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The Ergonomic Physio

1 Queens Road
Melbourne Victoria , 3206
(03) 9088 2003

Great service

The person I spoke with was super helpful and helped me choose the City chair based on my height and leg length. Seems to have made a big difference compared to my last chair. The chair offers really good back support as well.

Great back support

I got the Northcote. Great back support. The lumbar section fits perfectly in the lower back.

Thanks for your recommendation

Called and spoke to one of the consultants and he recommended the Carlton chair based on my height. Very happy with it so far. Great back support and the seat is comfortable as well.


I'm happy with the Icon chair that was recommended. It's very comfortable! Thanks :)


I reached out to the team at Ergonomic Physio for advice on purchasing a new home office chair. They were amazing! Asked specific questions on my use and height, to then recommend the perfect chair for my needs. It arrived quickly, all assembled and feels great, comfortable and is fit for purpose. Then to receive a follow up email a month later to check-in on my purchase was fantastic - a very happy and delighted customer! Highly recommend the team!


Worth the investment!

Thanks for your recommendation

As their blurb says to, I called The Ergonomic Physio to ask which chair would be best for me. Jordan guided me through the options and I went with the Carlton with a medium backrest (I'm 169cm tall). Really happy with the end result!


Got my chair 3 weeks ago and so far I'm finding it really comfortable.

Excellent chair

Followed Jordan's advice and bought the Norhtcote chair for my home office. Waited several weeks until it became the new normal before writing a review.

Solid construction, performance and adjustability. Easy on the eye. Great value at the price.

My comfort and posture have improved significantly. Five stars from me.

Our staff are very happy!

Thanks for delivering our new chairs so quickly. Our staff are thrilled, a big improvement on our old chairs. Thanks again!


Thank you for helping me choose a suitable chair. I have always found it hard to find a chair that isn't too big for me and your guidance was perfect. Really happy with my chair as well! (p.s. I got the Icon)

Love the Northcote!

Ordered 15 of the Northcote chairs for our office. Really happy with the different sized seats to suit all of our staff, regardless of their height. Thanks for your quick delivery.

Thank you!

I ordered the Northcote chair. Really happy with it and it's the perfect size for me. Thanks for your recommendation.

Very comfortable

Thanks for your help in choosing a chair. Really happy with my choice - I got the Carlton and it's super comfy and nice and supportive. Only issue I had was with the courier, but I understand that is out of your control. Still recommend.


Thanks for your advice. I got the Carlton for my husband and I at home and we're both really happy. Cheers, Julie

Great videos and checklists

I got the Carlton - great chair. I was also really happy with the chair set up videos and workstation checklists you provided. Thanks again1

So comfy!!!

I got the Northcote with a small seat pan. I'm only 155cm tall and it fits me perfectly. Feels really supportive and is nice and soft as well.

Thanks for your advice!

Always hesitant about buying a chair online without testing it first. I spoke with one of the guys and he asked me a few questions about my height/weight and then recommended the Northcote. Couldn't be happier, thanks for all of your help :)

Thanks for your help

Thanks for your help in choosing my chair.

Perfect for the home office

Got the Carlton model for my home office during COVID. I was really surprised by the quality as I've purchased some shocking chairs online in the past. Highly recommend.