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Very nice

Fantastic Service

Reviews are critical for the growth of every business. This app makes it easy to get reviews from all platfoms. And... the customer service is top notch! Thank you so much for making this extremely important component for my business growth EASY! Founder and Author, Your Healing Place

Best Reviews Option!

Been using for a year or so and have used it for clients as well. Works well and support is great. Def the best current reviews app option.

Web Designer and Marketer

Great app

This app is fantastic and has helped us out a great deal. We tried other review apps, and this is by far the best. Very easy to use. The app is not even expensive and adds great social proof and unlimited reviews.

Owner/Trainer Shapeit Gym

Great All Around

Great app and great customer service!


Independent Musician and Songwriter

Excellent Customer Service

I had an issue with the app, the automatic import was not working and the Customer Service really took the matter seriously and helped me solve the problem, to the point that in the end I even decided to purchase the PREMIUM version of the app. I can only recommend it!

Life and Business Coach

Good Features

Good features on the app and makes it easy to collect feedback from my clients. Good, helpful and prompt support from the team.

Founder, Advance Hypnotherapy

Great Tech Support!

I was having a technical issue with this app and the Support Team was great at returning my emails to help me fix the problem. I also gave them some feedback about what could make the platform more user friendly for my business, they listened and fixed the issue within a few days! This service is worth the small monthly fee!

CEO, The Narrative Body

Great support service

Had an issue, they solved it with much kindness and fast!

Owner, Mariki Reiki

BEST value in the market

What you guys offer for the price is unrivaled in the market. It has everything you need, is customisable and the service is super SUPER helpful. 10/10 highly receommend!

Owner, Freeland Hiking Co.

Love the user friendly and simplicity

I have been using VocalReferences to obtain testimonials from my clients and to display on my website for the past 2 years. It has been great so far. Love the user friendly and simplicity of it. They have a great customer service team who has been very helpful with all my queries and hiccups along the way. Keep up the excellent work!!

Founder, Lacasa Consultancy

"Way worth it"

Recently upgraded to the Premium Service - which is way worth it. This app is really easy to use and I've integrated it myself into my website - the reviews also appear in my Facebook business page and on Google Maps. Somehow I managed to duplicate my account by mistake and needed to contact the Vocal References Team. I was very impressed by the speedy replies and excellent service to the customer. It is so unusual these days to get on-line service that good - a really refreshing experience. Great job - well done!

Owner, Grasshopper Interiors

Super useful!!!

I have already upgraded. It's awesome! Thank you. I had a doubt and wrote an email to the support team, they wrote back instantly with the answer to my question. I can see all my testimonials (FB, Google) in my website. Great app! Helps me get more clients :)

Psychologist and Therapist

Gets real results!

I am VERY happy with my VocalReferences app. The team is very professional, timely, and customer focused. Your app really helps people decide. I could not be happier with the results. THANKS!

Owner, Chick Hill Guide Services

"Recommend wholeheartedly"

The app makes asking for testimonials and displaying them on the website extremely easy. I must also commend the support centre. They were very helpful and responded promptly to my email. I recommend the app wholeheartedly.

Owner, See My Dresden Tours

Great app!!!

We've been using VocalReferences since many years to collect our customer feedback from our hotel website. Good response time from the support, which for us, it is essential.

Director General, Family Hotel Network

Great and easy application

I really am a non techie and the support team was extremely responsive with helping me get started and actually walked me through step by step how to manage and operate the app on my website. Response time is excellent and I would highly recommend using them. Thank you! 

Owner, La Bodi Massage, Inc.

Great app and customer support

Customer support was helpful and has been delivering answers quickly. App is easy to use looks great.

Owner & Founder, Daily Money Manager

Incredible, Easy to Use App!

This incredible, easy-to-use app worked INSTANTLY for me! I needed to upgrade within an hour and they were there (replied immediately) to answer my questions and to help me thru the process of widgets and all sorts of neat add-ons! Absolutely wonderful! A MUST for ANY business owner! Thank you to VocalReferences and your Support staff!


The customer service I received from Vocalreference Customer Service was speedy and effective. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to add a testimonial page to their website! Good things happening here. ????

Owner, 1440 Concierge

First class support - easy to use App

I have been totally impressed by both the App and the developer's Support both pre and post purchase. I looked at Trustpilot, Reviews and several other similar tools before going with VR. It matches my requirements perfectly, is good value for money and is an essential tool for anyone running a small business and looking to build a reputation online. Thank you! :)

Owner of AdamandEveIT

I LOVE this app!

I love this app, I have recommended it to my colleagues, its so simple and sensible to gather your testimonials across the different media and share them on your website - fabulous!

Founder, Broker - Two Red Shoes, Inc.

Great addition to my site

Very good app that is a great addition for my website.
Having the ability to display customer feedback is a great way to help improve conversion rates. The Support Team have been very responsive and quick.

Artist & Owner, Pippopart

Most Comprehensive Reviews App

Of the reviews apps I researched, VocalReferences was the most comprehensive. It has everything you want in a testimonial app: different formats and layouts from single to page. Customer Service is pretty quick to respond as well. I was really sold on the different forms of media the app supports, including video testimonials. Being able to rank on Google, due to SEO integration, isn't too shabby, either.

Owner and Principal Teacher, ROAR Music Studio

Great feature on my website!

Great feature to have on my website! It's easy to use, for me and for my clients. I highly recommend!

Owner, The Music Studio

Very satisfied with the app and service

Love the app... The tech team was very cooperative and responsive and fixed my issue in no time.

Director, Prazeres Boutique Hotel


Professional and prompt to respond to my concern which gave me peace of mind. Their testimonial template is also easy to use for customers and looks great on a website.

Founder/Designer, E&E Teepees




Great app

Very good support. Minor issue solved quickly.


Founder, Smrekovit Therapy Ointments

Great customer service

I had an issue with Google Maps using my right location. I emailed VocalReferences and they responded immediately. It took them less than 24 hours to fix my Google Maps issues, something I was struggling with for over 3 years. They fixed it Instantly. I have been scammed by many companies promising to deliver SEO results. No one can compare to them! Very happy client.


Owner, Million Dollar Makeover

Удобный сервис

Давно пользуюсь данным сервисом. Всё устраивает. Порадовало, что служба поддержки работает очень быстро в отличии от ряда других сервисов.


Translated: I have been using this service for a long time. Everything suits me. I was pleased that the support service is very fast, unlike a number of other services.

Great addition to my site

Great app and the team were helpful and prompt in their responses with any problems I had.

Owner Operator, Let's Laugh and Learn

Really Good Service

Really good customer service, answered all my questions quickly and solved my problems! Thank you.

Owner, Active Injury Solutions


Great after-sales support from these guys and a good App which is easy to use - it adds prestige to my website. Highly recommended.


Great service and even better cutomer support if you ever need it. Fantastic all round!

Easy to get started

Easy to get started with the many features. Features that we really need for Bio Beds Plus. SEO aspect is great! Looking forward to seeing an improvement in our Google ranking. Exactly what we were looking for. Support responds fast.

Bumps up my Google Rankings!

So many features and bumps up my Google rankings. Dignity Credit Solutions is a happy user.


President, Dignity Credit Solutions


highly recommend using Vocalreferences

Amazing Company

Amazing company with really good customer service! Highly recommended :)


Owner, Dave Ratner NYC

Paid Upgrade Well Worth It!

Love this app and its features for my site. I did not find the free version did enough for me so I paid for the upgrade and found it well worth it. Importing my Facebook testimonials over was super easy and I like that it links with all of my other social media platforms as well. I had some technical issues and had to contact customer support, they were extremely friendly and fixed my issue within the hour. I very much recommend the paid version of this app.

Owner, Okanagan School of Natural Hoof Care

Fantastic App!

Works amazing in search engines. Really quick and helpful support. I can recommend it to anyone. Thank you guys.

Owner, DP Cleaning Services

Very Happy with VocalReferences

I had to repatriate all the testimonials of my clients following the closure of my former supplier. It was possible with VocalReferences, phew, I did not lose anything! As for design, we have several choices. I could integrate it with the colors of my site without problem. Service ++, very responsive to any question. No detail too small! Everything was settled in the day! (translated from original French)

Professional Photographer

Great product, great value!

The product itself is outstanding in every way. The support is even better. Great Value.


Psychic Oracle

Exellent Support and Great Looking Testimonials

The support team are first class, very quick response and always help. The testimonials system is easy to use and looks professional, as a result we have lots of great customer feedback.

Marketing Manager, Lionscontainers UK

Guests Love Using It

This is a very easy app to use, for the client and for the website builder !!! The guests love using it because it is so simple. They do not have to join anything. All they do is press one button, write and submit. As a website builder you can add it to any page or make its own page. I am thoroughly impressed.

Co-Founder, Silent Stay Retreat Center

First class app with first class support

Searched about through many review apps, this one is spot on! Simple to use and if you ever need support (I did although it was not a serious issue) the support team are fantastic at sorting anything out. 5 stars from me.

Professional Artist

Added Value

I didn't know what to expect of this app. It was very easy to set up, with just enough options that I could make it "mine" without getting me all tangled up in details. I'm not a techie type--I just want things to work and to look good. VocalReferences does both. So here's the "added value" that caught me totally off guard: I got an unsolicited email from them indicating that they had visited my site on their own initiative and saw a way that I could easily fix a problem I was having. Their "tip" was exactly what I needed and I didn't even know it. That, my dear readers, is a first for me. Kudos.


Impressive app and service

App has been a great addition to my site. Easy to install and use. Great service from the team when I had a query, even offering me advice on how to maximise SEO.Director, DISCGB


Awesome All Around

Our website views have gone way up since beginning the use of VocalReferences, and any questions I have are quickly answered. Great for a business page.VP, FlexPlus PT

Great customer service

I was emailing the VocalReferences Support Team back and forth with a problem I was encountering. I received clear guidance and they helped me in a timely manner. The problem was solved very quickly. Thank you for caring for your customers!!! I love the App already and I have yet to explore all the features that come with an upgraded account.

Artist, Entrepreneur

I definitely recommend your site!

This app gives you lots of flexibility for design and layout in a very easy to use format. The support is fantastic and when transferring sites they couldn't help enough. It will make your testimonials stand out and I definitely recommend for your site!

Owner and Trainer, Fearsome Fitness

Outstanding service & application

I LOVE VocalReferences. It`s super easy. Robust. And their customer support is outstanding! I highly recommend adding their service to your website! Cheers!Professional Photographer

Reviews show beautifully

The app shows the testimonials in several beautiful ways of your choice. A couple of times we have had to contact their support which is awesome - quick and friendly replies. When our reviews didn`t show up in a Google search for our company, they fixed the issue very quickly.

Hotel Owner, Residencia

Happy Customer

Lots of features and customization.Owner, Painted OEM Parts

I love using VocalReferences

I love using VocalReferences. It's a good way to gather testimonials for your site and to improve your SEO. When I Google my business name I see my VocalReferences reviews in the list of results. I would recommend this product and their timely customer service. Keep up the good work guys. What's coming next?

Web Designer

Superb support, so timely

I had three separate queries, and each query was dealt with super quick and the responses were on the button, absolutely perfect. It's like a shock these days to get good online support and in this case, support is at the super excellent end of the scale.

Wow, what a great app!

Wow, what a great app! The first thing I did was ask my clients that have been working with us for years if they could stop and give us a review on our new site. They did, and it looks great! I never buy anything from eBay w/o first reading the seller's feedback. I think seeing these positive reviews will give our new buyers confidence, which is worth the subscription to us!


President, Mayan Mountain

Great Customer Service

Very prompt response times in relation to assistance. Happy customer.

Business Mgr, Orkney Cowl Company

Very Responsive

I had some initial questions, and my email questions were answered almost immediately. Some problems were also found and were corrected immediately. Great customer support.


Founder, Failsafe Network, Inc.

Wow. Support is Fast.

Wow. Support is fast. Middle of the night for them when I needed some troubleshooting. I'm happy!

Writer and Founder of Scaffolding Magazine

Responsive customer service

Excellent and quick response to my issue, despite being in a different time zone (I'm based in Hong Kong). They fixed my layout issue for me quickly and I didn't even have to reformat it myself. So far so good...and I'm sure this plug-in will prove to be very helpful to my web-based business as the testimonials start coming in.


Founder, Juuk Design


This IS a MUST HAVE app !

This app is a game changer. It's super easy (& I don't even know how to work my tv's dvr!) Everyone should have this on their website. When I first added it, I did have a few questions and clicked the help email and they got right back to me. They are great! Great app, great customer service, .... it's a "no brainer" You've got to get it!

Owner, Skincare Extraordinaire

Excellent customer support!

I had answers to all my questions only minutes after asking them by email. Very impressed with these people.

Owner, True Edge Fitness

Best Investment for any website!

Very useful addition to any website, great app!


Keep up the good work!


A+ Customer Service

The team at VocalReference was extraordinarily responsive when I needed support after a software update. I was able to talk to a human being on the phone at a time that was convenient for me, and most fixes were made literally as we spoke. Other fixes were completed by the next morning. Highly recommend the app based on the customer service of the company. I hope the testimonial tie-in with SEO works as intended.

Fast Response AND They Implement Your Suggestions!

I just started using VocalReferences and found a couple of glitches so I took the time to capture print screens and send them to VR. They resolved the issues within 24 to 48 hours and responded to my issue in less than 24 hours. I have also submitted suggestions on how to improve VocalReferences which have been acknowledged by their Support Team and sent to their Development Team for review. When you give your customers a voice and take action on their recommendations, you have a product that becomes invaluable to the customer. So far, I'm deeply impressed and look forward to seeing my suggestions come to life in future version!


President, Raegan Hill - Recruiting Agency for Marketers

Helping Us Grow

Having the testimonials on Google will help our business grow and we appreciate everything they do! Highly recommend it.

Owner, Fabulous Doggie Boutique

Great Customer Service

I have had some technical problems with the app which took around 5 days to be fixed but they have been very helpful and answered my questions quickly.



Great App, love it!

Great App, love it.  Clients love it -  it's a must get !!!!


CEO, David Scott Cosmetics

Customer service is amazing!

We just signed up and loving it so far! Great customer service and very easy app to use! We hope to see the reviews on Google soon. We will keep you posted!

Great service

I have used VocalReferences for 4 years now and they have not let me down yet. I have grown my business with the ease of adding reviews to my website! Great APP!!

Owner, Integrity Air & Home Inspection

This Dentist Loves VocalReferences!

Very handy app!

This is a very handy app! Does all the thing you wish it to do.


Scientist and Founder, Symton Black Soldier Fly Solutions

Support helped so quick 

Support team helped me so quick when I got trouble.


The app is perfect

We loved the app but had one issue with it. They took our issue, made changes in an update and now the app is perfect!

CEO, Algorithm Digital Marketing Agency

Easy to work with!

Easy to work with, great price.


Travel Guru,

Love it.

Love it! I've been looking all over for this!!


Perfect! It looks great and is an amazingly easy tool for our reviews.


GM, Velocity Training

Brilliant Customer Service!

Thank you so much VocalReferences for the super fast service, no sooner said than done. Really refreshing to have such outstanding customer service. I would recommend them to anyone.

Owner, Animals Do Talk

Real Estate Broker Sees Results

What a great App

Simply Amazing!!!

Super Easy!

I tried another review app, it was difficult to get it going. VocalReferences was EASY. You will not be disappointed - get the subscription, it's worth every penny.

Founder & Owner, Heelho Shoes

This app is really cool !!!

This app is really cool and it's easy to use.


Muy buena aplicaion

Estoy encantada con la aplicacion, pienso que es muy util y esta muy bien echa. Ademas muy facil de utilizar asi como de añadir.

Muy contenta

OMG...Wonderful Service!

My VocalReferences customer support rep was perfect! The response time was excellent, the followup was above and beyond and they saw me through my challenge until it was resolved. I was thoroughly impressed. Service like this is truly rare.


Amazing customer service

Thank you customer support for being so professional!


Founder, Winchargeback

Muy buena aplicación y buen servicio técnico

La app me parece esencial para dar confianza a los nuevos clientes. El servicio técnico es muy eficiente. Con el sistema de chat me han solucionado un problema de forma instanánea, interesándose más tarde por mail sobre el correcto funcionamiento de la app en mi web.

Owner, Saloria Bike

Great Customer Service

The guys at VocalReferences took a few seconds to resolve an issue I had with my app. The response time was very fast, and I am impressed with the great features.  Well worth it!

Founder, Delilah Rose Fashion

Increase in Business and More Client Testimonials!

I have been using VocalReferences for a few months now and I am very pleased with the app. I have seen an increase in the number of consultations and many of my clients have shared how easy it is for them to leave a testimonial. It is easy to manage on my end and doesn't take up a lot of time. I especially like the ability to approve the testimonials and releasing them to my website for viewing.

Fantastic Customer Service

The customer service given by VocalReferences is fantastic! I had noticed that in the single widget layout, the text overlaps the scroll bar to the right of the widget on my website, so I contacted the VR team, and they were very very prompt with their reply and solution. They performed the solution remotely, then they emailed me to notify me that the problem was fixed -- and it was! Highly recommend them, and if you have any issues they are more than happy to tackle them straightaway.


Owner, Mango Tree Cottage

Thank you for the great support!!

The new 'Raves' (testimonials) page on my website is wonderful, I love it!! So now when someone adds a referral, all I need to do is approve and it appears on the page, perfect!! This is what I wanted to have it do. So glad it is now set up and we are being indexed in Google with this. Thank you VocalReferences.

Great App!

This App is genius! It's perfect! You've thought of everything to help to promote a business with sincere testimonials. Video testimonials are perfect and the "Add Testimonial" button on our website let's our patients create a review in the comfort of their own home. 

We love it!

Thank you!

Great way to help my business:)

Outstanding Customer Service

Superior Customer Service

The VocalReferences folks reached out to me when they noticed I had a problem getting started. They emailed me, and helped me right away. What great customer service!

Amazing product!!!

Best solution around.

VocalReferences gives us the the exact solution we were looking for.

Highly recommended. 

Such An Amazing APP!!!

This app is so excellent! In case anyone doesn't already know, reviews are everything right now (well, that and your social media). This app allows us to capture a review and quickly have it added to our site, our social media and to Google, no problem!!! Completely in LOVE with this APP!! Thanks VocalReferences!! I

Would Highly Recommend!!

Good Support !

VocalReferences has provided us with good support. Thanks.



President, DHC Texas

Une trés bonne application

Nous sommes très satisfaits de cette application pour créer nos témoignages. Nous l'aimons tellement que nous le recommandons à nos clients, qui ont besoin d'une application / page témoignage sur leur site web.

The most useful app on the net!

It was the most useful app or widget that I have ever used on my website. I recommend it to all of my clients when I build their sites.

My Primary Testimonial Tool

Three months ago I started to use this app.   From the beginning I saw that transition effects were much better then I expected.... they were so nice, crisp and soft, that immediately I took this app as my primary tool to show my website testimonials.

That's it. For me is the best among all options offered in the WIX App Market.

Thanks VocalReferences for this App.

Great Tool for References!

This is a GREAT tool for testimonials.

Thumbs up VocalReferences!

VocalReferences has increased my online conversion rate dramatically. Testimonials are critical to converting shoppers into buyers.