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The Dunwoody Plumber

Christopher Court,2828
Atlanta Georgia , 30360
United States


Lost without Tom! My wife recently lost her engagement ring down the toilet. We live in a townhouse community so odds were pretty good that the ring was gone. We called Tom, midway through a Saturday, and he was there, with a camera, in less than an hour. When he realized what had happened he told me he'd stay until it was recovered. 7 hours later the ring was back on her finger (washed of course). Without Tom's compassion and service we'd be out a very special ring. Like


I met Tom at a QT gas station and loved the advertising on his Van. Of course I pay attention because I am a marketing consultant. I spoke to him on the phone several times. He was very nice and prompt on the appointments. He prides himself in his work and would do business with him and his company. Sincerely Ellen