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Gets real results!

I am VERY happy with my VocalReferences app. The team is very professional, timely, and customer focused. Your app really helps people decide. I could not be happier with the results. THANKS!

Owner, Chick Hill Guide Services

Great All Around

Great app and great customer service!


Independent Musician and Songwriter

Great and easy application

I really am a non techie and the support team was extremely responsive with helping me get started and actually walked me through step by step how to manage and operate the app on my website. Response time is excellent and I would highly recommend using them. Thank you! 

Owner, La Bodi Massage, Inc.

Incredible, Easy to Use App!

This incredible, easy-to-use app worked INSTANTLY for me! I needed to upgrade within an hour and they were there (replied immediately) to answer my questions and to help me thru the process of widgets and all sorts of neat add-ons! Absolutely wonderful! A MUST for ANY business owner! Thank you to VocalReferences and your Support staff!

First class support - easy to use App

I have been totally impressed by both the App and the developer's Support both pre and post purchase. I looked at Trustpilot, Reviews and several other similar tools before going with VR. It matches my requirements perfectly, is good value for money and is an essential tool for anyone running a small business and looking to build a reputation online. Thank you! :)

Owner of AdamandEveIT

I LOVE this app!

I love this app, I have recommended it to my colleagues, its so simple and sensible to gather your testimonials across the different media and share them on your website - fabulous!

Founder, Broker - Two Red Shoes, Inc.

Great service and functionality

Based on all the other options out there, this is a perfect option. It has everything you need, is customizable and the customer service is super helpful.

Owner, Freeland Hiking Co.

Most Comprehensive Reviews App

Of the reviews apps I researched, VocalReferences was the most comprehensive. It has everything you want in a testimonial app: different formats and layouts from single to page. Customer Service is pretty quick to respond as well. I was really sold on the different forms of media the app supports, including video testimonials. Being able to rank on Google, due to SEO integration, isn't too shabby, either.

Owner and Principal Teacher, ROAR Music Studio

Great feature on my website!

Great feature to have on my website! It's easy to use, for me and for my clients. I highly recommend!

Owner, The Music Studio

Very satisfied with the app and service

Love the app... The tech team was very cooperative and responsive and fixed my issue in no time.

Director, Prazeres Boutique Hotel


Professional and prompt to respond to my concern which gave me peace of mind. Their testimonial template is also easy to use for customers and looks great on a website.

Founder/Designer, E&E Teepees




Great app

Very good support. Minor issue solved quickly.


Founder, Smrekovit Therapy Ointments

Great customer service

I had an issue with Google Maps using my right location. I emailed VocalReferences and they responded immediately. It took them less than 24 hours to fix my Google Maps issues, something I was struggling with for over 3 years. They fixed it Instantly. I have been scammed by many companies promising to deliver SEO results. No one can compare to them! Very happy client.


Owner, Million Dollar Makeover

Удобный сервис

Давно пользуюсь данным сервисом. Всё устраивает. Порадовало, что служба поддержки работает очень быстро в отличии от ряда других сервисов.


Translated: I have been using this service for a long time. Everything suits me. I was pleased that the support service is very fast, unlike a number of other services.

Great addition to my site

Great app and the team were helpful and prompt in their responses with any problems I had.

Owner Operator, Let's Laugh and Learn

Really Good Service

Really good customer service, answered all my questions quickly and solved my problems! Thank you.

Owner, Active Injury Solutions

Easy to get started

Easy to get started with the many features. Features that we really need for Bio Beds Plus. SEO aspect is great! Looking forward to seeing an improvement in our Google ranking. Exactly what we were looking for. Support responds fast.

Bumps up my Google Rankings!

So many features and bumps up my Google rankings. Dignity Credit Solutions is a happy user.


President, Dignity Credit Solutions