pocket and the whole teepee and mat is excellent quality. I also felt a little smug when visiting a friend with a teepee recently that didnt include a mat, ours was far nicer design and quality at a similar cost.

John Lewis Review of Evie Rose Teepee

I am so pleased with our Teepee - it's excellent quality and looks gorgeous in our home. I might even let the children play in it sometimes !!

John Lewis Review of Forest Friends Teepee

Have been looking for a woodland/animal theme teepee for the children for a little while, so was delighted to find that John Lewis added one to their gorgeous Forest Friend range. The quality of the fabric is great, really thick and strong and I was really pleased that it came complete with matching accessories like the mat and flags which just finishes it off. The wooden poles makes it feel really solid and also brings a traditional wooden toy feel to the teepee. Happy children and parents!

Honest review from Victoria Hatton

*We were gifted our MYWEETEEPEE in return for an honest review. With almost nine years between my two children, most things we buy are for one or other. It’s incredibly rare we stumble across something that we know they will both love equally. Our MYWEETEEPEE is however one product which is adored by both of them equally. In fact I would go so far as to say it’s the toy that in our house is used the most. SO WHY DO WE LOVE OUR MYWEETEEPEE SO MUCH? First of all, I love it because it looks beautiful in the living room. It’s neutral colours scheme and well thought out design mean that this is one toy I don’t mind looking at. The lovely hot air balloons featured on each side will also look perfect in the Lion’s transport themed bedroom when he gets a little older. The flags on the top add a real touch of flair, the little cottage style window on the side adds fantastic playability and the front ‘door’ style opening means that both children love being able to shut the grown ups out. With a base of 110 by 120cm it’s the perfect size for playing in, whilst also being small enough to leave up in the lounge/ bedroom if you want to without it taking up the whole room. Because it’s 140cm tall at its highest point, even ten year old Bear can stand at full height when she is in the middle. IT’S INCREDIBLY EASY TO ASSEMBLE. IN FACT FROM BOX TO FULLY BUILT TOOK LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES, AND I AM DEFINITELY NOT AN EXPERT BUILDER! When not in use, you can either disassemble completely and pop into its handy storage bag, or keep the poles in place and pop it easily behind the sofa (think two golf umbrellas put together and you won’t be far wrong with the size. Unlike many of their competitors MYWEETEEPEE include a non-slip wadded floor mat as standard, I know that when summer time comes and the children want to take the teepee outside that this is definitely going to come into its own. It provides hours of entertainment for both children. Seeing how much the Bear still enjoys playing in it at ten years old shows me that this is a toy that will stand the test of time. I know that this is a toy that the Lion will still be loving for years to come. It really does encourage creative play. In our house it’s already been used as a garage, a farmyard, a kitchen and of course a camping trip. And I’m absolutely sure that that’s only the start of the adventures that it will see. HOW ABOUT FROM AN AUTISM POINT OF VIEW? The window cover can be pulled down which allows for total seclusion inside the teepee when needed. Meaning it’s a fantastic place for children and young people to go to calm down. The high quality fabric and solid construction mean that it will withstand the test of time. It’s a product that I would be just as confident to have in my classroom as in my home. It is genuinely easy to build and put together, there is nothing about its construction that an older child trying to put it together would find frustrating. It provides a sense of privacy, allowing children who struggle with anxiety to experiment with play in a place that they feel safe and secure. WHAT WOULD WE CHANGE? Honestly absolutely nothing. The construction is brilliant. The design is beautiful. And most of all the children love it. I can’t recommend it highly enough. SO WHO WOULD WE RECOMMEND A MYWEETEEPEE TO? I think you would hard pressed to find any child who doesn’t love it. And if I’m honest I think it would be equally hard to find a parent that doesn’t. It’s a product I’d recommend equally highly to parents and teachers. And equally highly to those looking to encourage creative play, as to those looking to give their child a safe space to call their own. This is one purchase, well worth making. And one you definitely won’t regret.

Review by ZOË DE PASS "Dress Like A Mum"

I have wanted to get my kids a teepee for a while now but had trouble deciding which one - but My Wee TeePee's stood out because of the quality of the product, the designs, excellent customer service and all the awards they have won! My children absolutely love it and have already spent hours in it, plus it looks great in our house too. I would defiantely recommend them.

email review from Amy Mitchell

Thank you so much for all of your help in getting the teepee to us in time for Friday. We had a very happy little girl (and equally happy big brother) waking up to her new teepee on Friday morning! It’s fabulous!

Up Up & Away teepee review

We have just received the new Up up and Away teepee and it is absolutely beautiful. We were looking for a teepee for both our son and daughter to share and this fitted our requirements perfectly. It is also a fantastic size for a 5 and 7 year old to fit with plenty of room to spare. Excellent communication and delivery too.

After being let down by another company …

After being let down by another company for a teepee my mum recommended myweeteepee. I ordered the eevie rose bundle which is gorgeous and I'm sure come xmas my little girl is going to love it. Beautifully made and excellent customer service. I messaged to ask about shipping and they replied quickly and were polite. Shipping was also speedy. Thank you so much :)

email review from Mrs. R Brown

We ordered the black chevron for our son for Christmas. It arrived super fast in lovely packaging, was so easy to put up and it has been a massive hit all round, even with the dog! It’s really well made with a lovely soft floor mat that was also included in the price.

Facebook Review

Recommend this company received my teepee yesterday and put up tonight .. super fast delivery which was free .. came packaged well an in a carry box. Easy to assemble and quality is fantastic the material is so thick thank you so much x

Email Review

we got the tepee just in time for my son’s birthday – and it is absolutely brilliant.

Isabella Teepee

We have the Isabella Myweeteepee with the matching tweeteepee, they are simply delightful, with the most amazing quality, my daughters play with them for hours!

Facebook Review

Hi I won the pirate teepee in the trunk competition and just wanted to say thank you so much. My son made me put it up straight away! It's absolutely stunning

Lovely Teepee (Evie Rose)

I bought this for my daughters first birthday. She has it in her room and loves it. She will love it even more the older she gets. Great buy and so pretty. Thanks!

Beautiful Teepee

I was lucky enough to win one of these Teepee's and honestly did not expect it to be as lovely as it was. It is made from really nice thick, hard wearing material, it looks pretty, and its massive!! Big enough for Dad to sit in with the little one too! I also assembled it in 5 minutes, easy peasy! I have also packed it down, and again it can easily be stored in the large material storgae bag provided, I just rolled the poles in the material of the teepee. 
You won't be disappointed, its a lovely, high quality product, that the kids will love!