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Sweet Pea Wellness

5917 1a st SE
Calgary AB , T2C 0Y6

Go See Her!

K my local peeps you seriously need to go see Vern Wakunick at Sweet Pea Wellness!

You know my journey with my wrist and ankle. I’ve been trying everything but physio (this year) and everything has felt good or nice but nothing has been what I was looking for or needing, but was still costly anyway. 

THIS woman is exactly what my body needs! Within 5 minutes I already knew I was making progress, big progress! I haven’t been able to sit on my feet with my legs under me for 6 years! 6 years, let that sink in, especially as an Education Assisstant that adores floor time! As I sat up off the mat I automatically went into that position as though I do it everyday completely pain free! As I’m sure you can hear I am elated that at this time in my journey my body will no longer be broken either ????

I could cry my burden feels so light all of a sudden. Could be the detoxing of today’s work I suppose but man... ???? Unless you’ve had years of chronic pain I just can’t explain how in awe and grateful I am. This beautiful little fire cracker of a woman clearly has a very well informed balance of knowledge, talent and intuition and teaches and informs throughout!I wish I could go everyday, lol.

This is the best self care money I have spent in my life. No shit. And I’ve spent a lot in the last few years!

Salt bath and I’m guessing I may even be a sleep by midnight which is unheard of! TAKE MY MONEY ????❤️

New and renewed Bucklist Item’s in sight ????

Vern Brings Such Attentive Presence to Her Work.

Vern brings such attentive presence to her work. She has a comprehensive intake form to better align her practice to your needs. I received my treatment just before having to drive for 9 hours. The Thai Massage made for a much more relaxing and comfortable drive back to Calgary from Nelson, and relieved my shoulder, neck and hip discomfort. Vern has a beautiful studio where you also have access to a sauna and shower. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks, Vern for your thoughtful and skillful attention. ~Tru Guy Stefan

My Story

As briefly as I can, here’s my long story: I’ve been a chronic pain patient for 20 years after a car accident. A scan showed I was born with a malformation of one or more vertebrae & was told I should never to see a chiropractor. So, I tried massage, physiotherapy, acupressure, injections, was sent to pain clinics, programs & workshops. I went to rehabilitation at the gym & pool, everything that was available to me I did. Some gave momentary, but not enough relief & my prescription for opioids gradually increased for years. After leaving my job, I fell into a deep depression & stopped participating in life. Last year, my little cocoon was flipped upside down. It shook me like only the death of a younger sibling could. Things needed to change and on the morning after the one year anniversary, as if by design, they started to.I'm not sure I can adequately describe how much my life has changed the past few months & finding Vern at Sweet Pea Wellness is a huge part of that. I happened upon an article about a new addition to Nelson that offered Thai massage. Curious what that was, I checked out the website. I was immediately attracted to the alignment & stretching aspects, especially the fascia work. I didn’t know how to verbalize what I felt my body needed all of these years, until then. Even though she’s two towns & over an hour away, I knew I had to make an appointment.A few years ago I switched to a different opioid & was able to taper down the dose, but after more than 18 straight years on pain meds, I had resigned myself to the fact I’d be on them forever. I had one session with Vern and was proven wrong. I went two full days without opioids & was in complete shock. Then incorporating Vern’s work to my body with yoga & cannabis (CBD in particular) after just my second appointment with her, I came off opioids completely.Vern knew what my body needed without me saying a word. She is so knowledgeable, kind, supportive & talented. She will be your biggest cheerleader & I may just be her's! I’m in such a positive, hopeful place that for many years I thought was out of reach. It’s impossible for me to explain what it feels like to come off of opioids after nearly two decades. Kind of like learning to be in a new body. I’ve had three sessions at Sweet Pea & simply cannot rave enough about what she has been able to do for me. Thank you Vern!


Wow! For anyone looking into a different experience when it comes to the “typical massage,” to make you feel more balanced and aligned, stronger yet limber, and just want to stretch out those problem areas and feel more flexible and relaxed— go see Vern! She’s so down to earth. She is a newer business and could use the community support! She even gave me exercises to help my problem areas. It was truly an amazing experience ???? thank you 

I Am Thoroughly Impressed

I took the opportunity to get a 90 min Thai massage from Vern Wakunick of the Sweet Pea Wellness Clinic in Nelson. I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. She is an excellent practitioner.

She handled my body with such care an precision, maximizing the balancing effects of the the treatment. The wellness I feel is still rippling through my body and enhancing me.I highly recommend you seek her out to enhance your own state of being.We help each other be strong in life.Breathe well.

The Struggle is Real

I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis for quite some time and and for the first time in a number of years I am actually getting some relief. In the last several years I have had acupuncture, multiple chiropractic methods, laser…pretty much done it all. None of these therapies have provided any relief that lasted more than a day, and I can’t tell you how costly it has been. Vern’s treatments have worked wonders with my feet and loosened the muscles in my legs to the point that, unless I overdue my exercises, I really don’t feel any pain anymore. In a world where most services are mediocre at best, I can definitely give Vern a 5 Star Review.

She Helped Me

I was introduced to this therapy by chance. I was facing lumbar fusion, after 15 years of exhausting chronic lumbar pain every minute of every day, not able to work, sit or stand for any length of time - I was a crane operator. Over the 15 years Ive tried most every type of therapy. Laser, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, swimming, aqua size, stabilization taping, chiropractor- Nothing was helping I felt so defeated, Two months before my surgery date I started to work with Vern 5 days a week. Its nothing like I've ever experienced. The process was trying at times as I had to learn to work through it, she was very supportive and encouraging. Even after my first session i was feeling more mobile. and I just kept getting better and better! By the second week I was able to climb a flight of stairs without falling part at the top!!, Its been three months now and I can go work out on my own and still getting better and better every day!. Sweet Pea, your the only one that could help me see the light at the end of the tunnel ! Thank you for putting up with my complaining too, it was all worth it.


Life Changing

Thank you for your treatment, Vern, which was really life-changing for me! Honestly, I was feeling a bit desperate when I came to see you because I thought this abdominal/thigh/back injury might go undiagnosed and stick around the way one of my knee injuries did...for years! I love running and lifting weights and those are the two things the doctors told me not to do, and so I was worried this was part of what was going to be a long, slow degeneration as I didn't know how to get exercise. But then I visited you! Amazingly, after just two treatments, I feel far more flexibility in my leg and my back. Although there is still pain, the relief from the stiffness is huge, and I can see now how I can actually get myself better much more quickly through the stretches and exercises you showed me. I'm really bummed that you're leaving, but wherever you take your talents, those people will really benefit. You're so kind, so knowledgable, and you put healing back into the hands of your clients where it belongs! 

Thank you!

I Love Her Spirit

I was introduced to the healing world of Thai massage through Vern about a year ago and continue to see her. She is true professional and her amazingly strong physical abilities as well as her positive spirit continue to keep me coming back as a regular client. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone.


Mad Skills

Vern is a highly skilled massage therapist. She is knowledgable about physiology and injury. Her massages are very effective at stretching, getting at some root cause issues and my body always feels great after a session. I highly recommend her!


The Stress Was Gone

I went to Vern for a massage at the end of a particularly tough semester. I have had poor massage experiences in the past and have some physical issues that made massage potentially worrisome. Vern noted my areas of concern/sensitivity and then gave me the Thai massage. She informed me every step of the way about what was being done and why. She modified the massage to match my physical limitations. As the session approached the end I was already able to feel a difference in my body physically. 

In short, I felt great. My posture was restored; my energy levels were up and my whole system felt unkinked. I will be returning. Going for a massage with Vern was one of the best decisions I have made.


Vern is Gifted

Vern is a gifted Thai massage therapist. She draws from extensive and ongoing training, has a vast knowledge of how the body works and powerful intuition. Her approach to healing is holistic, integrated and very effective. I cannot recommend Vern strongly enough.​

​January 10, 2013