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The Blazed Hippy

Calgary Alberta

Best I have ever tried!

Great products! Great guy to deal with, seriously the diamonds are the best I have ever tried! Terps for dayssssss yum! And lots of other stuff to choose from as well! Check it out u won’t be disappointed!

Great customer service

The blazed hippy is amazing how quickly they get back to you when you're looking for Pacific thing always amazing product always answers your questions

Blazed hippy

Great product and very nice guy to deal with

You wont find a better source for concentrates

Absolutely the best concentrates I have ever smoked, especially the NFC stuff. Have been smoking concentrates for 10+ years, and have tried many many different brands big names and small. This guy knows whats up, nothing he has will disappoint. Always straight fire.

Happy stoner

Back in 2019 my dispensary/job got raided and I lost access to my medicine. I spent months trying to find clean meds and almost gave up until I found theblazedhippy. Not only do they offer amazing customer service, but they are also consistent with clean/fire meds (NFC 🤤🤤🤤) It’s been almost two years since I’ve been using theblazedhippy and I couldn’t be happier!


I've had a great professional experience ordering from The Blazed hippy that has turned personal. Going through other people has proven to be unnecessary and I always come back. The best extract selection I've seen and tons of great bud, ranging from connoisseur to bargin. I always get what I wanted and more with The Blazed Hippy. ThankS for being the best 🤙